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I had high hopes for Metroid Prime: Federation Force and it 100 percent delivered and then some. It might not have the best story, but the gameplay is unmatched when it comes to mobile FPS, making it a must-own title for the 3DS. Those looking for a great cooperative multiplayer experience that is more than just killing bad guys will be quite satisfied. Heck, even if you’re going in solo, you’re going to have a great time with the plethora of content. Easily one of the best games released for the 3DS, and certainly one of the better Metroid titles.
NintendoWorldReport (Aug 18, 2016)
Metroid Prime: Federation Force is absolutely a Metroid Prime game. It incorporates fresh ideas and presents them in unique ways, but it never forgets where it comes from. The co-op online shooter genre is a bold new venture for Nintendo, and one they’ve taken to with surprising aptitude. The odd lack of a retry button ads a noticeable hiccup to an otherwise wonderful experience, but it is one that is easily overcome with a little patience. The default controls improve upon those of the original Prime games brilliantly. All of this is wrapped up in a fantastic presentation that will keep you locked into the game’s story until the very end. Metroid Prime: Federation Force is, without a doubt, one of my favorite 3DS games of all time.
Gaming Nexus (Aug 18, 2016)
Metroid Prime: Federation Force is enjoyable once you learn the controls, but it feels like it was more geared towards multiplayer. The ammo capacity and mod restrictions force you to think strategically about what to take on each mission which can be both good and bad depending on how you look at it. As long as you don’t mind the exploration aspect of the series removed and replaced with linear missions, fans of the series should enjoy Federation Force.
Cheat Code Central (Aug 19, 2016)
Metroid Prime: Federation Force isn’t what you expect when you think of a game carrying the Metroid name. It’s a more freeform experience that encourages you to gather together friends, either locally or online, and cooperatively carry out missions of varying degrees of complexity and difficulty. In the right conditions, it can be wonderful. Find at least one friendly face and you’ll make the galaxy a better place. But, space is cruel to those who choose to go it alone. If you know at least one other person who’ll join the force with you, say “Oorah” and head into battle.
Nintendo Life (Aug 19, 2016)
Despite the undue hate it has been subjected to over the past year, Metroid Prime: Federation Force is a very impressive, polished and playable package - the only real grumble we have is that during online play the lack of voice chat can become maddening, and the game's built-in chat function is an inadequate substitute. This aside, Next Level Games has treated the franchise with the respect that it deserves while successfully attempting to bring co-op multiplayer to the world of Samus Aran. While you don't get to play as her here, it's easy to accept that this game is all about the unknown soldier, the average space Joe (or space Jane) who signed up for their military service in the Galactic Federation. Once you become comfortable with that and the excellent tutorials draw you in, you have in your hands yet another fantastic Nintendo offering for your 3DS.
Meristation (Aug 29, 2016)
Con buenos gráficos, buen control y misiones variadas, está claro que más allá de polémicas Metroid Prime Federation Force es un buen juego, hecho con atención por parte de sus creadores y que satisfará a los que busquen acción en primera consola para Nintendo 3DS, especialmente jugando en solitario. El online por su parte añade rejugabilidad a las misiones, si bien la experiencia pierde algo especialmente jugando con desconocidos al no haber una coordinación clara del equipo. Con un guión que deja la puerta abierta a una secuela y algunos detalles que hacen relevante la historia para futuras entregas, no hay razón para que los fans de la saga no se hagan con esta entrega de la aventura.
Shacknews (Aug 19, 2016)
Metroid Prime: Federation Force is akin to games like LBX: Little Battlers' Experience or the Custom Robo games in that you get these powerful mechs to customize and traverse several different missions with, all the while able to bring friends to join in on the fun. It's chock full of Metroid lore, even if it's not the Metroid game you think you should have gotten after all this time. Had it been released under a different name, it'd be a perfectly serviceable mutliplayer mech adventure, but even with the Metroid name it's well worth picking up for a fun little weekend jaunt, especially if you're the type to return again and again to a game to best your previous scores and advance from there, you'll find an excellent entry in the Metroid series here.
Impulse Gamer (Sep 12, 2016)
Sure it’s not Samus but Metroid Prime Federation Force is actually quite a good game on the 3DS and if you’re looking for a challenge with some fun gaming mechanics, it would do you well to check out this title.
Hobby Consolas (Aug 29, 2016)
Puede que no sea el Metroid con el que muchos soñaban, pero en una gran saga como esta debe haber espacio para propuestas diferentes y variadas. Y Metroid Prime: Federation Force no sólo ofrece una experiencia muy placentera para jugar en compañía, sino que también arroja luz sobre este universo desde una nueva perspectiva.
GamingTrend (Aug 18, 2016)
Metroid Prime: Federation Force succeeds at carving out its own identity, but loses a few elements in translation. It’s still Metroid at its core but lacks the masterful execution that the series is known for.
XGN (Aug 19, 2016)
Al met al is Metroid Prime Federation Force gewoon een prima spel geworden. Het is helaas niet de droom comeback van de Metroid franchise, maar het is zeker ook geen naschop. Federation Force pakt de beste gameplay elementen uit de Prime series, maar maakt hier zijn eigen game van. Eentje die het best tot zijn recht komt met meerdere spelers. Het spel bied je misschien geen gigantisch labyrintachtige Metroidvania ervaring, maar de talloze missies zullen vooral met meerdere spelers voor genoeg plezier zorgen.
Nintendojo (Sep 30, 2016)
The game makes no attempt to pretend it isn’t a spin-off of the Metroid series, and I think that if fans can look beyond their own desire for another Samus outing and embrace Federation Force for what it is, they’ll find a very respectful new take on a beloved formula. This is a portable Metroid that has been meticulously designed for the platform that it’s on. The control schemes might not be perfect, but the gameplay doesn’t suffer from it, and I kept coming back until I’d made my way through every mission. I will say that the game suffers from a lack of a compelling lead; the marines are pretty much ciphers, and after spending all these years with a memorable character like Samus, I found them lacking. I will conclude by saying, though, that if you’re looking for Samus in this game, well… no one ever said she doesn’t show up at all…
3D Juegos (Aug 29, 2016)
En Metroid Prime: Federation Force siempre vamos tras los pasos de Samus Aran. Siempre se adelanta y salva la situación. Tal vez es la mejor metáfora de lo que es este videojuego: uno que va a la estela también de la propia saga a la que pertenece. Un "spin-off" por definición, un cooperativo para hasta cuatro jugadores con variedad de misiones, golpes de ingenio, pero también cierta sensación de que está incompleto. ¿Suficiente? Sí como juego en sí mismo, pero no como representante de una saga con tanto renombre. Si buscas algo distinto, probablemente será mejor esperar. Si se sabe a lo que se viene, se disfrutará.
The Game Hoard (Mar 24, 2019)
Metroid Prime: Federation Force doesn’t really live up to the enormous expectations the Metroid Prime name placed on it, but it sets out to do its own thing and does a good job of it. It’s a co-op shooter focused on completing segmented missions, and the objectives for those missions are diverse enough to keep putting the shooting mechanics to good work. Rather than a focus on accuracy, the player is asked to figure out a situation, be it a combat or a puzzle, and put their gun and extra weapons to work overcoming it, and with a friend or two along, it puts up a good fight in that regard. Solo play makes some of the cracks in the design more apparent like the length of boss fights and some simpler mission designs, but the experience doesn’t rest on any idea too long, keeping players moving through new situations right up to the end. Blast Ball’s presence doesn’t really make or break the game though, the sport an enjoyable but rather simple extra mode.
Attack of the Fanboy (Aug 18, 2016)
Metroid Prime: Federation Force’s greatest crime was its name. Had the game not tagged itself with the moniker of one of the greatest games of all time, it could have stood on its own merits quite well. With the Metroid Prime name it feels a bit less somehow, with the art direction standing out as a very odd shift for the series, just as an example. But if you take all those pre-conceived notions of what a Metroid game should be and set them aside, Metroid Prime: Federation Force will easily surprise you with its quality. It’s nowhere near the all time greats, even when limiting to just the 3DS’s library. But it can deliver some enjoyable moments, and will definitely entertain for some time. Just make sure you have some friends to tag along though, because the solo experience is quite a different story.
God is a Geek (Aug 19, 2016)
Ultimately, Federation Force isn’t really a Metroid game at all, then, but it is a relatively fun game that is actually quite enjoyable once you stop thinking about what it isn’t, and enjoy it with some friends online.
Twinfinite (Aug 26, 2016)
It may be a tough sell for the true devotees of the Metroid franchise, but Federation Force is a good game. Without the expectations of its title holding it back, I think it would have been a clear and easy win for Nintendo, and the fresh perspective on the setting, while divisive, still gives something new and entertaining. Metroid Prime: Federation Force is available now for $39.99 for digital download via Nintendo or through the 3DS eShop.
70 (Sep 06, 2016)
Metroid: Federation Force ist mit Sicherheit nicht das, was der Großteil der Fans erwartet hat, aber als Koop-Shooter schlägt sich das Spiel ganz passabel. Vor allem die ausdauernden Bosskämpfe sowie die Feinabstimmung der Perks und Mods machen das gemeinsame Losziehen unterhaltsam. Schade, dass die Balance nicht so gut auf den Alleingang abgestimmt wurde. Kleinere Gegner habe ich meist problemlos aus dem Weg geräumt, in den zahlreichen Bergungs- und Beschützermissionen kann es aber mühsam werden, wenn einem niemand den Rücken frei hält. Auch unter technischen Gesichtspunkten stehe ich dem Spiel mit gemischten Gefühlen gegenüber. Manche Aspekte wie die durchdachte Steuerung, der ruhige Soundtrack oder die Stimmung der abgelegenen Schauplätze können überzeugen. Dem gegenüber stehen z.B. kantige Riesenpolygone und die altbackene Online-Anbindung mit gelegentlichen Fehlern und Lags. Bleibt zu hoffen, dass sich Nintendo in Zukunft wieder stärker auf die Stärken der Serie konzentriert.
Cubed3 (Sep 18, 2016)
It may not be the type of game nearly all Metroid fans desperately want, and it may go ignored due to that, but Metroid Prime: Federation Force is a great example of not only how to make FPS work on the 3DS, but how to successfully do co-operative mission-based multiplayer.
60 (Aug 30, 2016)
Een handvol aardige ideeën kunnen Federation Force niet redden van saaie schietactie, gebrekkige balans en een haperende besturing.
IGN (Aug 18, 2008)
Metroid Prime: Federation Force has some neat ideas, but they’re soured by an impotent and boring primary weapon that sucks the enjoyment out of shooting and a bewildering lack of special ammunition that might’ve brought variety to the action. Due to a painfully imbalanced single-player experience co-op with friends is really the only viable way to play it, and even then it’s not really recommended.
Destructoid (Aug 18, 2016)
I was holding out hope for Metroid Prime: Federation Force, but at this point, there are so many other dungeon crawlers that are worth your time. Just like Hunters on the original DS, the main questline of Federation will probably fade out of the limelight over time and become a whisper in hardcore Metroid crowds -- though I can see Blast Ball having longer legs.
Polygon (Aug 26, 2016)
When I was playing Metroid Prime: Federation Force alone, I inevitably wished I was playing it with others; when I was playing it with others, I just wished I wasn’t playing at all. Its controls (particularly if you have an older 3DS) couldn’t be more cumbersome, and systems like weight limits don’t provide an interesting challenge so much as they just get in the way. Between my cramping hands and the constant need to recruit strangers into my squad simply to progress I found it hard to care about what I was supposed to be doing, no matter how many times the game dangled a certain iconic bounty hunter under my nose.
Link-Cable (Aug 25, 2016)
“Metroid Prime: Federation Force has glimpses of the past iterations of its sci-fi predecessors, but tries too hard in being a different experience that it forgets what it planned to intent to achieve in the first place.”

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