Way of the Warrior Credits (3DO)

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Way of the Warrior Credits


Produced byNaughty Dog Inc.
DesignJason Rubin, Andy Gavin
ProductionJason Rubin, Andy Gavin
ProgrammingAndy Gavin
GraphicsJason Rubin


Lyrics byRob Zombie
Music byWhite Zombie
Special Thanks toAndy Gould, Tom Zutaut


Major GainesT-Mike Gaines
Shaky JakeMitch Gavin
KonotoriJason Rubin
NobunagaSteve Chan
The DragonTae-Min Kim
Nikki ChanTamara Genest
Crimson GloryCarole May
Malcolm FoxChris Sanford
The NinjaHimself
???Vijay Pande

Voice Actors

Major GainesDavid Shane
Shaky JakeRod Brooks
KonotoriDavid Baggett
NobunagaDavid Shane
The DragonDavid Liu
Nikki ChanRita Dai
Crimson GloryKip Young
Malcolm FoxAndy Gavin
The NinjaHimself
High AbbotJason Rubin
KullAndy Gavin
Book KeeperJason Rubin


3DO Account ExecutiveNicholas Earl
Quality Control / Game TestingDavid Liu


VisionaryTrip Hawkins
BelieverNicholas Earl
SupportRich Shane
More SupportJohn Edelson, Carrie Holder
StrategyGreg Richardson
TechnicalPaula Lorenz
Support (technical)Al Chang, Angus Guschwan, Tony Myles, Mark Holtz, Neil Robison, Lynn Ackler, Phil Burke, Dave Platt, Stephen Landrum, Dave Munger
IdeasHelmut Kobler, Rick Reynolds
Package DesignCIA Creative Group

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