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Pac-Man Tilt is almost good enough to recommend alone. An ace collection.
Pac-Man and Galaga Dimensions is a faithful recreation of the classic arcade titles Pac-Man and Galaga. Although these iconic games have been remade and re-released countless times over the years, this is the first time they have been made in 3D. The new visual style adds excitement and a new vibe to the experience, which is augmented by the completely remade versions of each title as well. The concepts are simple, but the always looming quest for a higher score means they never get old, and it's hard to find two games that fit that mold better than the ones in this compilation.
I'm glad to see Namco reinvent the classics and add a 3D twist to it. This title is great for both competing with friends and keeping yourself occupied for a long time. I give Pac-Man & Galaga Dimensions 4 out of 5 GiN Gems.
Digital Chumps (Jul 26, 2011)
For Pac-Man and Galaga fans on the go, this is a nice release, but those looking for just Pac-Man Tilt or Galaga: 3D Impact, both cool games, they may want to catch this one on sale.
NintendoWorldReport (Aug 08, 2011)
These games are classics for a reason, and bundling them with two great recent remakes and two brand new spin-offs makes for a really fun collection. While it is arguable that these would be better off as downloadable titles, having them all on one 3DS cart is a decent compromise. This title would make a fine addition to the collection of any 3DS owner who loves classic arcade games.
GamingXP (Sep 20, 2011)
All die Spiele sind vom Umfang her relativ gering, Sie sollten also ein eingefleischter Highscore Jäger sein!
Worth Playing (Aug 03, 2011)
At the end of the day, Pac-Man & Galaga Dimensions feels like little more than a halfhearted attempt to cash in on a couple of long-running franchises. The new games included in the mix are decent, but nothing special, and the other available titles have seen better versions on other consoles. The total package is a passable way to waste some time, but there's no compelling reason to buy it.
67 (Aug 30, 2011)
Zwei Klassiker plus zwei Remakes plus zwei ganz neue Titel - das klingt doch nach einem ganz ordentlichen Wert fürs Geld! Nur leider macht viel Inhalt nicht gleich viel Spaß: Die alten Titel sind auch in der 100.000en Version immer noch gut spielbare Klassiker, leider aber unter der krümeligen Darstellung. Pac-Man Tilt könnte Spaß machen, wenn es nicht Pac-Man Tilt wäre, und Galaga: 3D Impact ist ein solider Arcade-Shooter mit mittelmäßiger Technik. Bleiben nur Pac-Man CE und Galaga Legions: Beides prima Spiele, zwar nicht in den DX-Versionen, dennoch coole Zeitvertreibe. Aber sind sie allein das Geld für die Sammlung wert?
The Video Game Critic (Nov 27, 2011)
Pac-Man & Galaga Dimensions experiments with a lot of interesting styles while attempting to stay true to the original games. Some work better than others, but I think everyone will find something to like in this retro-minded cartridge.
XGN (Sep 17, 2011)
Al met al is Pac-Man & Galaga Dimensions een aardige game geworden voor de 3DS. De prijs is niet hoog als je beseft dat je zes games ineen krijgt. Je kunt gaan mekkeren over het feit dat de meesten al eerder verschenen zijn. Nou en. Pac-Man en Galaga zijn niet voor niets al jaren een succes en het is dan ook heerlijk om nog wat van die oude games onderweg mee te kunnen nemen op je 3DS en ermee aan de slag te gaan. Het aardige is bovendien dat er nog twee games zijn toegevoegd, specifiek voor de 3DS: Pac-Man Tilt en Galaga 3D Impact. Titels die redelijk uitpakken maar je niet weg zullen blazen. Maar een Pac-Man die mee gaat met zijn tijd door compleet handen en voeten toe te voegen, die moet je toch stiekem wel eens geprobeerd hebben. Zin in nostalgie? Halen! Zin in complete vernieuwing? Laten liggen, vis het maar eens uit de budgetbak.
It's a decent compilation of games, with lovingly emulated coin-ops and a genuine modern classic in the mix, but for this price it should feature a lot more stuff.
60 (Aug 11, 2011)
There’s no reason this should be a full priced retail release and there’s no reason you should support this with your hard earned money. You should expect more than this.
GamesRadar (Aug 03, 2011)
Pac-Man and Galaga Dimensions is a reasonably worthwhile package. The classics are there for those who want them and Championship Edition and Legion are worthwhile updates (Pac-Man CE being more worthwhile). Galaga 3D Impact might not be able to escape the elaborate tech-demo descriptor, but Pac-Man Tilt feels like a fairly meaty platformer with some cool, well executed ideas. The biggest problem with Dimensions, is that is never feels like a full game. It’s a couple of rehashes, with two elaborate gimmicks, only one of which feels close to a full game. There is a good bit here to entertain you, but you will likely tire of it around the same time you get tired of swivelling at the hips to shoot alien bugs.
Nintendo Life (Jul 27, 2011)
Pac-Man & Galaga Dimensions is a decent stab at compiling a pleasant little arcade package, but a few iffy games and questionable decisions like squashed playing fields and meagre high-score tables drop this from "must have" to "it's complicated." There's undoubtedly a lot of fun to be had with about half of the games here, but your mileage may vary on whether that's enough to shell out for the whole shebang.
GamePro (US) (Jul 26, 2011)
While none of the games in Dimensions are outright bad, and six is always better than two, they're not entirely thrilling. You can get some good fun out of Pac-Man Tilt, but Galaga 3D Impact wears thin, and there are roughly a bajillion other ways to play Pac-Man and Galaga on the go. For the best (and cheapest) example of retro Namco in 3D, you might as well download 3D Classics Xevious from the eShop, because there's not much definition in these dimensions.
GameSpot (Jul 26, 2011)
Pac-Man & Galaga Dimensions is an inconsistent package. As great as the two original arcade games are, you've likely played them before, and this release is far from essential. The more recent Pac-Man CE and Galaga Legions put exciting spins on the timeless gameplay of their predecessors, but this isn't the best way to play either of those games. And the two entirely new games fall flat. Despite the fact that there are six games included here, 40 bucks is not a good value for this compilation. Pac-Man and Galaga are timeless games, but they're not priceless ones.
Tech-Gaming (Jul 26, 2011)
Ultimately, the decision to purchase Dimensions hinges on a single question: how eager are you to play Pac-Man Championship Edition and Galaga Legions on the go? For players seeking portable adaptations of these two titles, the cartridge likely justifies its current price. Gamers hoping for an ample anthology based around these two coin-op classics, may want to wait for a sale before dropping a few rolls of quarters on Dimensions.
Gaming Age (Aug 02, 2011)
Overall this is a decent compilation from Namco, and at least introduces us to one new game that's legitimately good for the Pac-Man franchise. You also get a faithful portable port of the excellent Pac-Man CE, solid ports of classic Pac-Man and Galaga, online leaderboards, along with quick load times and easy online connections for updating leaderboards. The other material, which also includes a 3D Pac-Man animated movie, isn't the best. But there is enough good content here to warrant a look provided you already know that you enjoy titles in both of these franchises. I'd probably wait for a price drop on this one, while it can be found at the $30 mark currently, I can't see myself paying much more than $20. If all the content was great, or if a little more time was put into including extra unlocks, skins, artwork and so on, then this would be a must buy.
55 (2011)
Pac-Man & Galaga Dimensions est une compilation qui manque quelque peu de contenu. On y retrouve deux classiques indémodables, deux "remakes" sympathiques, et deux inédits peu inspirés. Un ensemble moyen donc, et compte tenu du prix de vente d'un jeu 3DS, on aurait aimé une cartouche plus fournie en titre rétro.
Inside Gaming (Aug 16, 2011)
Pac-Man & Galaga Dimensions is a hard game to recommend. While the four re-released games are all good in their own right, there’s really no need to play them again. On top of that, the two new games aren’t enough to warrant a purchase on their own, with Pac-Man Tilt being the only one worth at least some of your time. If you’ve somehow never played a Pac-Man or Galaga game, then this is a decent purchase, but everyone else should stay away.
50 (Sep 12, 2011)
Deux antiques gloires toujours aussi exigeantes, deux bons jeux récents sur lequel on pourra allègrement squatter et deux bouses du futur, c’est une compilation complètement hétérogène que Namco nous pond ici. Vendu bien trop cher, Pac-Man & Galaga Dimensions n’intéressera que les vieux briscards désireux de retrouver un peu de l’adrénaline (l’odeur de clope en moins) des salles d’arcades des eighties. Et ceux-là n’ont à priori pas de 3DS…
50 (Sep 20, 2011)
Pac-Man & Galaga Dimensions is een vreemd pakket. Galaga Legions en Pac-Man Championship Edition zijn prima spellen die goed geschikt blijken voor een handheld. Maar zijn ze de volle prijs van 45 euro waard? Duidelijk niet. Dit zijn titels die een goede plek verdienen in de eStore, en uiteindelijk een paar euro waard zijn. Beide spellen zijn al langer beschikbaar op Xbox Live Arcade. De andere vier spellen – de klassieke Pac-Man, het ouderwetse Galaga, het nieuwe schietspel Galaga 3D Impact en het mislukte Pac-Man Tilt – voegen niets toe aan de waarde van dit pakket. Hetzelfde geldt voor de kleine extraatjes als achievements per spel en de Pac-Man-animatiefilm.
50 (Aug 25, 2011)
Cheaply shovelled ports of four classic games, plus two awful new exclusives that do both their franchises and the 3DS an enormous disservice.
IGN (Aug 01, 2011)
There are only two games in the Pac-Man & Galaga Dimensions collection worth playing: Pac-Man Championship Edition and Galaga Legions. They're both amazing games, and for some, these may be reason enough to buy this collection (though for anyone who has played the DX version of either game, it's very hard to go back). But they’re poorly implemented on the 3DS, and the two new games are boring, awkward titles that completely miss why either of these franchises are fun. A $40 asking price for Pac-Man & Galaga Dimensions is far too high for such a mediocre collection.
Vandal Online (Sep 23, 2011)
En el caso de Galaga 3D Impact pasamos a la acción en primera persona sobre raíles con ambientación espacial. Se trata de un cambio muy marcado con respecto al original, sí, pero tiene sentido como proceso de volver a concebir un clásico como lo era el matamarcianos original. El problema, una vez más, es que resulta poco inspirado. Hay que avanzar por niveles diseñados con poco interés hasta que machacamos al jefe final. Vamos recogiendo mejoras, pero no son muy atractivas ni espectaculares, así que resulta poco profundo jugablemente y poco intenso como arcade.
GameFocus (Sep, 2011)
Pac-Man and Galaga Dimensions is about as lackluster an effort as I’ve seen so far on the 3DS. Packaging the legendary originals with their 21st century contemporaries was a good idea. Adding in two very disappointing titles that actually lessen the overall appeal of the bundle, and then charging full retail price is pretty insulting. The arcade versions would have been served better as downloadable content for the 3DS store, and the new versions exclusive to this cartridge were better off not being released. Pac-Man and Galaga Dimensions is far from a “must buy,” and I’d have a hard time recommending this to someone even at a steep discount.
45 (Sep 02, 2011)
On espérait autre chose de ce Pac-Man & Galaga Dimensions. Cette compilation de six jeux manque drôlement de caractère et de véritables innovations, là où de simples éditions comme les versions DX nous ont bluffés. Les inédits, sans être exécrables, ne cassent pas des briques et les classiques ne suffisent pas à justifier le prix. A 20-25 euros ça aurait pu le faire, mais là...
Game Revolution (Aug 01, 2011)
With how many times I've played Pac-Man and Galaga, I'm almost ready to make it a drinking game. I haven't figured out the details yet, but there should be something like "a shot for every ghost eaten" or "every Challenge stage reached needs to be followed by the chugging of a beer before the next stage". It would bring some new life to the franchises Namco Bandai has been re-releasing over and over again without much adjustment. Six games are here - two new, two old, and two released on consoles about three years ago. So there has to be a "good" drinking game in there somewhere that can leave a person bombed but still breathing at the end.
Gamekult (Jul 13, 2011)
La principale attraction de Pac-Man & Galaga Dimensions cache le miroir aux alouettes de la nouvelle génération. Les deux titres spécialement conçus pour 3DS, Pac-Man Tilt et Galaga 3D Impact, utilisent tous deux une des nouvelles fonctionnalités internes de la console. Enthousiasmant ? En fait du pur gimmick qui n'est pas sans rappeler le spectre du "Cycle de Sonic".
20 (Sep 29, 2011)
Pac-Man & Galaga Dimensions réunit deux licences historiques de Namco sur 3DS et propose au total six jeux. Deux de ceux-là remontent à 1980 et 1981, ne proposent qu'un affichage ridiculement minuscule sur l'écran supérieur de la portable (Pac-Man et Galaga), deux autres sont disponibles dans de meilleures versions ailleurs (Pac-Man Championship Edition et Galaga Legions, disponibles sur XBLA et PSN, et qu'on choisira plutôt en version DX) et enfin les deux derniers sont inédits, utilisent les facultés de la 3DS (gyroscopie pour Pac-Man Tilt, un jeu de plate-formes pitoyable et Réalité Augmentée pour Galaga 3D Impact, un shooter navrant) mais sont affligeants de nullité. Tout comme cet ersatz de film Pac-Man en image de synthèse d'une poignée de minutes, qui n'aurait même pas sa place dans la pire des matinales pour enfants... Pac-Man CE et Galaga Legions, des jeux au demeurant sympas, se partageront donc la seule étoile que l'on peut donner à cette arnaque de compilation.