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Category Description User Score
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 3.8
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 3.9
Graphics The visual quality of the game 3.9
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 3.4
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.6
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 3.6
Overall User Score (8 votes) 3.7

Critic Reviews

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InsideGamer (Mar 20, 2011)
Soms zijn de simpelste ideeën de meest doeltreffende. Pilotwings Resort maakt uitermate slim gebruik van de 3D-mogelijkheden van de 3DS. Het kost even moeite om de juiste instelling te vinden, maar na wat geklooi met de Depth Slider heb je het 3D-effect gevonden dat geschikt is voor jou. Vanaf dat moment verandert Pilotwings Resort van een brokkenpiloot in een heerlijk ontspannend vliegspel dat snel voorbij is, maar daarna nog uren aan highscore-uitdagingen en vrije rondvluchten biedt.
GamesCollection (Mar 28, 2011)
Pilotwings Resort rappresenta un gradito ritorno... sulla console sbagliata. A conti fatti l'effetto 3D aggiunge sì una spettacolare resa visiva in termini di grafica portatile e profondità dell'immagine, ma non aggiunge nulla a livello di gameplay, riportato peraltro quasi senza aggiunte o migliorie rispetto all'incarnazione per Nintendo 64. Non ci sentiamo di giudicare questo titolo "una grossa tech demo", come è stato fatto altrove, perchè è comunque un gioco completo abbastanza vario e divertente; ma, visto il numero non entusiasmante di opzioni, ci saremmo aspettati almeno un prezzo più contenuto - che ne avrebbe probabilmente giustificato, a maggior ragione, l'acquisto, come accaduto per Wii Sports Resort sulla console casalinga.
Impulse Gamer (Apr, 2011)
In end, I actually enjoyed this game and even though there are many levels of difficulty to play, it was actually a fun no-brainer title that allowed me to thoroughly relax after a hard day's work. Sometimes I just wanted to chill out and fly around without saving the world from an alien invasion or trying to remain in the top three of some racing title. No Pilotwings Resort is quite the opposite and best of all, it does showcase the 3DS capabilities rather well.
80 (Apr 14, 2011)
Pilotwings Resort is a fantastic showcase for what 3D gaming has to offer on Nintendo's latest handheld. It may be a little light on longevity, but it's a great ride from start to finish.
Joystiq (Mar 17, 2011)
You can get through all of the missions with at least enough points to unlock them all in a few hours, and you can unlock plenty of stuff in Free Mode within 2-3 more. However, you wouldn't be doing yourself any favors if you did. Taken in "shotgun" form, Pilotwings Resort's difficulty curve seems harsh, and the game stressful. But if you enjoy a few missions at a time, perhaps going back through them to refine your score and your abilities, you'll get a better sense of the relaxation and freedom that comes from taking to the skies. Even if most of that "freedom" puts you within a strict racing line.
N-Europe (Mar 22, 2011)
Any title could be picked apart for what it is missing and launch titles are always under greater scrutiny, quite unfairly considering developers typically have less time then they'd like to meet deadlines. Pilotwings Resort is a pure delight to play but it would have been even better if it were longer. The title can easily be completed within a few days casual play, but that is discrediting its real pleasure: just leisurely enjoying the brilliant flight simulation it offers. Additionally the numerous missions will constantly challenge you to try "just one more time" until you have perfected them all.
Video Games Daily (Mar 25, 2011)
When viewed as a launch title Pilotwings Resort fulfills its remit perfectly. It offers that wow factor essential for showing off your new hardware to friends and loved ones and it provides an experience that even now, 20 years after the series debut, feels fresh and unique. As implied by the title, Pilotwings Resort offers a holiday from the tired list of overplayed genres with a serenely calming experience that has rightfully earned its place as the 3DS’s most refined launch title.
80 (UK) (Mar 02, 2011)
You could wish for more aircraft or a greater range of environments, perhaps, but Pilotwings ultimately hits an enjoyable sweet spot. It's intricate enough to encourage mastery, and roomy enough to tempt you back after the main event, while the skilfully simple presentation makes it perfect for demonstrating your latest gadget's 3D capabilities.

And, for more elderly players, it's nice to see that the spirit of the SNES survives. As an updating of an old favourite, this is a lovely piece of work; as a friendly shoving-off for a strange new handheld, it's wonderfully judged.
Gamegravy (May 31, 2011)
If you are a fan of Nintendo games or the Pilotwings series I would recommend picking this title up. It does show off the 3D very well and is challenging enough to keep gamers coming back for more. The controls are intuitive and feel precise just like most Nintendo games. Only the inclusion of some of the other features the 3DS offers would have been greatly appreciated but overall doesn’t hinder the experience.
75 (Mar 18, 2011)
Pilotwings Resort ist ein merkwürdiges Spiel: Es suggeriert Entspannung, fordert aber gleichzeitig höchste Konzentration am Pad. Es motiviert aber auch auf unheimliche Art und Weise, einen Stunt wieder und wieder zu versuchen, bis man endlich die perfekte Punktzahl im Sack hat. Denn das ist die wichtigste Existenzberechtigung für das Spiel, das in einem oberflächlichen Anlauf in weniger als zwei Stunden durchflogen werden kann. Lässt man sich auf die Herausforderungen und die vielen Extras im Freiflugmodus ein, bekommt man hier ein umfangreiches Paket in einer zwar nicht umwerfenden, aber dennoch hübschen Hülle. Sehr schade nur, dass Wuha Island ziemlich klein ist, und dass es keine Möglichkeit gibt, Highscores mit anderen Spielern zu vergleichen.
At the end of the day I would have to say that Pilotwings Resort for the 3DS is a pretty good game, but given the use of Wii Sports Resorts locale, it seems way too familiar for those who have played it. That being said, there is more depth than I expected, given the number of challenges and the skill that is involved to get past some of the harder ones. As well, the exclusion of any multiplayer seems like a missed opportunity to me. At the end of the day Pilotwings Resort isn’t a bad game, especially for a launch title, it is just that it definitely could been a lot more than it was.
75 (2011)
Pilotwings Resort met en avant les capacités 3D du support, en offrant des sensations très efficaces. Simple à prendre en main et relativement dynamique, cet épisode 3DS s'avère donc très plaisant. On regrettera juste qu'il n'intègre aucune option multijoueurs.
75 (Mar 25, 2011)
Le premier Pilotwings avait marqué les esprits lors de sa sortie sur Super Nintendo, espérons que cet épisode 3DS ne passera pas inaperçu car il mérite effectivement qu'on s'y intéresse à plus d'un égard. Outre l'efficacité de son rendu 3D, Pilotwings Resort peut compter sur la diversité de son gameplay et sa grande marge de progression pour procurer une expérience de jeu aussi grisante qu'accrocheuse. On ne lui reprochera que son contenu un peu faiblard sur le long terme et son absence de multijoueur.
FOK!games (Mar 30, 2011)
PilotWings Resort is de perfecte game om je nieuwe 3DS mee uit te testen. Het 3D-effect is beeldschoon in de game en het is door iedereen te spelen. De perfectionist is uren bezig om alle missies op drie sterren te halen en de beginneling zal het gemak van het vliegen heerlijk vinden. Alle voertuigen voelen anders aan wat betreft de besturing en de missies zijn gevarieerd en uitdagend genoeg. Wel is het jammer dat Nintendo er maar één locatie in gestopt heeft en het nooit regent op Wuhu Island. Desalniettemin een ideale launchgame!
1UP (Mar 18, 2011)
But, much like the 3DS itself, Pilotwings is ultimately designed to appeal to casual players. It's an approachable, enjoyable, but ultimately somewhat insubstantial game, and the 3D visuals add a nice touch but don't have a material impact on how it plays. Hmm...I guess the game and system have a lot in common after all.
Vandal Online (Mar 20, 2011)
Pilotwings Resort es uno de esos juegos "especiales" del lanzamiento de Nintendo 3DS, aprovecha bien el 3D, sin ser por ello revolucionario, y es una gran experiencia jugable. Además, es un juego vistoso visualmente y bastante relajante. El problema, que ya hemos repetido a lo largo del artículo, es que pese a la gran rejugabilidad que presentan sus misiones, el número acaba haciéndose demasiado corto. El modo de vuelo libre le ofrece algo más de duración, pero la sensación general es que falta más contenido, y es una lástima, porque el poco que hay es de una gran calidad. Aun así, si saben pasar esto por alto, los fans de los Pilotwings originales estarán encantados, y muchos de los que desconocían esta saga pueden encontrarse con una muy agradable sorpresa con este renacimiento apellidado Resort.
Game Informer Magazine (Mar 25, 2011)
As a means of showing off the new portable hardware, Pilotwings Resort works well enough. As a game, though, it only has brief gusts of brilliance amidst a wide-open sky of rings to fly through.
3D Juegos (Mar 23, 2011)
Pilotwings Resort es el videojuego de lanzamiento que mejor uso realiza del efecto estereoscópico de Nintendo 3DS, influyendo incluso en la jugabilidad para que veamos el clásico simulador de vuelo desde un nuevo punto de vista. Tal vez sea corto, disponga de pocos artefactos voladores y ofrezca un único escenario -aparte de carecer de funciones de interconectividad-, pero resulta entretenido, muy rejugable y, en general, un título que ningún usuario de 3DS debería de descartar en absoluto.
70 (Mar 18, 2011)
Sicher, wäre „Pilotwings Resort“ erst einige Jahre nach dem Start des Nintendo 3DS erschienen, hätte man sich unlängst an den umwerfenden, dreidimensionalen Effekten satt gesehen und wäre etwas enttäuscht vom vergleichsweise geringen Umfang des Spiels gewesen. Viel mehr als zehn Stunden müssen geübte Spieler nicht in die Missionen investieren und auch die Objekte im Freiflug sind schnell gefunden. Zum jetzige Zeitpunkt werden wir aber bei jedem neuen Flug von „Pilotwings Resort“ überzeugt und in seinen Bann gezogen. Geht man mit diesen Hintergedanken also an den Kauf heran und ist sich bewusst, dass „Pilotwings Resort“ zu den weniger umfangreichen Titeln des Launch-Lineups zählt, wird man garantiert eine Menge Spaß damit haben.
Console Obsession (Jan 30, 2012)
Pilotwings Resort is a truly enjoyable experience, and the 3D makes taking to the skies extra special, but it’s a real shame that developer Monster Games couldn’t have got more content in there. I assume that Nintendo gave the developer a tight time limit to work with, and it’s this that has really turned the game into a rental over a must have at its current asking price.
Wiiloveit (Jun 29, 2011)
Overall, Pilotwings Resort will mean different things to different people. To Pilotwings fans and fans of Air Sports in Wii Sports Resort, it will be a fun game to put your energy towards. To completionists, it will be a fun challenge to 3-star every mission. But to people who just want to get through the game, they will not find much to do with it, but will probably still find it fun while it lasts.
70 (Mar 30, 2011)
Série estimée mais relativement peu connue (par rapport aux autres sagas de Nintendo), Pilotwings revient avec un opus sur Nintendo 3DS judicieux, compte tenu de la technologie 3D stéréoscopique prise en charge par la console. Propre, sobre, dépaysant et maniable, il offre une expérience atypique et plaisante. Seuls son contenu un peu léger, sa relative lenteur ainsi que son univers naïf pourront refréner certains joueurs.
Pocket Gamer UK (Mar 23, 2011)
Pilotwings Resort is classic Nintendo, providing enjoyable soaring action throughout. With only an evening's worth of content available however, the entertainment doesn't last very long.
Armchair Empire, The (Apr 29, 2011)
Ultimately, there’s not much else to tell with Pilotwings Resort. For folks looking for a quick and casual experience, this game fits the bill, but for early adopters hoping for a meatier experience to go with their big system purchase, they may be disappointed. In either case, Nintendo would have done the game a bigger service had they chosen to pack it along with the 3DS as a free tech demo like they did Wii Sports. While it’s ultimately a longer experience than the Wii’s launch game, it’s still just a small appetizer to the bigger dishes to be served down the road.
Jeux Vidéo Network (Mar 29, 2011)
Qu’il nous aurait comblé ce Pilotwings Resort…s’il avait été donné avec la console. En bundle, le simulateur de Nintendo aurait été une excellente surprise. A quarante euros, on tient là un titre aussi atypique que sympathique, mais vraiment très limité. Un bon titre de lancement mais qu’on aura oublié dans un an.
70 (Apr 25, 2011)
This makes that Pilotwings Resort has become a fun little game that relaxes, offers some missions and most of all a setting in which the 3D effect shows its capabilities. It colors the launch of the handheld but in a few weeks, let alone months, it won't be more than a footnote and a short distraction that you probably have forgotten about by then.
Gamereactor (Sweden) (Mar 23, 2011)
Pilotwings Resort är som sagt spelet du ska satsa på till din Nintendo 3DS. Inte för att det är bäst, störst eller vackrast, utan för att det är spelet som mer än något annat visar vilka möjligheter Nintendos tredimensionella tänk ger. Att det sedan är vanebildande, intuitivt och småmysigt underhållande rakt igenom är ju inte heller direkt någon nackdel, och Nintendo bevisar återigen att man bättre än någon annan förstår hur ett bärbart spel ska se ut och fungera.
70 (Mar 21, 2011)
As ever with a new console, it's fairly easy to overlook serious shortcomings in launch software, but Pilotwings Resort's failure to live up to its brilliant predecessor is a disappointment. It's unlikely you'll be playing this once the next wave of 3DS games hit, but there's enough here to warrant this being one of your initial purchases.
Destructoid (Mar 23, 2011)
What Monster Games has delivered with Pilotwings Resort is good fun, with satisfying flight controls across all of the game’s vehicles. Even still, it feels a bit empty. Most of the game content can be unlocked in a measly few hours, and the extras are not only trivial, but can get extremely aggravating to unlock. There’s no doubt that Pilotwings Resort offers a smooth, pleasurable ride and a long overdue return to a beloved series. But when you land, you'll just wish there was a little more fuel in its tank.
70 (Mar 25, 2011)
Pilotwings heeft in een bepaald opzicht wel iets weg van een technische demo. De spelopzet gaat niet veel verder dan een lijst missies afwerken en het spel maakt geen gebruik van alle 3DS-mogelijkheden. Toch mag dat de pret niet helemaal drukken. Het vrije gevoel, de fijne besturing en de rustgevende muziek zorgen voor een kalmerende spelervaring.
Spazio Games (Mar 27, 2011)
Pilotwings Resort è senza dubbio un titolo che dà al giocatore l’idea di ciò che possa essere fatto con il 3DS, regalando qualche ora di sfida e risultando perfetto per un lancio anche se non è la killer application che ci si aspetterebbe. Purtroppo la varietà limitata delle sfide, la semplicità di molte di esse e l’ambientazione già vista per tutti coloro che hanno giocato a Wii Fit e Wii Sports Resort ne limita la qualità generale. Un grave difetto la mancanza di una qualsiasi modalità multiplayer o di una semplice classifica online per i records che avrebbe alzato il livello di sfida. Il titolo Nintendo quindi si presenta come un buon passatempo, uno svago per chi non hai mai visto l’isola Wuhu e può visionarla in 3d, ma che dà la sensazione di essere incompleto e che i giocatori esperti finiranno in poche ore.
IGN (Mar 21, 2011)
PilotWings Resort might seem like a restricted version of Wii Sports. That’s not really the case. There is much more to this game, and the variety of tasks and vehicles certainly adds enough spice to the mix that you won’t find yourself bored any time soon. It’s likely you’ll find yourself frustrated here and there though, and the inability to share the experience with other friends is a bit baffling. Still, for its effective use of 3D gameplay and its simple yet refined design, PilotWings deserves a good deal of credit.
JeuxActu (Mar 31, 2011)
Si Pilotwings Resort est sans aucun doute le jeu (aux côtés de Nintendogs) qui utilise la 3D de manière convaincante, difficile en revanche d’être satisfait en termes de contenu. Avec seulement deux modes de jeu, dont l’un reste franchement anecdotique, trois engins volants seulement et une seule île à parcourir, on en fait très rapidement le tour. C’est dommage car le titre affiche en sus une belle réalisation et son côté simulateur de vol léger peut séduire le grand public. Si seulement il avait été fourni en bundle avec la console…
GameSpot (Mar 25, 2011)
Like a two-hour movie being shown on a 90-minute passenger flight, Pilotwings Resort is initially satisfying but ultimately leaves you wanting more. This is a good-looking game that's easy to pick up and have some fun with, and it does a great job of presenting you with increasingly challenging missions as you progress. It lacks both the variety and the longevity to be recommended without hesitation, though, and--presentation aside--it is inferior to its 15-year-old predecessor in just about every way.
gamrReview (May 10, 2011)
Sadly, Pilotwings Resort is a game that had so much potential but failed to live up to most of it. While the core gameplay was functional and enjoyable enough, there just wasn't enough of it to warrant a purchase unless you're really into minigame collections.
Games TM (Apr 14, 2011)
(...) Resort offers a briefly satisfying jaunt, which only fleetingly manages to recapture the magic of its predecessors.
The Telegraph (Mar 24, 2011)
It's just all so strangely limited. The Free Flight issue is most indicative of it. Two minutes to explore the island and try to find the treasures that are scattered around. Some of the individual missions take longer than that, and you even have to unlock the ability to change the time of day. What should be a leisurely pleasure, taking in the simple joys of flying across a beautiful setting is unnecessarily constrained. A common theme of Pilotwings Resort, a game that keeps you strangely grounded, when it should be making you soar.
WiiDSFrance (Mar 29, 2011)
Pilotwings Resort n’est pas une bombe ni un indispensable pour sa ludothèque spéciale 3DS. Pour autant c’est une excellente entrée en matière ne serait-ce que pour découvrir l’effet 3D. Les graphismes sont plaisants et le gameplay est plutôt bien rodé. De plus, on aurait souhaité plus de contenu, plus de diversité dans les engins volants tout comme au niveau de la bande sonore. Le jeu pourra décevoir ceux qui possèdent déjà Wii Sport Resort, car il n’y a pas vraiment de surprise à survoler l’archipel Wuhu... c’est du vu et revu. Pour les autres, ce sera une agréable découverte et un petit jeu sans prise de tête. Le prix reste cependant élevé pour du recyclage...
Thunderbolt Games (Apr 25, 2011)
It’s got a lot of great ideas, but it never deepens or develops them beyond their basic concepts. There’s a decent variety of vehicles, all with their own handling and playing styles. The missions may be brief, but the steady rise in complexity makes for some interesting challenges. Being able to soar through the skies over a vast, beautiful island is surprisingly fun, even when you’re not trying to nab all of the pickups and unlock everything. The problem is that there’s nothing else. There could have been more incentives to collect items. A few features (particularly the plane’s gun) would have been better utilized as mini-games. The utter lack of a multi-player feature is a huge oversight; a launch game is supposed to demonstrate what its system can do, and this barely does anything. Aside from the stunning 3D graphics, there’s little else to justify the game’s hefty price tag. Pilotwings Resort doesn’t quite crash and burn, but it can’t quite fly on its own.
On ne s'extasie pas vraiment devant ce jeu, dont les décors viennent fraîchement de ressortir du placard. Le gameplay, certes diversifié, n'est pas des plus simples à prendre en main et la redondance des missions risquent d'en lasser plus d'un. Seule la 3D sublime ici le titre de Nintendo.
Pilotwings Resort is good, but you must like flying games. The analog stick -- the first time on a portable Nintendo system -- feels great to control much of the action. For example, you might have to fly through 10 rings within a specified time. Or shoot at balloons in the sky, on bridges, and through tunnels. Unlike past Pilotwings games, the game can be played in 3D, without needing glasses, and you do get a remarkable sense of depth while soaring the skies. But after playing the game after a short while, it felt like there was little reason to keep going. Sure, you can unlock more parts of the island, take on more difficult missions or look for goodies in Free Play mode, but there was little incentive to do so. Perhaps if Pilotwings Resort offered a wireless multiplayer mode or an augmented reality feature (imagine flying planes against a real backdrop, like your backyard or family room), the game would have more replayability.
60 (Mar 28, 2011)
Pilotwings Resort is more Wii Sports Resort than it is the hardcore Pilotwings you might know and love, but then that’s not necessarily a bad thing as while it lasts, it's undeniably great fun. It’s accessible enough for newcomers to the series while still having a reasonable amount of depth and secrets to cater for the more experienced gamer. As a show-case for the 3DS’s inherent capabilities it’s up there among the best of the early releases with a colourful, detailed and vibrant world, but ultimately it falls quite short of greatness thanks to its curtness and lack of sky-diving missions. A great first effort then but there's so much more that can be done with this franchise and here's hoping it's not another 15 years before the next sequel.
60 (Mar 25, 2011)
Tampoco quiero que se me malinterprete: Pilotwings Resort no es, ni mucho menos, un mal juego. Es entretenido, gráficamente vistoso, cumple a la perfección su cometido como demostración de las capacidades técnicas de la nueva portátil de Nintendo y supone el regreso de una franquicia muy querida por los fans, para qué negarlo. Pero esas bondades se ven eclipsadas por una corta vida útil, una simplicidad que a día de hoy se ve algo desfasada, un nivel de dificultad excesivamente asequible y la sensación de que con un poquito más de tiempo y ganas sus creadores podrían haber sacado un mayor partido a un concepto interesante en sus cimientos.
Gamekult (Mar 24, 2011)
Comme ses prédécesseurs, PilotWings Resort est un titre un peu à part qui devrait néanmoins séduire une petite catégorie de joueurs. Joliment réalisé et proposant un effet 3D réussi, contrairement à beaucoup d'autres jeux du line-up de la console, il rend les balades et autres missions aériennes agréables. Ne vous attendez cependant pas à y trouver un énorme contenu ou un gameplay nerveux. Le titre a plutôt pour but de proposer une expérience à la fois apaisante et contemplative, avec des objectifs variés qui sont finalement autant de prétextes à l'exploration.
60 (Mar 22, 2011)
Forventningene til slipptitlene på 3DS har ikke vært all verden, men jeg tør likevel å komme med en forsiktig anbefaling av Pilotwings Resort. Spillet gir en fin demonstrasjon av hva konsollen er god for, samtidig som du underholdes av et rolig og søtt flyspill. Jeg liker variasjonen i farkoster og landskap, men du skal ikke spille mange timene før du har sett det aller meste før. Du må nemlig fanges av samlemanien før Pilotwings Resort blir skikkelig interessant, og jakten etter poengstjerner vil muligens gi perfeksjonister et par desiliter vann i munnen. På sitt aller beste er dette spillet morsomt og lekent, og med en 3D-effekt som virkelig fungerer er det mulig å ha det moro over den vakre ferieøya i Pilotwings Resort.
G4 TV: X-Play (Mar 23, 2011)
Considering that Pilotwings Resort is essentially a Wii Sports-ish compilation that serves as more of a packaged tech demo than an actual game, it’s a shame Nintendo didn’t bundle it with the 3DS. Because for what’s here, $40 is a little steep, especially if you just spent $250 for the 3DS. The game and the tech driving it are solid enough, but you’ve basically seen all it has to offer after about an hour. This wouldn’t be such a problem had the game come with the 3DS, but since you paid for it, you’ll undoubtedly start to wonder what else you could have bought with that money.
Giant Bomb (Mar 25, 2011)
On its own merits, Pilotwings Resort offers lighthearted flight action that's fun enough while it lasts, but it just doesn't last very long. As if the brevity of the mission lineup weren't enough, there's no support for StreetPass or the 3DS' other nifty system-level features that would have let you further explore all the cool stuff your new handheld can do. Given the 3DS' relatively meager launch lineup, Pilotwings Resort is worth having in the early adopter's collection as a technical showpiece and an occasional distraction, but without a stronger Nintendo game to distract you from, the experience is fleeting.
GameSpy (Mar 24, 2011)
The initial thrill of zipping around high above Wuhu Island's tropical terrain in full 3D fades well before you exhaust the meager amount of activities woven into the two main modes. What you're left with after that point is only a couple hours of flight time to breeze through -- assuming you feel like milking every last drop of fun hidden in these limited depths. A much-needed multiplayer mode might have tipped the scale in the other direction; sadly, that's missing altogether. PilotWings Resort is an entertaining game while it lasts, but its short length and limited scope prove disappointing.
Edge (Mar 24, 2011)
Pilotwings, along with Capcom’s port of Super Street Fighter IV, is one of the 3DS launch line-up’s visual standouts: colourful, crisp and with horizons that have never looked so distant. It’s disappointing, then, that you’ll discover its limits so quickly.
The Video Game Critic (Apr 19, 2011)
I've always found it hard to get excited about Pilotwings games, but this well-crafted title is fine for those looking for some leisurely fun.
Gameplay (Benelux) (Apr 29, 2011)
Pilotwings Resort is een plezier om te spelen en wordt nooit frustrerend moeilijk. Het spel weet de perfecte balans te vinden tussen uitdaging en frustratie en wisselt de standaard vliegtuigen van tijd tot tijd af met een nieuwe uitdaging.

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