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Reboot (Mar, 2017)
Ono što će mnoge držati uz igru nakon što riješe sve turnire koji se nude u svakom od pet sportova jest kolekcija od tristotinjak sličica koje se skupljaju kroz pobjede u prijateljskim utakmicama i turnirima. Igra je vrlo prikladna za sve uzraste. Mlađi će pri nižoj težini uživati jednako kao i zreliji igrači na višima, a oboje će se zabaviti ako ne očekuju previše. Očito se ne radi o ambicioznom naslovu, ali kao sredstvo za povremenu razonodu, doista ne možemo previše prigovoriti.
Video Chums (May 14, 2017)
Mario Sports Superstars is bursting at the seams with a varied collection of enjoyable content. If you're a fan of Mario's sports games then this is one compilation that you'll likely find yourself enjoying for years to come.
68 (Mar 14, 2017)
Langsam frage ich mich, ob Nintendo es seinen Teams und Partnern verbietet, „echte“ Karrieren zu entwickeln. Warum sonst gibt es nach Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash und Mario Kart 8 schon wieder nur altbackene Standard-Modi wie Turniere? Sicher, bei Mario Sports Superstars handelt es sich im Wesentlichen nur um eine Sammlung altbekannter Arcade-Titel, doch auch dafür hätte sich Nintendo einen motivierenderen Überbau ausdenken können. Das System aus Münzen und Sammelkarten mit leichtem Pay-to-win-Einschlag hat mich eher abgeschreckt als angespornt. Schade, denn im Kern sind Marios bewährte Ausflüge in die Welt von Fußball, Tennis & Co. immer noch eine schöne Sache. Das gilt besonders für Spieler wie mich, welche sich nicht so intensiv mit den jeweiligen Sportarten beschäftigen, sondern sich lieber in actionreiche Matches mit verrückten Special-Moves stürzen.
Nintendojo (Apr 27, 2017)
Online and local multiplayer work well, and with the right group of people matches can get incredibly competitive. The game’s graphics are lush, and Mario’s colorful cast of friends and enemies are animated very lively and pop right off of the screen. The music is a touch on the generic side, sounding like typical sports tunes one might hear while watching ESPN or Fox Sports broadcasts, but they’re done well enough to serve their purpose. That said, perhaps more than any other Mario Sports title, Superstars eschews a lot of the Mario-centric quirkiness of previous games, focusing more on the sports and less on the Mushroom Kingdom. Whether that matters or not will depend on the player, but I personally wished there was a little bit more fan service beyond the characters themselves. In short, Superstars is a solid game that perhaps bit off more than it could chew, and is tethered to a limiting Amiibo card system that holds players back needlessly.
55 (Apr 20, 2017)
Mario Sports Superstars seems like a missed opportunity. Nintendo had a chance to make a great compilation title to give hours of sports enjoyment on the go. Instead, after a few of each sport, you’ll probably be ready to move on. Unless you’re dying for Mario sports on the go, you may want to move past this Mario experience.
Nintendo Life (Mar 08, 2017)
Mario Sports Superstars straddles that unfortunate line of mediocrity that makes it difficult to actually score. It's certainly not a bad game, as it has plenty of variety and content to offer with a robust multiplayer mode for anyone that wants all their Mario sports in one convenient package, but we'd struggle to call it a good game either. It merely exists; sitting uncomfortably in a space that Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games has been eyeing up for years now.

By offering five games in one it fails to offer a definitive version of anything, and even a pretty decent take on horse racing isn't worth the price of admission unless you're planning on really diving into the other sports as well. As a multiplayer title it could be fun to climb the ranks online, but as a single player experience it's totally functional yet painfully lifeless. It's laid out the groundwork, but Sports Superstars just needs to take a few more risks.
Link-Cable (Apr 19, 2019)
“Mario Sports Superstars may call itself one, but it is not a superstar.”