Way of the Warrior Screenshots (3DO)

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3DO version

Title Screen
Main Menu
Select Your Fighter
VS Screen
Steroid Boost - Ouch!!
Zoom Out - Well Rendered 3D Background
Zoom In - The Sprites Are HUGE!!
You Win
Rematch? Of Course!!
Legal screen
Intro movie. Get your name written in the Book of Champions.
Fox vs Dragon
Camera zooms in and out as needed.
Fox vs Nikki Chan
Konotori vs Nobunaga
Age old fight of solider vs ninja.
Fighting on a narrow bridge. Over a pit. Nope, never been done before.
When characters are stunned, they're open for fatalities.
On the rooftops.
Gains vs Shaky Jake, the drunk, fire-breathing Aussie.
Chick fight in the arena level.
Another fatality. Ninja shocks the poor fellow...
...and *pop*