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OK, so I wanted more, but I really don’t have any complaints with what I played. Power of Illusion is a delightful, engaging, and clever tribute to one of Mickey’s greatest games. In many ways, it surpasses the original Castle of Illusion. In fact, this is the best title starring Mickey in years. Ah, the hell with that. This is one the best 2D platformers I’ve played in a long time. Yes, that includes any with game with “Mario” in the title.
Disney could have simply released a rushed tie-in to the Wii U game, but instead used this as an opportunity to develop a backdoor follow-up to one of the best platformers of the Genesis era. The entire game features enjoyable gameplay and clever level design that will inspire nostalgia in older gamers and expose younger ones to the wonders of 2D platforming. Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion must not be overlooked; it may be marketed towards today’s youth, but it’s adult gamers who grew up in the ‘90s that will truly appreciate it.
InsideGamer (Nov 21, 2012)
Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion is een heerlijk eerbetoon aan niet één, maar twee klassieke Mickey Mouse games. De platformer is niet alleen een simpele, maar goede opvolger van de Mega Drive-topper Castle of Illusion, maar biedt ook de typische, geconcentreerde Disney-nostalgie zoals we die nog kennen uit de iets recentere Wii-game Epic Mickey. Tel daar prachtige, gedetailleerde (3D) graphics en heerlijke georchestreerde muziek bij op en je hebt één van de betere 3DS games voor de komende feestdagen.
GameSpot (Nov 27, 2012)
Power of Illusion comes together brilliantly; the modern additions to the classic action are intelligent ones that invite you to explore, to replay, and to enjoy every last bit of this great platformer. And it helps to have some of the best, most well-known Disney characters around too. Who doesn't want to help out an angry Donald Duck, or rescue princesses, or get three wishes from Genie himself? Unlike its latest console cousins, Disney Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion is an unqualified success--a deep, challenging, and thoroughly enjoyable platformer that's the best thing to happen to Mickey in years.
ZTGameDomain (Dec 20, 2012)
Power of Illusion finds its roots in a classic platformer, and its gameplay lives up to that legacy. Unfortunately, the other gameplay elements really break up the action; object manipulation by painting is novel but awkward, and the side quests are just pure filler. Despite those slowdowns, it’s a lot of fun to play. For fans of the original, it’s a walk down memory lane, but it’s also an excellent platformer that stands on its own.
NintendoWorldReport (Nov 16, 2012)
Power of Illusion is a game for Disney fans, specifically those with fond memories of playing the Disney games made by Capcom and Sega on Super Nintendo and Genesis. It has ample amounts of fan service and finely tuned platforming, but some of its periphery elements, such as the paint and thinner mechanics, just fall short. In a way, the game is oddly similar to the first Epic Mickey on Wii: a rock-solid concept hampered by a few stifled gameplay ideas.
Game Revolution (Nov 21, 2012)
Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion is a fun, albeit short, romp through the games of yesterday that can be rushed through in a few hours. But it ultimately stands as a game with tons of untapped potential. I could dream up what I would like to have seen with Oswald, with minor characters, the unlocking of other abilities, and different powers, from what's been done in Power of Illusion. Sadly, this is just going to be another slightly-above-average, retro-embracing title that blends into the pack.
Cubed3 (Nov 28, 2012)
Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion is a very competent platform adventure, yet sadly falls short of the excellence many would have expected from the otherwise superb DreamRift. That is not to say it comes without any merit, since the -- admittedly shorter than expected -- adventure is filled with smart platform antics, lovely colourful retro visuals and a delightful soundtrack. Hopefully DreamRift will be given another shot to polish up the formula in a 3DS sequel.
IGN (Nov 20, 2012)
Disney Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion is breathtaking to behold and controls beautifully, with well-designed levels and fun platforming. It’s really too bad the experience is hampered by its unacceptably short length, as well as by the fact that the painting mechanic gets repetitive. While I was shocked and disappointed by how little content there was, the content that is there had me completely enchanted. Flaws aside, Power of Illusion is still a delightful game - one that has me dying for a sequel that fully realizes the power of paint and offers about ten times the amount of content. If you love retro-inspired platformers (or are a card-carrying Mouseketeer), this game is absolutely worth playing - just be aware that the adventure will be over far too soon.
GamesRadar (Nov 19, 2012)
Still, while Power of Illusion doesn’t quite live up to the Genesis classic it references, it proves to be another solid addition to the 3DS’s library. The main quest is a fun romp through beautiful, Disney-inspired stages, marred only by its short length and a few underutilized gameplay ideas. Anyone with a soft spot in their hearts for 16-bit platformers will definitely be charmed by DreamRift’s offering, which channels the era without pandering to nostalgia. It may not be Mickey’s finest showing, but it’s certainly his best in a long time.
67 (Nov 20, 2012)
Die Voraussetzungen für ein zauberhaftes Jump-n-Run sind da - und dann muss man sich mit nervtötenden Pinseleien herumschlagen! Sehr schade.
Nintendojo (Nov 17, 2012)
While DreamRift misses the mark with the painting and erasing mechanic, the creative concept is a bold attempt at utilizing both screens. Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion looks great and controls well, boasting some inspiring Disney stages, but there just aren’t enough of them. Overall, the title struggles to find its stride but also possesses a unique charm that demands attention.
The Digital Fix (Jan 23, 2013)
Epic Mickey: The Power of Illusion is a beautifully crafted game on the surface but is ultimately crippled by its core gameplay mechanics and short length. For the more forgiving gamer it can be a fun but brief nostalgic trip through various Disney franchises via a 16-bit filter, but those without such affections may soon become frustrated with the repetitive nature of the title and with little reason to revisit the game after completing the story many may feel a little short changed.
The spiritual successor to the Genesis classic Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse, the latest game takes the setting and drops it squarely in Epic Mickey’s Wasteland. The game retains the 2D, side-scrolling gameplay while adding the paint-and-thinner mechanic of Disney Epic Mickey—and the result is a mixed bag that suffers from pacing issues as well as a difficulty jump halfway through that many will find infuriating. Disney fans will find the story fun, even when the action becomes a slog, but others will likely lose interest midway through.
Destructoid (Nov 24, 2012)
Disney Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion is beautiful to look at. It's also quite obviously unfinished. The building blocks of the ultimate Mickey Mouse game are here, but we'll have to wait yet another day to see that vision become reality.
Polygon (Nov 19, 2012)
Stripped of its mouse-eared trappings, Power of Illusion would still have possessed more than enough nostalgia to enthrall millennial players. Disney games from the '90s weren't just great because they featured characters we'd all seen on the big screen — they also had a unique weight and gameplay loop to them, a feeling Power of Illusion recreates perfectly. But its misguided desire to also be an Epic Mickey game betrays that earnestness around every corner.
XGN (Nov 23, 2012)
Het was een illusie om op voorhand te denken dat Epic Mickey 2: Power of Illusion een goede titel zou worden op de 3DS, want dat is het niet. Als je er een paar uur instopt zul je wel door kunnen spelen, zo erg is het allemaal nou ook weer niet. Maar de game valt niet echt aan te raden. Het spel is sfeerloos en voelt vooral erg ouderwets aan, en zo zien de levels er ook uit. De levels zijn niet heel boeiend om te spelen, backtravellen is irritant en de grootste kracht van de game slaat de plank volledig mis. Een ding wordt daarmee wel heel duidelijk en dat is dat Mickey met een toverkwast heel episch kan zijn, maar dan alleen op de consoles en PC. Power of Illusion is een aardige platformtitel, die soms voor een nostalgisch gevoel zorgt, maar het had juist voor vuurwerk en vernieuwing moeten zorgen. Vooruit, een voldoende, omdat we Mickey nu ook in onze broekzak kunnen stoppen.
NZGamer (Dec 14, 2012)
In the end, Epic Mickey’s ‘painting’ feature was designed to make it a standout title, and to a point it succeeded; unfortunately, it’s not in a good way. There was a lot of wasted potential here. To its credit though, Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion looks fantastic.
Gaming Age (Dec 19, 2012)
Graphically the game looks great. The 3D effect is somewhat subdued, making the background look a little further off in the distance. The animation of the characters is fantastic and all of the hand-drawn enemies and friends you spot throughout the game look like they're ripped out of a Disney cartoon. The various levels you visit are themed on different Disney properties, but there definitely could have been more worlds to explore. As it is, the game ends far to quickly and seems like it might have been rushed to market. The audio is decent, but nothing really stood out as amazing.
Game Informer Magazine (Nov 16, 2012)
Epic Mickey: Power Of Illusion has all the right ingredients on paper. It’s a spiritual sequel to the beloved Castle of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse for Sega Genesis. It’s developed by DreamRift, the creators of the innovative yet flawed Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure and Monster Tale, one of my favorite Metroid and Castlevania-inspired games from the last few years. Despite its pedigree, Power of Illusion went seriously wrong somewhere along the way.
40 (UK) (Dec 05, 2012)
Power of Illusion is unlikely to entertain fans of the Mega Drive game beyond the initial buzz of nostalgia, and kids of today won't fancy trekking all the way back through the Neverland jungle to find Wendy's needle when they could be watching the Power Rangers kick space robots to death. Oh Mickey, what a pity.
Nintendo Life (Dec 14, 2012)
Disney Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion dripped with potential upon announcement, but the final result is a more smudged affair. A fun, if basic, platformer lies at its heart, yet it's coated with unbalanced difficulty and drawing mechanics that interrupt its flow regularly, while the number of worlds is very disheartening. Disney fans will get a kick out of seeing which characters turn up, but if you're expecting another Castle of Illusion, you're going to be disappointed.
Gameplay (Benelux) (Dec 21, 2012)
Ook de 3DS platformgame Power of Illusion lijdt aan dit syndroom, al heeft het ook sterke troeven. In deze spirituele opvolger van Castle of Illusion krijgt Mickey het aan de stok met de heks Mizrabel die Disney-figuren ontvoert om hun kracht te stelen. En dus mag je op Disney-films (Aladdin, De Kleine Zeemeermin, enz.) geïnspireerde levels doorkruisen waarin je kunt springen op zwevende platformen terwijl je puntige staken ontwijkt. De klassieke platformgameplay wordt aangevuld met het immer voor verrassingen zorgende "verf & verdunner"-element. In pure Epic Mickey-stijl kan je met verf voorwerpen afmaken en benutten, en met verdunner kan je ze wegvagen, een spelelement waarrond heel wat puzzels geweven zijn. De moeilijkheidsgraad mocht in het begin wat pittiger zijn en de Disney-sfeer kon nog meer van het scherm spatten, maar Power of Illusion is al bij al een aardige game voor de Mickey-fans.