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Nintendo Life (Nov 25, 2013)
Senran Kagura certainly has its issues - an inconsistent framerate, repetitive missions, and a sketchy, ecchi aesthetic that's likely to turn off as many players as it turns on - but it delivers an intoxicating blend of quick, combo-heavy combat that's an absolute blast to play. Silly-and-serious visual novel sequences, fun characters with markedly different fighting styles, and tons of customization round out the package, and with two full stories to play through, there's enough game here to outlast a wardrobe full of outfits. More than just the world's most effective PSA for battle armor, Senran Kagura Burst is a lovely, lighthearted brawler that's well worth a round.
At the end of the day, whether or not you will enjoy Senran Kagura: Burst will ultimately come down to answering this question: do you pine to play a game where getting beat up means your character’s clothes become tattered, torn, or completely destroyed, revealing the half-naked body of an adolescent girl who just so happens to have absolutely titanic breasts? If you answered, “yes,” then Burst has a lot to offer: pulse-pounding combat, deep customization and a wealth of unlockables and content. If you answered, “no,” then all the best brawling mechanics in the world probably won’t make Senran‘s provocative, shinobi schoolgirl pill any easier to swallow.
60 (Mar 28, 2014)
Die Zielgruppe ist klar: Wer auf spärlich bekleidete, dafür aber umso ausschweifende, animierte Manga-Damen steht und mit dem eintönigen Spielablauf klar kommt, wird seine Freude am Spiel haben. Allen anderen bringen auch die nette Story und der große Umfang nichts, denn wer sich nicht zur Zielgruppe zählt, wird das Spiel wahrscheinlich irgendwann zur Seite legen.
FNintendo (Mar 25, 2014)
Senran Kagura Burst é um jogo que é capaz de entreter. O sistema de combate é mais sólido do que aparenta à primeira vista. Infelizmente sofre de um grave problema de fluidez. Não sendo um jogo que vá agradar a toda a gente, existe um nicho de mercado que o vai apreciar devido ao seu ambiente nipónico e humor tipicamente “animesco”. Quem espera encontrar aqui a fonte de todas as perversões desengane-se, há roupa a rasgar-se e raparigas de seios (muito) grandes em bikini, mas não há acesso a ângulos que permitam ver mais que isso.
57 (Mar 31, 2014)
Ihr wollt dabei zusehen, wie sich Ninja-Bräute die Klamotten vom Leib reißen lassen oder gleich im Bikini antreten? Ihr möchtet, dass animierte Brüste aus dem oberen Bildschirm eures Handhelds wachsen? Ihr könnt japanischen Mädchenstimmen mit hohem Kicher-Faktor etwas abgewinnen? Super, dann ist das hier genau euer Ding! Doch spielerisch fällt das Beat'em-Up trotz vieler üppiger Oberweiten leider zu flach aus und beschränkt sich im Kampf gegen die Klon-Armee zu sehr auf stupides Knopfgehämmer ohne taktischen Anspruch. Auf Dauer ist die Luft trotz der Aussicht auf Rangverbesserungen und neue Klamotten zu schnell raus. Für einen Quickie zwischendurch reicht es aus und trotz vieler Klischees steckt tatsächlich noch mehr in der Hintergrundgeschichte als man auf den ersten Blick vermutet.
Diehard GameFan (Nov 21, 2013)
Senran Kagura Burst is the ultimate guilty pleasure if there ever was one. The beat-’em-up combat emphasizes dodging and air combos to succeed, and remains addictive throughout the duration of both story campaigns. The story mode is fairly lengthy for a game of this genre and contains a number of optional missions in order to enhance it further. Sadly, there’s no leaderboards or co-op mode in the game despite having a scoring system and gameplay that would lend itself well to multiplayer. Be forewarned, though, that if you’re uncomfortable with the idea of large breasted women losing their clothes while taking damage, this may not be the game for you. For everyone else, this is one of the best eShop releases I’ve had the pleasure of playing this year. Just don’t forget a large capacity SD card.