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Game Zero (Mar, 1996)
Zhadnost is a follow-up, of sorts, to the extremely original Twisted. Zhadnost is much more graphically and musically appealing than Twisted, but Zhadnost suffers from load times that are just unacceptable for a party game. Even in light of Zhadnost's shortcomings, Zhadnost exudes class and originality that is rare in today's market.
GamePro (US) (Sep, 1995)
Do you have occasion to throw social gatherings prone to silliness? Party hearty with the People's Party.
Zhadnost is a great party game (pun intended). The play action is presented in a manner that's sure to inspire healthy competition among friends and the CD-sized wealth of various trivia is sure to last a good, long time.
Electric Playground (Nov 02, 1995)
Zhadnost: The People's Party might just be the most perverse game show I've ever seen. No, on second thought, that distinction must go to The Hollywood Squares. Zhadnost is however, one of the most imaginative 3DO games on the market. Although the routines and video clips will tend to get on your nerves after repeated viewings, Zhadnost does take some tremendous strides towards the use of video footage in a game type environment.
Game Players (Oct, 1995)
It's cool and as a party title it's tough to beat, but before too long you're going to have to either put the game on the shelf and find something new to keep your friends entertained or get some new friends.
Twisted was one of the first really decent 3DO games. Original, funny and well designed. In fact, everything that this isn't. Twisted worked because it brought us a new and novel way of using FMV. This game employs the technique just as well but suffer from a poor script and a kind of plagiarism that doesn't compliment what went before, and subsequently the puzzle games just can't win through alone. In fact, shoot the writers, slap the designers and kidnap their families so they're forced to get it right next time.
3DO Magazine (UK) (Aug, 1995)
A quiz game for 2-4 players, both your mates and the family will enjoy this with its imaginative mix of wacky FMV and bizarre puzzles. The prequel, Twisted, has a more fun atmosphere, but this is cheaper and its puzzles have two-players competing simultaneously. The presentation is up to Studio 3DO's usual high standards and at the price, good value if you can get a party around your 3DO.

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