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Pushmo Reviews (Nintendo 3DS)

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1UP (Jan 04, 2012)
In short, Pushmo is a nearly perfect puzzle game: Its rules are simple to grasp (though the game insists on holding your hand regardless), it's playable by anyone, it doesn't pull its intellectual punches, and it's cute as a button to boot. Its limited design -- though "focused" would also be a fair assessment -- might make it the sort of game you wait to go on sale if it were sold in a box, but as a $7 download it seems perfect. It's a lovingly crafted piece of work, incredibly addictive, and boasts almost 200 puzzles as well as potentially limitless extensibility through shared content. There's really nothing to dislike about Pushmo (at least not once you're through the pokey tutorial stages) and plenty to love. It's one of the 3DS's most outstanding offerings to date -- not because it pushes the hardware in any way, but because it embodies the polish and craftsmanship that elevates the best Nintendo games from "good" to "great."
Game Shark (Jan 19, 2012)
This is precisely the sort of game I’ll bust out every time I find myself on a long flight: it’s addictive, challenging without even a whiff of frustration, and packed to the brim with content. I honestly have no complaints about Pushmo, and fully believe that unless you are deeply offended by baby-rescuing sumo wrestlers or block puzzles somehow killed your firstborn, you should download it immediately.
Pocket Gamer UK (Dec 12, 2011)
Move over Minesweeper, ta ta Tetris, leave it out Lemmings - Pullblox is the new puzzling gaming god in town.
Modojo (Dec 09, 2011)
Pushmo is without question one of the best 3DS games we've played. It's great to see Nintendo step outside its comfort zone of critically acclaimed franchises and do something original that's both immensely entertaining and a neat showpiece for the hardware. Don't resist the urge. Download this gem immediately.
NintendoWorldReport (Dec 12, 2011)
Pushmo is an ingenious puzzler that will consume the free time of anyone who gives it a whirl. I found myself putting in hours at a time because of its addictive nature. If you own a 3DS, do yourself a favor and go download Pushmo.
IGN (Dec 08, 2011)
Buy it. Love it. And get to work making some of your very own Pushmo, because I want to play them.
94 (Dec 16, 2011)
E' veramente difficile dire da cosa esattamente scaturiscano tutte le sensazioni positive che si provano giocando a Pullblox. Dal concept semplicissimo e geniale? Dalla sua assoluta novità? Dal perfetto equilibrio di puzzle e platform game? O più semplicemente dal level design rigoroso ma che allo stesso tempo può essere molto comico, dalla simpatia dei personaggi e del mondo di gioco, dal fatto che con 6 Euro vi portate a casa uno dei titoli più longevi e appassionanti degli ultimi anni? Molto probabilmente si tratta dell'insieme di tutti questi elementi, insieme che mai come in questo caso è superiore alla semplice somma delle, pur notevolissime, singole parti. Pullblox è un manuale di game design, che ci ricorda di come Nintendo sappia sempre trovare quel quid che altri faticano a scorgere. Pullblox, soprattutto, è puro divertimento, non farlo vostro sarebbe puramente incomprensibile.
Virtual Console classics aside, Pullblox is the first essential 3DS eShop game. Download it now if you haven't done so already.
Nintendojo (Dec 22, 2011)
As you climb up and down those oft-saccharine, never-malevolent stages in Pushmo, it’s easy to wonder why it never burns out. Maybe it’s that the puzzles are never diabolical to the point of total disgust. Maybe it’s the perseverance of Mallo, whose arm-flailing jumps never get old. Or maybe it’s just because climbing up Yoshi or Super Mario reminds you too much of why you play video games, of why you play games like Pushmo– and knowing this, you can’t just stop playing. You’ve got memories to rebuild.
Mag'64 (Dec 18, 2011)
Kurz und knapp: „Pullblox rocks!“ Für sechs Euro serviert das Spiel eine üppige Portion Rätselkost, die von kreativen Spielern mit dem „Pullbloxstudio“ sogar noch um eigene Werke erweitert werden kann. Die Tatsache, dass man bei „Pullblox“ nicht nur Blöcke zu ziehen und zu verschieben hat, sondern auch noch die Kontrolle über eine Spielfigur übernimmt, hebt das Spiel von der Masse ab. Hier werden also auch anspruchsvolle Videospieler glücklich, die sich vom Karamellbonbon-Outfit des Spiels nicht blenden lassen sollten. Der Sound passt sich dem herausfordernden Spielprinzip übrigens perfekt an und auch der 3D-Effekt darf mit gutem Gewissen angeschaltet werden. Kurzum: „Pullblox“ gehört – vor allem aufgrund des günstigen Preises – auf den Nintendo 3DS jedes auch nur ansatzweise rätselaffinen Spielers.
Jeux Vidéo Network (Jan 03, 2012)
Voici exactement le genre de jeu qui donnera ses lettres de noblesse à la 3DS. Simple et addictif, Pullblox est un véritable incontournable, surtout à un prix aussi attractif.
3D Juegos (Dec 16, 2011)
Probablemente, si habláramos en términos de calidad/precio, Pullblox debería ser la primera opción a considerar por cualquier usuario de Nintendo 3DS a la hora de adquirir un nuevo videojuego durante estos últimos meses de año. Un título de gran calidad, tremendo ingenio y extraordinarias cotas de diversión que convierte el género puzle en el nuevo anfitrión de Nintendo eShop. Los creadores de Paper Mario dan una lección de cómo aprovechar el carácter portátil y efecto 3D de la máquina estereoscópica con una de esas obras cuya capacidad de diversión parece no tener fin. En pocas palabras, un reto mental imprescindible.
90 (UK) (Dec 21, 2011)
In many ways, Pullblox is Nintendo's answer to Portal. Both are budget puzzlers released to little fanfare that exhibit the finest qualities of their respective developers. Sliding blocks around may not have the kinetic energy of Mario or the exploratory nature of Zelda, but it maintains the playfulness and intricate craftsmanship that's made other Nintendo series so revered. With news circulating that Shigeru Miyamoto would like to focus on small ideas, one need only look towards Pullblox as a shining example of what the Kyoto-based company can do in the modest-priced digital market.
Inside Gaming (Dec 20, 2011)
In the early days of the 3DS, all we’ve had available in the way of downloadable three-dimensional software were ugly 8-bit remakes and that dumb-looking golf game. With Pushmo, not only do 3DS owners have a solid game that shows off the system’s visual capabilities, but we’ve also got a truly fantastic title that’s really at its best on this particular console. I can’t imagine Pushmo being quite as successful in terms of melding form and function on any other system, and the ways in which it succeeds on the 3DS are huge. And with such a low price tag, I can’t imagine any legitimate reason for you not to download this title short of simply never being around a Wi-Fi signal somehow. Do yourself a favor and buy this game.
Vandal Online (Dec 22, 2011)
Pullblox es un sobresaliente juego de puzles. Empieza lento pero seguro, de manera que cuando se abre y la dificultad empieza a evolucionar, haciéndose más palpable, el reto que propone es adictivo. Intelligent Systems se ha estrenado, por tanto, con un magnífico juego, uno de esos títulos que justifican por sí mismos la distribución digital: un puzle como este tendría casi imposible encontrar un hueco en el mercado de la distribución física, pero podemos disfrutarlo durante horas y horas por un precio muy comedido.
XGN (Jan 22, 2012)
Eenieder die zegt dat de 3DS geen aanschaf waard is, heeft Pullblox nog niet gespeeld. Wij gaan zelfs zo ver om die titel een van de allerbeste games van de hele 3DS-bibliotheek te noemen, een absolute must have en system seller. Het is voor ons enkel een mysterie dat deze game niet voor een volprijs in de winkel ligt en een game als Super Pokémon Rumble wel. Want Pullblox is een hoesje meer dan waard en kan zich met gemak naast toppers zoals Mario Kart 7 en Super Mario 3D Land scharen. Of misschien wel daarboven!
Nintendo Life (Dec 12, 2011)
Up to this point, there haven't really been any breakout 3DS download titles; of course, the 3D Classics games are nice, but they're not completely original. Pullblox, deceptively simple as it may seem, features great gameplay, a lengthy main game, a simple to use level creation and sharing tool and, best of all, comes at quite a low price. It's far and away one of the best downloads available at the moment and a recommended purchase for anybody.
HonestGamers (Jan 31, 2012)
Still, despite its potential flaws, Pushmo is a budget-priced download that people would gladly have paid a lot of money to play in previous years. There are plenty of puzzles to keep you busy for hours, and it’s even possible to create your own puzzles and share them with friends. Even as a DS title, the game might well have retailed for $20 and most consumers probably wouldn’t have made a fuss. If you’ve been looking for something special to download from the DSI online store, start with Pushmo.
Pushmo is a game that you’d expect to find on store shelves, as the amount of content and features is above what you’d expect to be found on the 3DS eShop. With a ton of puzzles, a creation studio, and some very addictive gameplay, Pushmo has a lot going for it. The only thing that could have made this puzzle game any better is the addition of sharing puzzles online, and not just by using a QR Code. In the end the $6.99 price tag is pretty much a steal as this game is a definite buy for most gamers out there.
Gamegravy (Dec 13, 2011)
If you are looking for a quick fix with your 3DS, you can not go wrong with this purchase. At $6.99, you will get a game that will give you hours of fun and with the downloadable puzzles you will have an endless supply of new challenges. The 3D effect doesn’t really add anything to the gameplay and the lack of the 3DS specific features (StreetPass, Spotpass, Play Coins) are absent, but overall I would still recommend this download.
85 (Dec 21, 2011)
Mit Pullblox ist Warioware-Entwickler Intelligent Systems ein kleiner Überraschungshit gelungen. Eigentlich bin ich übersättigt von der Flut neuer Steinchenknobler, doch hier fühlt sich das Herumschubsen der Blöcke erstaunlich frisch an. Das putzig designte Spiel knüpft ans gute alte Boulder Dash an und befördert es gekonnt in die dritte Dimension. Die kleinen Puzzles passen gut zum 3D-Schirm und bieten auch spielerisch viel Tiefe. Kaum ist der Weg nach oben frei, habe ich mir auch schon wieder ein wichtiges Portal verbaut. In Pullblox sorgen solche Sackgassen sogar für Extra-Motivation: Nach und nach zerre ich so lange an den Blöcken herum, bis schließlich der rettende Geistesblitz kommt. Auch die fröhlichen Musikstücke sorgen auf Anhieb für gute Laune, wiederholen sich aber etwas zu oft.
GamezGeneration (Dec 14, 2011)
Pullblox ist derzeit die klare Download-Referenz im Nintendo 3DSWare Sektor! Der Knobel- und Rätselspaß motiviert ungemein und bereitet mit seinem großen Umfang einige Stunden Freude. Selbst für Kreative Bastler unter euch ist gesorgt! Denn dank des Studio‘s könnt ihr eigene Rätsel erstellen oder mittels QR-Codes von anderen Spielern auf der ganzen Welt teilen! Pullblox ist mit seinem günstigen Preis von gerade einmal sechs Euro weit besser als so manch „vollwertiger“ Titel auf dem Handheld und wird wohl lange als ein echter Geheimtipp für den 3D Handheld gelten!
Meristation (Dec 10, 2011)
Pullblox es un imprescindible, un descargable enorme y duradero, con una idea original y repleta de posibilidades, a solo 6 euros. Aunque muy básico en los colores que utiliza para los bloques y los fondos -con cierta sensación de repetición a medida que le dediquemos más horas- y con un suavito efecto 3D que podría haber dado más de sí adaptado a esta mecánica, lo cierto es que es una de las sorpresas del año en el género de los puzles, un regalo para todos los poseedores de 3DS que quieran poner a prueba su ingenio, percepción espacial y constructora, y habilidad con los saltos. Es de esos juegos que basan su poderío en la sencillez, pero esconde un potencial que le dará fácilmente secuela y miles de niveles creados por usuarios, muchos de ellos -ya existentes- aún mejores que los pensados por sus programadores. Este título es una demostración firme de que los puzles aún no están encajonados, de que queda mucho por sacar. No os lo perdáis.
Spazio Games (Jan 09, 2012)
Pullblox è il primo vero titolo che riesce a sfruttare in maniera ingegnosa ed intelligente l'effetto tridimensionale del portatile Nintendo. A tutto questo si aggiunge un gameplay estremamente solido che riesce a rapire qualsiasi tipo di videogiocatore. Inoltre l'elevata longevità del titolo lo rende un acquisto obbligato per qualsiasi possesore di Nintendo 3DS appassionato di puzzle game, grazie anche all'ottima cifra a cui viene venduto sullo store. L'unica nota dolente è rappresentata da un comparto tecnico che forse avrebbe potuto godere di maggiore cura e incrementare l'esperienza di gioco. Con l'augurio che questo sia solo il primo di tanti altri titoli originali rilasciati per il digital delivery.
Destructoid (Dec 30, 2011)
Although the push/pull mechanic of Pushmo is powerful enough to seep into your daydreams (see: the Tetris effect), I didn't find it to be sustainable across a game of this length. Don't go in expecting a deep experience, but do go in -- this is still a must download. Pushmo is not remarkable enough to justify a 3DS purchase on its own, but it is certainly another in a growing group to chip away at apathetic feelings toward the system.
GameSpot (Jan 05, 2012)
You do have to progress some in the main game before you can try everything that's out there (you'll solve dozens of puzzles before you can create or even acquire levels with switches or manholes), but that's a small price to pay when the game is so much fun to play. Pushmo offers a wealth of content and smart game design that is often missing from full retail releases, so the fact that it can be downloaded for $6.99 is impressive. It's a carefree, addictive puzzler with great player creation tools that enable you to keep happily pushing and pulling blocks for as long as you please.
Video Chums (Sep 03, 2014)
Pushmo seamlessly combines platform and puzzle gameplay in a charming and colourful world. Most gamers will find it challenging and rewarding with tons of content and a solid community of user-generated puzzles.
80 (Dec 29, 2011)
Pullblox, un puzzle game trop mignon à seulement 6 € sur l'eShop Nintendo, a bien sa place au milieu des glorieuses séries produites par Intelligent Systems, telles que Advance Wars ou Paper Mario. Dans ce "chauffe-méninges", les blocs, on ne les empile pas mais on les pousse, on les tire sur le devant ou les côtés, à l'aide d'une espèce de petit sumo adorable. Mais ne vous fiez pas aux apparences, les énigmes sont parfois diaboliques au cours des 250 tableaux que l'on vous propose de résoudre, pour à chaque fois sauver un petit enfant coincé dans un des blocs. Et comme en plus on bénéficie d'un éditeur de niveaux bien pensé... Il y a du Picross 3D dans ce Pullblox (les tableaux façon pixel art par exemple) et surtout beaucoup de talent et de maîtrise. Pullblox, une nouvelle référence du puzzle game et de la 3DS.
80 (Dec 16, 2011)
An inspired and genuinely original puzzle game that offers plenty of value for money and one of the best reason so far to get your 3DS online.
Edge (Dec 21, 2011)
The 3D effect is lightly handled but proves nearly fundamental, making Pullblox’s primitive landscapes feel tangible. Meanwhile, a separate creation mode enables you to chisel out your own stages and share them as QR codes. Intelligent Systems hasn’t crafted the most obvious type of system seller, then, but it has displayed signs of the kind of thinking that’s helped define Nintendo’s previous portables. Economical and clever, Pullblox is full of leftfield ideas that turn odd congregations of technology into quiet magic. At last, 3DS has a puzzle game with real depth.
Gamekult (Dec 16, 2011)
Enfantin en apparence, Pullblox est au final un des jeux de réflexion les plus originaux et prenants de cette année, tous supports confondus. Exempt de toute remise en question existentielle mais parfois proche de Catherine dans ses mécaniques, le titre d'Intelligent Systems offre un nombre conséquent de puzzles inventifs, auxquels s'ajouteront tous ceux générés grâce à l'excellent éditeur, dont le seul petit défaut est de ne pas laisser partager les niveaux en ligne. Pour un jeu vendu si peu cher, ce serait un crime de pleurer sur ce genre de détail au lieu d'apprécier tout ce qui est parfaitement réussi. Un indispensable si l'on possède une 3DS et le goût des puzzle games.
80 (Jan 02, 2012)
Pullblox est sans aucun doute la meilleure surprise de l'eShop. On y joue d'abord par curiosité pour finalement se retrouver littéralement happé par son potentiel addictif. Le concept trouve sa force dans sa grande simplicité et les puzzles brillent d'ingéniosité. L'atelier permettant de créer ses propres défis pour les échanger ensuite avec les autres possesseurs du jeu lui confère en plus une énorme longévité.