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Vandal Online (Feb 25, 2016)
Sin ser un juego perfecto y con sus defectos, algunos de ellos importantes, pensamos que estamos ante un ejemplo inmejorable de lo que deberían ser la generalidad de los lanzamientos digitales, en este caso para eShop. Decimos esto porque Sadame es un título nicho que, de otra forma y por razones comerciales, jamás hubiera llegado a nuestras fronteras. Pero se trata de una aventura que resulta atractiva y diferente, bien recreada, mientras dura se deja jugar y encima posee unos valores de producción más elevados de lo que suele ser habitual en este tipo de lanzamientos.
GameSpew (Mar 04, 2016)
After you complete Sadame, you can start again from the beginning to play through on a harder difficulty. This adds plenty of replayability to the game, but for me, I have absolutely no desire to jump back in. Sadame‘s brilliant art design is let down by the convoluted and confusing mess of its menus and inventory system. Not only that, but the randomness of its difficulty, the occasionally wonky translation and unintelligible story make it an overall tedious affair. If you get a big kick of out having pages of stats to micro-manage, or finding a lot of loot, then you may gleam some enjoyment out of of playing Sadame, but for me, I appreciate its art and its classes, and that’s unfortunately all I can commend.
70 (Mar 18, 2016)
„Sadame“ hat zwar einen interessanten Ansatz, versinkt aber aufgrund der immer gleich ablaufenden Kämpfe schnell im Grau. Am Ende ist es nicht mehr als ein simples Hack’n’Slay-Adventure mit einem riesigen Fähigkeitenbaum, dessen Karma und Magie man allerdings in den seltensten Fällen wirklich benötigt. Wenn man seinen Anspruch auf diese Simplizität herunterschraubt, macht „Sadame“ trotzdem Spaß.
Nintendo Life (Mar 22, 2016)
A fun action RPG with an infernal/feudal Japanese aesthetic and some great ideas, Sadame is a welcome eShop surprise. The core combat can get repetitive, and it lacks the fluid finesse of the best beat-'em-ups, but there's a lot here to love, including a particularly thoughtful implementation of its four-character hook. If you're in the mood for a hack-and-slash alt-history lesson, Sadame can definitely cut it.
Video Chums (Feb 27, 2016)
Although I enjoyed my time with Sadame, I frequently felt too restricted, frustrated, and bored to be able to widely recommend it. That being said, it's still a solid title that fans of the genre will surely appreciate.
FNintendo (Apr 30, 2016)
Sadame é uma proposta interessante mas que não se destaca particularmente no catálogo da eShop da 3DS. Acima de tudo, é um jogo que mesmo dentro do género não vai agradar a todos, tanto pelo combate e pela própria estrutura do jogo, que rapidamente se podem tornar repetitivos como pela complexidade excessiva que alguns dos seus sistemas apresentam e pela história pouco apelativa. Ainda assim, há aqui um jogo que para o jogador certo pode render largas dezenas de horas e tornar-se bastante viciante, sendo que só nesse caso vale o preço substancial por ele pedido.
Area Jugones (Feb 25, 2016)
Por lo general, se trata de un juego bastante simplista que puede convencer a los más nostálicos sin llegar a entusiasmar a ningún público en concreto. Con cuatro personajes y una buena ramificación en el sistema de habilidades, la enjundia del juego reside en la perfección de los protagonistas y en el enfrentamiento contra los jefes, los cuales representan la gran virtud del juego. Con buenas pretensiones pero mal estructuradas, Sadame aterriza en occidente aportando unas mecánicas desfasadas y un modelo estético convincente.
High-Def Digest (Feb 29, 2016)
While 'Sadame' isn't a bad game at all, it feels like a particularly hollow one. The game has promise, but it all gets squandered on combat that's too simple and dull for its own good. For $15, the quantity of content is impressive, but despite the good ideas present, 'Sadame' doesn't have nearly enough variety or challenge to ultimately make it feel worthwhile.
Destructoid (Mar 07, 2016)
In trailers and screenshots, Sadame certainly looks the part of a long-lost SNES classic. It's not. The yearning desire of my inner child to relive those glorious golden years of gaming is in no way satiated by this repetitive adventure. Instead, the radiance of that era is dimmed just a touch as it reminds of the humdrum games from my youth that are usually invisible in the rose-tinted rearview mirror of the mind. And just as I came to forget about those games, so too shall I soon forget about Sadame.
Cubed3 (Mar 14, 2016)
There are some elements of Sadame that are done well, but they are completely overwhelmed by the fundamental aspects just being so poor. Monotonous combat, inconsistent difficulty levels, and terrible AI all make for a truly frustrating and disappointing experience. Rising Star have delivered some real gems in the past, but sadly, this isn't one of them. While briefly enjoyable in the short term, it's hard to find a reason to return.