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Common Sense Media (Jul 29, 2012)
Parents need to know this new version of Myst is almost exactly like the other versions over the past 20-odd years but has an extra "age" and is playable in 3D. But kids 7 and under shouldn't use the glasses-free 3D effect as it could affect the development of their eyes, says Nintendo. The story also contains some dialogue about brothers who accuse each other in the murder of their father.
Cubed3 (Mar 16, 2014)
Beating underneath the ageing outer shell is a strong heart of a game, with Cyan Worlds' Myst still proving to be as engaging as it was over two decades ago. That will keep adventure players going for the most part. However, someone at Cyan needs to have a quiet word with the team at Hoplite Research and tell them to give more care and attention to future ports as this 3DS version really suffers from poor audio compression and an awful control system that makes no use of the features available. There are so many missed opportunities and strange control choices that it considerably drags the quality down.
Brash Games (Nov 23, 2014)
Playing Myst on a handheld console just doesn’t feel right, from an immersion standpoint a small screen and a first-person perspective don’t gel well. If there is one positive that has come from replaying the game it’s that I’m interested to return to the original Myst on it’s native PC platform where it is far better suited. As for the 3DS port, it is a hamfisted, compromised version of a classic computer game that I simply cannot recommend.
Digitally Downloaded (Oct 28, 2013)
It's almost tragic how underdone this port is. As old as Myst is, I still enjoy the kind of game it offers, and to have a version on the 3DS for on the go play would have been great. Sadly, it is very, very difficult to recommend this, even to the remaining fans of Myst out there
Pocket Gamer UK (Oct 15, 2013)
Funbox Media takes what was once a wonderful experience and makes so many development mistakes that even Myst's wonderful story and puzzles can't fix it. Not even the Myst faithful should pick this up.
Adventure-Treff (Jun 13, 2013)
Das hat Myst nicht verdient! Die 3DS-Version spottet jeder Beschreibung. Die kürzeste Version dieses Fazits ist es, die positiven Aspekte aufzuzählen: Das Spiel startet und es lässt sich speichern. Einige Schauplätze sind nicht ganz so verpixelt. Die Tatsache, dass das Spiel überhaupt mehr als vier Punkte in der Einzelwertung erhält, ist schlichtweg dem unveränderten Rätseldesign des Originals geschuldet, dass durch die Portierung allerdings auch leidet.
Nintendo Life (Oct 06, 2013)
Myst is quite simply an unplayable mess. It was a great game in its day and there's no denying that it is still highly entertaining. However, this 3DS port is diabolically poor in terms of quality, and absolutely no effort has gone into optimising it for the system. The dreadful visuals, bafflingly low screen resolution and awful control setup ruin what could have quite easily been an enjoyable handheld gameplay experience. If there's just one thing at which this particular version of Myst succeeds, it's serving as a prime example of what not to do when porting a classic game to a modern system.