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VR Stalker Credits


President (Morpheus Interactive)Ken Bretschneider
Vice President (Morpheus Interactive)John Savage
Digital ArtistsKen Bretschnieder, Jeffrey T. Hall
AnimatorJohn Savage
Graphic ArtistJohnny Lehi Jensen
Fine ArtistKen Bretschneider
Programming ManagerMark Knight
Programming DepartmentDean McClung, Dallan Christensen, De Liu
Music ComposerJaren Tolman
Sound EffectsJaren Tolman
Production CoordinatorRick Pingry
Special Thanks ToBill Guschwan, Newtek, The Video Toaster, Martin Fanning, The Raptor, John Foust, Syndesis, Peter Hansen, John Starrs, Dave Mohlman, Beta Testers, Dave Crawford, Jason Ball, Our Wives and Families

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Credits for this game were contributed by BurningStickMan (18014)