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Pocket Gamer UK (May 25, 2012)
The 3DS eShop scores another whopper, as Art of Balance Touch! is essential puzzle gaming.
NintendoWorldReport (Jun 09, 2012)
Overall, Art of Balance Touch! is a remarkable title, and one that would be hard not to recommend to any 3DS owner. It a polished experience, but also a great title to just pick up and play, and the added Endurance mode does a great job of extending the game’s life well after all the worlds have been completed.
86 (Jun 01, 2012)
Non si ferma più. L'eShop Nintendo, da Pullblox in poi, ha ingranato la quinta e sembra voler diventare nientemeno che uno dei motivi principali per acquistare, o tenersi stretti, un 3DS: questa nuova piccola perla, Art of Balance Touch!, pur non essendo poi nuova a tutti gli effetti riesce a regalare anche a chi l'ha già provata su WiiWare motivi sufficienti per considerare il prezzo di 7 Euro assolutamente congruo, ed anzi basso vista la longevità e il coinvolgimento. Ricco di inventiva, fondato su controlli precisissimi e su un motore fisico perfetto, il titolo Shin'en si rivela un vero piacere da giocare anche, e soprattutto, quando la difficoltà comincia a sfiorare livelli pericolosi per la pazienza di un monaco buddhista. In fondo è questa la forza di tutti i piccoli, grandi giochi dell'eShop. Consigliatissimo a tutti.
Touches like these, plus an Endurance mode that rewards swift solving, ensure Art Of Balance: Touch never becomes boring as you play through all the puzzles. This is a game that everyone - young and old - can enjoy, even if it lacks the extra pizzazz of Pullblox.
80 (May 30, 2012)
Shin’en liefert mit „Art of Balance TOUCH!“ einen gelungenen Nachfolger, der seinen Vorgänger in nahezu allen Belangen übertrifft. Der Umfang stieg immens, die Technik ist auf dem Nintendo 3DS hervorragend und die Puzzle sind gerade im späteren Spiel durchgehend fordernd. Leider wurde dafür auf einen Mehrspieler- und Editiermodus verzichtet, der sich wahrlich angeboten hätte. Nichtsdestotrotz können wir euch „Art of Balance TOUCH!“ sehr empfehlen, denn für 7 Euro wird euch einiges geboten.
Nintendo Life (May 28, 2012)
Even for WiiWare veterans, Art of Balance: Touch! is worth the double-dip for the extra puzzles, blocks and endurance mode, plus the ability to play on the go. Deceptively simple and gloriously satisfying, it's another strong addition to the eShop's puzzle line up.
Cubed3 (Jun 09, 2012)
Adding another string to the 3DS’ bow of worthwhile downloadable experiences, Art of Balance Touch! channels its forbearer and improves on it in every way, thanks to the nature of portable and new content. Fans of the WiiWare title might find this version a bit too familiar, but newbies to Shin’en’s puzzle series will have what is easily one of the best portable head scratchers at their fingertips.
Edge (Jun 11, 2012)
To complicate such a simple design, Shin’en adds the occasional challenge stage – where you’ll have to build your tower to a specific height, say, or construct it within a short period of time. Then it throws in a range of special blocks: one type might steadily crack under pressure, another might mess around with gravity. The shift from WiiWare to 3DS, meanwhile, may not see Art Of Balance really benefiting very much from either the handheld’s touchscreen or the developer’s range of depth tricks, but it does add a generous suite of new levels – and it does raise the chances of a larger audience finally discovering this playful, wonderfully-calibrated puzzler.