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Gaming Nexus (May 13, 2011)
Super Monkey Ball 3D is a solid launch title for the 3DS. While the two mini-games (Monkey Race and Monkey Fight) seem like slight rip-offs of Mario Kart and Smash Bros. games, the main game keeps the same familiar action of the previous titles. The difficulty is a little on the easy side for most of the main game mode, but despite that I still found myself having fun with it. My only major complaint is the lack of mini-games. While the two present can be fun in their own right, I would have loved to see a few more for variety.
Nintendo Life (Mar 20, 2011)
There will inevitably be some long-time fans disappointed by the game's far tamer level designs and lack of fan favourite Monkey Target mini-game, but those who can open their minds up to something a bit different might actually find the game a fun and engaging experience. The game's toned down difficulty does open up the game to a much wider audience, but it will ultimately be the flashy 3D visuals and fun multiplayer action that really pulls people in. Super Monkey Ball 3D might not be perfect, but its enjoyable moments end up far outweighing its few minor deficiencies.
In the end, SEGA should be commended for releasing one of their best Super Monkey Ball games to date. Not only does it pay homage to the original GameCube game but it features updated graphics and gyroscope technology that takes the franchise into the 21st century. It's a shame that the 3D doesn't work too well with the gyroscope but if you use the circle pad, the 3D works like a charm. Add Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros... err Monkey Race and Monkey Fight and there's definitely plenty of things to do. Super Monkey Ball 3D may go back to basics but there's plenty of fun to be had for the next generation of gamers.
IGN (Mar 25, 2011)
A stellar action puzzle hybrid with tight controls, Monkey Ball 3D is the best Monkey Ball game since the original, and Sega's found some cool ways to implement the system&#Array;s 3D functionality and make it relevant to the gameplay. Though it has some big flaws (such as being too short and sporting less than stellar supplementary modes) it offers more variety of gameplay and opportunity for silly fun than any of the other launch titles being offered.
XGN (Apr 04, 2011)
Al met al is Super Monkey Ball 3D wel een erg leuke game geworden, één waar je echt vrolijk van wordt. Met drie speelmodi blijkt dat er niet zomaar even snel geprobeerd is een game uit te brengen. Wel is het echt een party game, één met een korte speelduur als je in je uppie speelt. Daardoor is het wat te duur om daar nu meteen veel geld voor neer te leggen. Sowieso voegt 3D niets toe aan deze game, dus daar hoef je het niet voor te doen. Wel is Super Monkey Ball 3D echt een toffe game met een perfecte besturing en leuke afwisselende levels in de Monkey Ball modus. Mocht je nog geld over hebben, koop deze dan gewoon. Zo niet, haal het dan een keertje uit de budgetbak!
70 (Mar 28, 2011)
Mit „Super Monkey Ball 3D“ hat Sega auf das richtige Pferd gesetzt, denn die Affen machen auch auf dem Nintendo 3DS eine gute Figur. Spielkonzept und Steuerung sind wieder einmal mehr als gelungen und der 3D-Effekt ist ebenfalls sehr ordentlich,wenn auch nicht mit jeder Steuerungsvariante verwendbar. Größter Kritikpunkt ist der Spielumfang - etwas mehr als 70 Level im Affenball mögen für Einsteiger ausreichen, für Fans der affigen Bande sind es allerdings einfach zu wenig. Die beiden anderen Spiele Affenrennen und Affenkampf können das Fehlen von zusätzlichen Herausforderungen nicht wett machen. Aus diesem Grund gibt es, für das zeitweise teuerste Launchspiel auf Amazon, „nur“ eine 7er-Wertung.
Game Informer Magazine (Mar 25, 2011)
If you’ve been a devout Super Monkey Ball fan since the beginning you may be more willing to overlook this entry’s glaring faults. If you haven’t hopped on board the banana bandwagon, however, the weakly implemented 3D and unusable motion controls won’t be enough to make you a believer.
GamesRadar (Mar 29, 2011)
What works Super Monkey Ball 3D is just that: 3D and Super Monkey Ball. Unfortunately, that fun is pathetically short-lived, and everything else is a poorly executed afterthought that makes the $40 price tag borderline insulting
Cubed3 (Apr 25, 2011)
Whilst Super Monkey Ball 3D is fun, somewhat harking back to the days of the original GameCube duo, it proves to be far too simple a game on the whole, with not as much variation in level design as in the past. Even the inclusion of the Smash Bros. and Mario Kart-style mini-games do not save Super Monkey Ball 3D from run-of-the-mill status.
Digital Chumps (Apr 04, 2011)
Super Monkey Ball 3D’s total longevity for most people is likely to hover around 2 to 3 hours, and that, along with the uninspired level designs in comparison to the console iterations, is by far its greatest flaw. With a more balanced focus on precisely what made the series so great to begin with—that is, the challenge and creativity—this could well have been a return to form for a franchise quickly purging itself of relevance.
Nintendojo (May 11, 2011)
All in all, Super Monkey Ball is a welcome addition to the early 3DS library. It is a decent game, and will impress you with its 3D effects and difficulty. However, with an asking price of $39.99, the game just isn’t worth it, unless you are a major Monkey Ball fan. To all others that might be interested, it might be worth a purchase after a price drop.
GameSpot (Mar 27, 2011)
Super Monkey Ball 3D's one enjoyable mode can't compensate for the other two stinkers, making this a disappointing showing for the sphere-bound simians.
50 (Apr 05, 2011)
Regardless of the new platform, this is a listless take on a game that should be – and has previously been – anything but.
Super Monkey Ball 3D does get some credit for being a fun game, and for having some great 3D visuals. However, the game itself is so thin that it's hard to image feeling good about spending $40 for this title. Once you blast through the challenge mode, there is really no reason to revisit the game's two minigame modes, and this title will probably start gathering dust after the first time you put it down. It's a real shame there is so little content, as Super Monkey Ball 3D works and plays well, but as it is the game feels like it was rushed to release, and is only worth a rental at best.
Worth Playing (Apr 14, 2011)
The only thing Super Monkey Ball 3D manages to offer is a functional control scheme that shows off the 3DS' gyroscopic capabilities — provided you don't care to play in actual 3-D. Everything else about the game, from its short and unchallenging missions to its worthless extra play modes, is not worth your time. It might be best if Sega lets these monkeys hop into their balls and roll off into the sunset; their time has clearly passed.
40 (UK) (Mar 25, 2011)
The most disappointing thing about Super Monkey Ball 3D is that Sega has recently, demonstrably proved it is better than this. Savvily teaming up with quality boutique developers like Platinum Games, listening to fan feedback and localising an uncut Yakuza, even coming close to making Sonic feel relevant again. This kind of release does the publisher no favours at all. If content is king, then Super Monkey Ball 3D is very much the Prince Andrew of the 3DS launch.
36 (Mar 30, 2011)
Das Startaufgebot für den 3DS ist auch so schon nicht irre berauschend - aber wie dieses Super Monkey Ball 3D seinen Weg da rein finden konnte, ist mir völlig schleierhaft. Es ist anspruchslos, hässlich, kurz, steuert sich nur mit dem Pad einigermaßen vernünftig (die Bewegungskontrolle ist eine vollkommen nutzneutrale Pein) - und bietet nicht mal im Mehrspielermodus, der Königsdisziplin eines echten Super Monkey Balls, auch nur ansatzweise etwas Interessantes. Für sehr junge Spieler mag es ganz prima sein, da gerade die Monkey Ball-Levels kaum eine Herausforderung sind. Aber auch die werden sich irgendwann unweigerlich fragen, warum sie ihre Zeit mit dem schlechtesten Mario Kart-Klon diesseits des Rio Grande sowie der tränenerweckend hakeligen Affenklopperei verschwenden sollen. Antwort: Sie sollten es nicht. Was Sega seinen Affen antut, ist mittlerweile fast so schlimm wie das, was Sonic über die Jahre widerfuhr.
NintendoWorldReport (Mar 28, 2011)
Super Monkey Ball 3D is a mess. Sega appears to have forgotten how to make a good Monkey Ball game. The puzzle levels are uninteresting, and the two multiplayer modes are extremely poor rip-offs of Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros. I can't recommend this game for anyone.
Gameplay (Benelux) (Apr 29, 2011)
Om de volle pot voor de titel te rechtvaardigen heeft men zijn best gedaan om zo accuraat mogelijk Mario Kart en Super Smash Bros. te kopiëren, maar zelfs dat talent ontberen de ontwikkelaars. Een balletje dat je het best voorbij laat stuiteren.