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Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 4.2
Graphics The visual quality of the game 4.2
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 3.2
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.4
Overall User Score (5 votes) 3.8

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90 (Jul 28, 2012)
Tomando New Super Mario Bros. 2 como el spin-off que es (un chute de nostalgia, un apretón de manos con los plataformas clásicos), es fácilmente uno de los juegos más disfrutables del catálogo actual de Nintendo 3DS. Está dos pasos por delante de New Super Mario Bros. en casi todo, y al menos uno por encima de Super Mario 3D Land. Los amantes de las plataformas, fans de Mario o no, no quedarán para nada decepcionados; es un juego feliz, sorprendente, divertido. Después del relativo atracón de esta subserie New (hemos visto cuatro en muy poco tiempo), era dable esperar un producto perezoso y sin demasiada ambición: es bueno comprobar que no ha sido así, y han sabido recuperar la auténtica esencia de sus antiguos plataformas en lugar de conformarse con simplemente trasladar lo dibujado en sprites a modelos tridimensionales.
Mind you, you should by all means still run out and grab New Super Mario Bros 2 when it's released on 17 August because it still provides another serving of the Mario action you know and love. It's just that in the grand scheme of things it could have been so much more.
Nintendo Life (Aug 02, 2012)
It may not be as gleefully experimental as Super Mario 3D Land, but New Super Mario Bros. 2 intelligently recycles past glories and consequently offers the comfort of what is arguably one of the most enjoyable video game franchises ever. It’s immense fun, boasts brilliant level design and offers enough repeat play appeal to keep you glued to your 3DS system for weeks. And regardless of how badly you want Mario to evolve and provide fresh and exciting adventures, that has to count for something.
GamingXP (Aug 16, 2012)
Nintendo hat es mal wieder geschafft einen sehr unterhaltsamen Mario-Titeln zu kreieren. Leider ist es musikalisch meiner Meinung nach nicht so gelungen und das Fehlen der Hintergrundinformationen bezüglich der Sammelwut ist schade, aber auch nicht allzu tragisch. Dafür bekommt man quasi als Entschädigung nette Koop-Partien. Große Innovationen wie einst in „Super Mario 3DLand“ oder „Super Mario Galaxy“ gibt es zwar nicht, doch insgesamt ist „New Super Mario Bros. 2“ ein sehr spaßiges 2D Jump'n'Run mit vielen Geheimnissen, die lange an den Handheld fesseln. Den Platz auf das Treppchen hat unser Lieblingsklempner also wieder geschafft.
Modojo (2012)
Otherwise, this is a 2D Mario style game many players know and love, but with an addictive hook that makes finding Princess Peach seem trivial by comparison. On that note, New Super Mario Bros. 2 is yet another superb platformer from Nintendo, filled with all the elements fans crave. Turns out, greed is definitely good.
Armchair Empire, The (Aug 19, 2012)
He topples Bowser once more to take his place at the top of the ladder of power, the landscape literally explodes with coins, and he has Princess Peach in his arms. Money, power, women. Who knew Mario could be so damn sinister?
Videogameszone (Aug 17, 2012)
Ihr habt Super Mario World auf dem Super Nintendo gespielt? Gut, dann könnt ihr euch schon in etwa vorstellen, nach welchem Muster Marios aktuelles 3DS-Hüpf-Festival New Super Mario Bros. 2 abläuft: In jeder Welt gibt es in der Regel zwei Schlösser, die jeweils einen fiesen Herrscher beherbergen. Ihr kämpft mehrere Male gegen die sogenannten Reznors, eine Dinosauriergattung, die Mario schon auf dem betagten 16-Bitter in Grund und Boden stampfte. Am Ende einer Welt stellt er sich schließlich einem Mitglied der Familie der Koopalinge – das sind im Einzelnen Ludwig von Koopa, Lemmy Koopa, Roy Koopa, Iggy Koopa, Wendy O. Koopa, Morton Koo­pa Jr. und Larry Koopa. So weit nichts Neues – auch die Strategien, mit denen man die Möchtegern-Bowsers besiegen muss, sind wenig originell. Stets genügt es, ihnen auf den Kopf zu treten. Wenigstens ist der Endkampf ein klein wenig innovativer.
Impulse Gamer (Aug, 2012)
For gamers looking for a truly enjoyable title and more importantly, a game that plays extremely well on the 3DS, than look no further because this game is it. Just don't expect to be blown away by the innovative gameplay as we've kind of seen it all before but hey... it's awesomely good fun. So what are you waiting for? Go out and buy New Super Mario Bros 2 now because you'll be playing this game until the cows come home.
IGN (Aug 03, 2012)
It is impossible not to be drawn in by the simple perfection of New Super Mario Bros 2’s mechanics and level design – this is as pleasurable and effortless as 2D platforming gets. But it’s also impossible not to be disappointed that it’s over so quickly, and doesn’t offer anything really new. The best Mario games reinvent themselves at the same time as paying loving homage to what went before; they take something you know and love and make it feel new all over again. New Super Mario Bros doesn’t do that - but it’s a delightful game while it lasts, and still the best 2D platformer on the 3DS.
InsideGamer (Aug 17, 2012)
Waar je wellicht een luchtig tussendoortje zou verwachten, blijkt New Super Mario Bros. 2 wel degelijk voor goud te gaan. Het gouden thema is ondanks de eenvoud een leuke twist, zeker als blijkt dat de game dit combineert met de typisch gelaagde platformactie. Het maakt het leuk om levels keer op keer te herspelen, of je nu op zoek bent naar de laatste geheimen of een nieuw persoonlijk record wilt zetten in Coin Rush. Tel daar de toevoeging van co-op multiplayer bij op en de beste draagbare side-scrolling Mario is een feit.
NZGamer (Aug 27, 2012)
Ultimately, it’s a fun Mario game. The usual elements are all here, and they sit nicely alongside some of the newer options. It definitely lacks the high level of polish we’ve come to expect of the series, however, and settles at merely “very good” in that regard. It also pales in comparison to the previously released (and far superior) 3D Land, making an otherwise very good game seem somewhat lacklustre when held up against its older brother.
Gameplanet (Sep 04, 2012)
New Super Mario Bros. 2 may look like the same old thing in fancy new packaging, but beneath the typical trappings is a game that presents an interesting, and in some ways exciting, new way of looking at the classic side-scroller.
GamezGeneration (Aug 14, 2012)
Eines vorweg: New Super Mario Bros. 2 ist ein tolles 2D Jump and Run, dass sich grandios spielen lässt und das bis dato beste 2D Jump‘n‘Run auf dem 3DS darstellt. Doch kommen wir nun zum großen „aber“: New Super Mario Bros. 2 fühlt sich einfach überhaupt nicht „neu“ an, wie es der Name vielleicht vermuten lässt. Vielmehr spielt sich der Titel wie ein New Super Mario Bros. 1.5 und es ist ein wenig erschreckend wie viel Wiederverwertung von Spielelementen und Grafiken in diesem Titel steckt. Man könnte meinen, dass Nintendo Mario‘s neuestes Abenteuer schnell aus dem Hut zaubern wollte und dadurch die nötigen Innovationen auf der Strecke blieben. Neulinge werden sicher einen heiden Spaß mit New Super Mario Bros. 2 haben und Serienkenner müssen mit dem Manko leben, dass sie fast 90 Prozent des Spiel so oder so ähnlich bereits gespielt haben.
Vandal Online (Jul 28, 2012)
Sí, es muy divertido, adictivo, su jugabilidad es impecable y totalmente recomendable para un usuario de Nintendo 3DS, y por supuesto que recomendamos su compra, pero también tenemos que criticar lo conservador que es, no aportando nada a la saga. Nos gusta la Nintendo que innova, que arriesga, que nos sorprende, y la serie Super Mario es un buen ejemplo de esto en varias de sus entregas, pero parece que en la saga New Super Mario Bros. se ha apostado por no tocar ni cambiar nada, por solo ofrecer más niveles en cada nueva entrega, y esto nos parece un poco decepcionante. Hemos jugado ya tres veces a lo mismo, una cuarta posiblemente estas Navidades –damos el beneficio de la duda a que en la versión de Wii U nos sorprendan-, y es normal que la fórmula se resienta si no se refresca de ninguna manera. Paradójicamente, pese a esto que decimos, es un nuevo imprescindible en el catálogo de Nintendo 3DS, cada vez más completo.
Nintendojo (Aug 29, 2012)
And in the end, this added bit of personality is enough to set New Super Mario Bros. 2 apart from its predecessors, making it another great installment in the long-running franchise. While it may not push the series forward quite like some of Mario’s earlier titles, that hardly matters in the long run; what’s here is a heck of a lot of fun to play, with enough content to keep fans busy for a long time. And history will prove its general lack of ambition to be something of a moot point; there’s still the upcoming Wii U version to look forward to, which is shaping up to be the more experimental of the two games. Between that title and this one, it seems there will be something for everyone who enjoys a good, old-fashioned platformer. It’s a great time to be a Mario fan.
The Video Game Critic (Oct 16, 2012)
A below average Super Mario title still blows away just about any other platformer out there.
Gamegravy (Sep 30, 2012)
So what do I think of the game? I think it is a commendable entry into the franchise. I am a little more excited by the Wii U version hitting later this fall at the launch of the new console, but this was a fun little title to hold me over. The new features are a welcome addition to the series and while online co-op would have been preferred the local goes off without a hitch. I will always be first in line when a new 2D Mario drops and it was no different with this one. I would recommend this game to anyone that owns a 3DS. While not as great as Super Mario 3D Land, it holds its own as a good 3DS game.
A Mario expansion still beats out most other platformers out there in the control and polish department. I can’t deny that I still enjoyed kicking koopa shells, climbing fences in castles, and hopping on the flag at the end of a stage. On the other hand, players have grown to expect innovation out of Mario, and this game makes a strong case that perhaps it’s time for Nintendo to move on from the “new” formula.
81 (Aug 17, 2012)
Und grundsätzlich leistet sich auch der offizielle zweite Teil auf 3DS keine Fehler: Mario hüpft und juchzt wie eh und je durch liebevolle, teilweise sehr kreativ gestaltete Levels. Aber genau diese Scheu vor der Innovation, vor dem nächsten großen Sprung, ist auch der größte Stolperstein für das Spiel: Mit Ausnahme der fragwürdigen Gold-Fixierung gibt es hier nichts Neues, keine Überraschungen, keine frischen Ideen. Super Mario 3D Land war in jeder Hinsicht weitaus mutiger und experimentierfreudiger. Nicht falsch verstehen, ich habe nicht das Geringste gegen einen Sidescroller klassischer Bauart - und gerade die Mario-Standards garantieren auch hier wieder sehr hochwertigen Jump-n-Run-Spaß. Aber mehr als diese darf man nicht erwarten, und das ist wirklich schade.
Co-Optimus (Sep 13, 2012)
While New Super Mario Bros. 2 seems like Nintendo might be going back to the well just a little too much, I still had a great deal of fun exploring the worlds, challenging myself to find the Star Coins and hidden exits, and yes, soaking in a huge pool of nostalgia. Hey - drawing on Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World for inspiration goes a long way with me. It’s just a pity I won’t be able to bring myself to play with a friend again.
Meristation (Jul 28, 2012)
Aparece en un bloque opcional cuando perdemos un número alto de vidas en un mismo nivel. Lo ideal para el jugón es no caer en la tentación es no coger el desproporcionado item, pero tras varias vidas perdidas en un mismo punto resulta casi inevitable tirar de él. Se debería haber castigado de alguna forma este traje pero sin entorpecer el juego a los que lo necesiten. Por poner un ejemplo, otorgando la mitad de monedas al contador general al final de la fase. Algo que hiciera que nos pensásemos si recogerlo...
3D Juegos (Aug 17, 2012)
A pesar de la cantidad de monedas que le rodea en este videojuego, Mario no logra sorprender en New Super Mario Bros. 2, un plataformas que confía demasiado en el talento de Nintendo sin prestar atención a la necesidad de innovar y proponer experiencias realmente nuevas. La temática monetaria ayuda, pero la escasa dificultad, lo fugaz de la propuesta y el encasillamiento en los mismos planteamientos jugables de siempre dejan entrever un agotamiento en una fórmula que necesita renovarse como hacía antaño. El fontanero italiano logra mantener el tipo, pero no actúa en consecuencia a su extraordinario pasado.
The Guardian (Jul 30, 2012)
Sometimes you encounter flowing green blocks that build new platforms as they move, which epitomise the sort of logic and rhythmic flow that pervades the game, and the difficulty level swiftly ramps up, testing your precision jumping and attacking skills to the full. New Super Mario Bros 2 may not do anything we haven't seen in a game before, but it oozes such quality from every pixel that if you don't derive pleasure from playing it, no matter what your age or gender, it's difficult to think of any game that would satisfy you.
Cubed3 (2012)
New Super Mario Bros. 2 manages to follow in the footsteps of its forebears, but almost too perfectly, not taking any risks by mixing in fresh gameplay features. The fascination with coin collection is engrossing to start with, but becomes inconsequential after several hours and subsequently takes a backseat for the most part. The best inclusion is the re-introduction of the Racoon Suit for flying, allowing for the craftiness of level design found back in Super Mario Bros. 3. Anyone that loved the Wii and DS versions of New Super Mario Bros. cannot go wrong with this second portable outing, while those looking for drastic changes will have to wait a little longer. Whatever the case, New Super Mario Bros. 2 is an ideal second course for 3DS owners that enjoyed Super Mario 3D Land so much.
GameTrailers (Aug 02, 2012)
The addition of coin rush and StreetPass functionality extend the shelf life of what would otherwise be a rather limited experience, but while there’s still reasonable value here, the new Super Mario Bros. formula is losing just a little bit of its luster. Innovation and creativity don’t shine as brightly as they should, but the glitter of great control and tight level design still make New Super Mario Bros. 2 tempting to pick up.
Pocket Gamer UK (Aug 06, 2012)
New Super Mario Bros. 2 is exactly that: a sequel to the original. New levels and new abilities will keep fans pleased, but there's little in the way of creative spark to be found here
G4 Tech: Tech TV (Aug 08, 2012)
Despite the lack of a challenge and odd co-op experience, New Super Mario Bros. 2 still manages to be an exceptional platformer that shouldn’t be overlooked. The 3D doesn’t do the game any favors by washing out the beautiful environments, but that’s more a system limitation than the game itself. While it might not be as innovative as Super Mario 3D Land, but it is a wonderful sequel to New Super Mario Bros. and one of the best games available on the 3DS.
80 (UK) (Aug 13, 2012)
Fortunately, the true Mario tradition is in safe hands in Tokyo, no doubt to return and restore our faith in some mind-bending new adventure next year. But perhaps New Super Mario Bros. should be allowed to grow old a bit more gracefully than this.
Digital Spy (Aug 13, 2012)
The game isn't as innovative as other recent Mario efforts and not as novel as previous New Super Mario releases. It's still one of the best 3DS games on the market, however, and we strongly suggest saving some of your own coins in order to buy it.
Wired (Aug 17, 2012)
It’s better than almost anything else on the platform. But it’s also a game produced by a Nintendo with its back against the wall, which seemed to want to get a side-scrolling Mario on shelves to sell 3DS hardware before the time was quite right.
Digital Chumps (Aug 17, 2012)
New Super Mario Bros. 2 is a misnomer; in fact, its greatest shortcoming is that it really doesn’t seem new at all. The coins collection gimmick wears thin very quickly once it becomes evident that, well, coins aren’t actually worth anything. And while the game still features all of the tight gameplay, thoughtful level design, and creative variation of the archetypal Mario title, it does nothing to differentiate itself from what we’ve experienced previously. Ultimately, while it’s a great game nonetheless, its failure to innovate keeps it from true excellence.
Worth Playing (Aug 22, 2012)
New Super Mario Bros. 2 is by no means a bad game, but it is something perhaps more disappointing: an unexceptional one. There is nothing new or exciting about it, and it doesn't stand out from the crowd. The coin-collection gimmick is tacked on, and the level design suffers for it. There is still a lot to like here, as it's a well-designed platformer that anyone can pick up and play. It's fast and frantic, and for a little while, there is a bizarre hoarding satisfaction to collecting coins. If you enjoy Mario titles, you'll enjoy New Super Mario Bros. 2. If you haven't already picked up Super Mario Land 3D, you'd be far better off starting there. If you're looking for more Mario, New Super Mario Bros. 2 will happily scratch that itch. It just won't leave you wanting more after it's done.
80 (Aug 24, 2012)
Non siamo ancora nell'ambito della mera operazione commerciale di cui si parlava all'inizio ma le aggiunte apportate al gameplay originale, per quanto divertenti, non sono sufficienti a dare la sensazione di trovarsi di fronte a qualcosa di realmente nuovo.
Game Revolution (Aug 24, 2012)
If you're a 3DS gamer with a penchant for Mario in any way, shape, or form, New Super Mario Bros. 2 is well worth your time. Despite that, if you've had your fill of Nintendo's mascot and the perpetually kidnapped Peach, you might not find a lot of entertainment here. You might resent being the 99% to Mario's coin-hungry top 1%.
80 (Aug 24, 2012)
Em todo o caso, é fascinante revistar um Super Mario de duas dimensões e meia. Na sua versão mais tradicional e próxima do original, continua a ser uma preponderante e valiosa proposta plena de condimentos nostálgicos e nucleares para o seu sucesso. New Super Mario Bros 2 perdeu algum do fulgor na entrada para uma terceira volta, oferecendo mais certezas que surpresas, mas não deixa de assinalar um percurso com sucesso. A presença descomunal de moedas é um bom ponto de partida para voltar a testar as habilidades dos protagonistas. Mario e Luigi regressam bem a casa e o resultado final é de uma obra que tanto agradará aos mais veteranos como aos recém-chegados ao universo Super Mario.
Level 7 (Aug 16, 2012)
Efter en seg start på 3DS-försäljningen behövde Nintendo snabbt få fram en systemsäljare och vem passar bättre för den uppgiften än rörmokarn? Marios 3DS-tvåa är dock en löpande band-produktion. En banskapare i föregångaren hade kunnat spotta ur sig uppföljaren. Så pass ont om nyheter är här. Det enda nämnnvärda är Marios nya Kung Midas-roll som kastar pengar omkring sig och skjuter guldeldbollar som förvandlar tegelstenar till guldmynt. Ett samarbetsläge över lokalt nätverk är en trevlig bonus, men avsaknad av onlinestöd är snålt. Kritiken till trots är Mario även som löpande band-produktion ett väldigt bra plattformsspel.
Darkstation (Sep 28, 2012)
Nintendo needs to do something with this series to start making sure that it stays fresh. The core idea of a Mario platformer, side scrolling, on modern systems is perfectly sound, but they just came too many, too quickly. Lack of innovation might help tire us of a great idea, but even without being a new experience, there’s still a lot to this game that entertains and offers a fun experience to anyone who tries it. The game may lack some innovation, but where it counts, in gameplay, it still delivers the experience you expect from a Mario game.
So how do I score this review? Do I score this in a vacuum, completely independent from all other Mario games that preceded it? Or to I take into account the years I’ve spent exploring the Mushroom Kingdom, and compare it to previous entries? Basically, I’m going to evaluate it based on how I felt when I played it. It’s technically great, but Nintendo needs to do more than repeat old ideas with its flagship franchise, especially if it wants to release not one, but three main entries in the series in the span of a year (Super Mario 3D Land released last November, New Super Mario Bros. Wii U comes out at launch). It’s not enough for Nintendo to skate by on nostalgia, especially with a character they’ve been using so frequently lately. If this is your first Mario game, or the last one you played was years ago on the NES, go ahead and add ten points to my score because this represents the culmination of years of everything that made Mario great.
ZTGameDomain (Aug 24, 2012)
New Super Mario Brothers 2 is not a bad game – in fact it’s a very good 2D platformer that lives up to the Mario name. The game just seems stuck in the middle because the coin collecting isn’t integrated in a way that changes the core game; it just sits on top of the standard Mario shell. The best example is lives – despite the huge number of coins in the game you still earn an extra life for every 100, and I had about 250 lives when I finished the game, making them totally pointless. If you want to play another 2D Mario game, you should pick it up; it’s a very good game with some extra elements that can add to the replay value. If you’ve had your fill on this style though, the addition of coin collecting likely won’t be enough to rekindle your interest.
At the end of the day New Super Mario Bros. 2 is a good game, plain and simple. With solid visuals, familiar but tight gameplay, and that famed “Mario-esque” sound, you really can’t go wrong. That being said, I am sure some people may argue it brings nothing new or innovative to the franchise, and in many ways they are right, but in the end it is a good game, and that is what matters. If anything you will enjoy your time with this game as Mario continues to show he deserves a spot in your line-up of games to play.
Gaming Age (Aug 15, 2012)
So while New Super Mario Bros. 2 might not be a revelation on Nintendo’s new flagship handheld, I certainly wouldn’t label it as a bad game. Even a sub-par Super Mario Bros. game is still Super Mario, and while Nintendo might not have put as much effort behind this release as there seemed to be in the Wii version, it’s not without a certain amount of merit. If you go into this expecting a light hearted, breezy romp through the Mushroom Kingdom, you’ll definitely have some fun with it. But the more hardcore player out there might find themselves a bit put-off by the overall ease and lack of challenge, so here’s to hoping that New Super Mario Bros. Wii U can strike a better balance between fun and difficulty than NSMB 2 managed to do.

Giudicare New Super Mario Bros 2 non è piacevole. Non c'è genio, non ci sono intuizioni, non c'è originalità alcuna. Tutti i meriti sono ereditati dal passato, e risiedono nel maestoso artigianato Nintendo. Ancora meno piacevole è pensare che la saga che ha dominato e definito il mondo dei videogiochi per un decennio sia giunta a questo punto. Iwata dovrebbe rimettere presto un team di primo piano al lavoro sui Mario bidimensionali, o potrebbe essere troppo tardi.
Wii Brasil (2012)
Mario ainda domina o reinado dos jogos de plataforma, mas New Super Mario Bros. 2, apesar de mostrar toda a sua riqueza de uma fórmula que contém elementos vistos a exaustão, alguns destes dão sinais de um envelhecimento que necessita da riqueza de novas ideias que efetivem e rejuvenesçam este rei, tal qual parte dos títulos da série apregoa. Há uma harmonia em Mushroom Kingdom, com suas várias áreas secretas, seus caminhos falsos por meio das casas assombradas, que poucos jogos do estilo apresentam. E existe a tentativa válida de uma variação com o foco na recolha de moedas. Válida, mas ainda é pouco diante da imponência de Mario que já percorrera galáxias inundadas de criatividade. A carência de um suporte online efetivo, que, claro, pode ser expandido por meio de fases extras, via SpotPass, mostra também que a Nintendo se fecha em uma redoma de decisões ainda conservadoras quando se trata de um jogo de plataforma 2D de Mario. Certamente New Super Mario Bros.
So sehr ich die 2D-Mario-Spiele liebe (wirklich jetzt!), mit New Super Mario Bros. 2 tut sich Nintendo keinen Gefallen. Es ist schmerzvoll, wenn man den Eindruck hat, hier ein lieblos zusammengebasteltes Plattform-Abenteuer zu erleben, das zwar unverändert gut bis sehr gut funktioniert, aber einfach keine Seele besitzt. Vielleicht erwartet der Fan keine Innovationen, die muss ein Sequel auch nicht haben. Aber ein paar unverbrauchte Ideen kann man schon verlangen. Und die hat NSMB 2 einfach nicht zu bieten. Die ständige Suche nach Münzen ist langweilig und stupide, die Geschichte total belanglos und das Design der Abschnitte einfallslos. Übrig bleibt ein Plattformer, der aufgrund seiner Robustheit zwar weit entfernt von einem Fehlgriff ist, aber Nintendo-Freunde enttäuscht. Wer bisher New Super Mario Bros. (NDS) oder Super Mario 3D Land verpasst hat, liegt bei diesen Titeln deutlich besser. NSMB 2 dagegen kann man sich eigentlich sparen. So hart es klingen mag.
75 (Aug 16, 2012)
Quiconque ayant déjà joué à New Super Mario Bros. sur DS ou sur Wii se retrouvera rapidement perplexe devant cet épisode 3DS. Car si l'on prend toujours beaucoup de plaisir à jouer, on attend désespérément le moment où le soft parviendra à nous surprendre. Ce serait oublier que New Super Mario Bros. 2 n'a pas du tout la prétention d'innover, ce qui ne manquera pas de désappointer les habitués qui en feront le tour très rapidement. Reste à savoir si la chasse au million de pièces réussira à les convaincre de prolonger le plaisir quelques heures de plus.
Cheat Code Central (Aug 20, 2012)
Don't get me wrong. New Super Mario Bros. 2 is a good game. It just doesn't seem infused with quite the right mix of Mario magic to make it a great game. 3DS owners would be better served purchasing the amazingly crafted Super Mario 3D Land. Those who have finished 3D Land and are looking for a new Mario fix will enjoy New Super Mario Bros. 2, it's just that there's a nagging feeling about the game that says it could have been better. Failing to incorporate the game's coin-centric concept meaningfully into the main campaign's gameplay is an unusual misstep for Nintendo. Perhaps it's unfair to hold the Mario series up to such a high standard, but we only do so because we love it so much.
71 (Aug 21, 2012)
Overall, NSMB 2 isn’t a bad game. The formula is still solid and experience is fun. I just feel like the coin gimmick could have been used better. Still, this is a title 3DS owners shouldn’t pass up. It’s an enjoyable title that will let you pass the time nicely.
Destructoid (Jul 30, 2012)
At its core, New Super Mario Bros. 2 is a Mushroom Kingdom coin -- shiny and addictive, but carrying no practical value whatsoever.
Gamereactor (Sweden) (Jul 31, 2012)
Betyget landar på en stark sjua och hade Nintendo bara gett Mario lite mer karaktär, och mig ett några timmar längre äventyr, hade det fått en pinne till. Jag tar helt enkelt New Super Mario Bros. 2 för vad det är, ett bra plattformsspel som om inte annat lär få fart på 3DS-försäljningen och kratta för ännu fler trivsamma visiter i Svampriket.
Games TM (Jul 31, 2012)
There can be little disputing the quality on show here, although the underlying gimmick and universal approach mean that New Super Mario Bros. 2 can offer neither the mystery and experimentation of earlier games nor the challenge that new pretenders to the platforming crown lay so very, very thick. It’s an entertaining afternoon of gaming but little more, despite its occasional lofty highs and some inspired design. And for many, that won’t be enough, especially given the fact that we’re dealing with gaming royalty here. But then perhaps gaming simply doesn’t need a monarch any more.
Joystiq (Aug 01, 2012)
That's the problem, overall: there are plenty of things that were great the first time you saw them, and work together to provide a pleasant experience, but there is no element of surprise, no attempt to dazzle you with new elements. Remember the first time you saw World 4 in Super Mario Bros. 3? Remember how weirdly experimental the Star Road levels were in Super Mario World? That's almost entirely gone, replaced with the rote recombination of stock elements. When NSMB2 does show flashes of clever trickery – like a giant Boo that playfully sneaks forward while covering its face – it only serves to remind me how creative these games used to be.
GamesRadar (Aug 01, 2012)
At this point, it’d be very difficult for Nintendo to get a Mario game horribly wrong. The formula has been so thoroughly refined that there’s never anything particularly disastrous about any given game. It’s easy to argue that with New Super Mario Bros. 2, Nintendo succeeds once again in making a classically great Mario game that more people than die-hard Mario fans can enjoy. Unfortunately, the additions to NSMB2 merely add more spokes to an already heavy wheel, so to speak. It’s not a bad game by any means, but it’s one that steeps itself in nostalgia to mask an experience that falls short of the revival that the New Super Mario franchise really needs these days.
70 (Aug 01, 2012)
Arguably the most disappointing Super Mario game ever made, and one that certainly doesn’t deserve the world ‘New’ at the beginning of its name.
70 (Aug 06, 2012)
New Super Mario Bros. 2 just doesn't crackle and pop with the creativity - that potent Nintendo magic - of its other many contemporaries, and Nintendo has thrown together a Mario-by-numbers experience that's often fun to play but unforgivably formulaic. There's plenty of unmemorable fun to be had here, but it's shocking how it only took three goes for Nintendo to make New Super Mario Bros. feel old.
GameSpot (2012)
It's a shame that the co-op fails to live up to the heady heights of its Wii counterpart. But then, its halfhearted implementation is indicative of a game that's very much a by-the-numbers Mario experience. Sure, there are some throughly enjoyable moments to be had, and at times a little of that Mario brilliance shines through too. But it's overshadowed by a real lack of imagination in its level design, which makes New Super Mario Bros. 2 little more than a retread of past glories. A fun, and sometimes challenging retread in parts, but a retread nonetheless.
Edge (Aug 17, 2012)
More old than new, New Super Mario Bros 2 is an inverted Galaxy, more content to remix old stomping grounds and sprinkle on new gimmicks than take Mario to places he hasn’t hopped through before. Few titles can match 2D Mario for its peerless sense of weight and fine control – and NSMB2 is a cartridge full of levels proving that fact. But Mario’s not just about polish. He’s about moving from left to right with giddy momentum, and New Super Mario Bros is a series that appears to be standing still.
70 (Aug 17, 2012)
New Super Mario Bros. 2 bjuder på en hel hög av mästerligt designade plattformsbanor, men samlandet faller mig alltså inte helt i smaken, hur vanebildande det än må vara. I slutändan är Mario alltid Mario, men ironiskt nog känns det som att det ständiga myntsamlandet lett till en inflation. Det rör sig utan tvekan om ett väldigt bra spel, men det är inget som kommer leva kvar som en odödlig Mario-klassiker.
70 (Aug 18, 2012)
Het nieuwe doel van de game, de extra features en de iets hogere moeilijkheidsgraad kunnen echter niet verhullen dat de formule van de New-serie eentonig begint te worden. Super Mario 3D Land, dat vorig jaar voor de 3DS uit kwam, is een veel origineler avontuur, pittiger en heeft ook nog eens veel meer levels. Die game paste ook veel beter bij de 3DS, want voor (het gebrek aan) 3D-effecten hoef je New Super Mario Bros. 2 niet te spelen. Ergens begrijpen we Nintendo wel: de tweedimensionale Mario-games verkopen véél beter, maar daar hebben wij gamers natuurlijk niets mee te maken. Des te opmerkelijker is dat er later dit jaar alwéér een nieuwe New Super Mario Bros. verschijnt, samen met de Wii U. Het wordt dus hoog tijd dat Nintendo’s mascotte niet te vaak hetzelfde trucje uithaalt, want er sterft een stukje in ons gamershart wanneer we ons tijdens het spelen van een Mario-spel vervelen.
70 (Aug 23, 2012)
Es ist zeitlich näher am deutlich frischeren 3D Land als ihm gut tut, zu weit weg vom direkten Vorgänger, um - in dieser Form - die "2" im Titel zu rechtfertigen und wird überdies in Sachen Ideenreichtum von Rayman: Origins in die Tasche gesteckt. Und so ist der bekannte Zauber dieser Reihe auf der Überholspur ins spätsommerliche Ladenregal auf halber Strecke liegen geblieben.
New Super Mario Brothers 2 is a very good game on a technical level, but falls short of satisfying because it feels far too similar to other games in the series. Super Mario 3D Land was able to try new things with 3D Mario gameplay, but NSMB2 really doesn’t do anything new, and as a result, isn’t able to usurp 3D Land as the Mario game to own. If you were expecting NSMB2 to be a killer app for the system, or were considering an upgrade to the XL just for this game: don’t. Instead, stick with 3D Land, and give this one a rental. You’ll be able to breeze through it in a day and save yourself a bunch of money in the process.
AusGamers (Aug 20, 2012)
So yes, New Super Mario Bros 2 is a Mario game, and in some ways it gives you pretty much what you’d expect. But it’s also the first Mario game I’ve ever played that frequently bored me, and as much as it manages to nail the central mechanics and tick many of the right boxes, it also serves as worrying proof that, in the world of gaming, no series is truly sacred.
60 (Aug 08, 2012)
C'est l'histoire de plusieurs concepteurs à Kyoto. Ils cherchaient désespérément un nouveau twist pour le Mario qui devait sortir cet été en même temps que la nouvelle 3DS de luxe. L'un d'eux s'est écrié "mais faisons un épisode spécial thune, tout pareil mais avec des geysers de pièces partout, des gisements de pognon". La barre fut placée à un million, histoire de voir qui tiendrait le coup. A force de brainstorming, ce nouveau "New Super Mario" est devenu un jeu extrêmement facile et aussi très laborieux dans son Gold Farming. Et puis comme ils n'ont pas eu le temps de tout mettre, il fut décidé que les gens paieraient plus tard du contenu s'ils en avaient envie. Aux dernières nouvelles, le jeu est sorti à temps pour la console et nos larrons cherchent déjà le concept de l'année prochaine.
60 (Aug 22, 2012)
Spillets manglende evne til å skape engasjement følger egentlig spilleren fra start til slutt, og det faktum at hverken det gamle eller det nye i New Super Mario Bros. 2 klarer å imponere nevneverdig, sier sitt om Marios nyeste eventyr.
Gameplay (Benelux) (Aug 31, 2012)
De levels zitten alweer erg knap in elkaar en de controls zijn nagenoeg perfect, maar het voelt allemaal wat te vertrouwd aan. De terugkeer van de Raccoon Suit uit Super Mario Bros. 3 is leuk, maar waar zijn de nieuwe knallers? Oké, je kunt gouden vuurballen afvuren die iedereen in muntjes veranderen, maar dat is het zowat. Die muntjes spelen trouwens een te grote rol, en te pas en te onpas word je eraan herinnerd dat je 1 miljoen muntjes moet verzamelen. Ook opvallend is dat de achtergronden onscherp worden wanneer je in 3D speelt en dat je tijdens lokale co-op spelletjes dicht bij elkaar moet blijven wil je niet in een belletje worden geschopt en naar elkaar worden gebracht. Dit is een Wii feature die logisch is wanneer je op één scherm moet spelen, maar toch niet wanneer iedere speler over zijn eigen scherm beschikt? Maar al bij al blijft dit een degelijke platformer waar je zeker plezier mee kunt beleven.