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Cubed3 (Sep 15, 2018)
Boasting the largest amount of content to date, Wario's latest entry is a masterclass in reinvention, breathing life into old games and somehow making the same three-second long mini-games fans have been playing for years feel new exciting. Just as fresh for series fanatics as it is for those who haven't yet delved into WarioWare's absurdist world, Gold is far more than just a collection of the series' best moments; it's an entirely new game, and a great one at that.
Nintendo Life (Jul 31, 2018)
WarioWare Gold is proof that there's life yet in the venerable 3DS line of handhelds. The microgames on offer are some of the series' best, and the fully-voiced cutscenes in the Story mode are hilarious. Challenge mode will give you plenty of reason to come back and the unlockable souvenirs are our favourite in the series to date. We would have loved to have seen this on Switch as well, but it's clear this game was designed for the 3DS from the ground up. With its absurdist humour, wonderful voice acting (courtesy of Charles Martinet, naturally), immensely satisfying gameplay and stern challenges - many of which will make even the most seasoned players' palms sweat - WarioWare offers something for everyone. If this does turn out to be the 3DS' swansong, then it's going out on a high.
ZTGameDomain (Aug 21, 2018)
Wario Ware Gold is the best of Wario Ware and more, and a reason to pick up a 3DS again. It’s got a super weird sense of humor that isn’t replicated, it pays loving tribute to Nintendo’s history, and most importantly it’s pure fun. There’s plenty of game here for the price as well, with it all being unlocked the more it’s played. A must own in handheld gaming and a good sign that the 3DS isn’t dead yet.
Way Too Many Games (Aug 07, 2018)
WarioWare Gold is a fantastic game with an absurd but adorable sense of humor, as well as excellent microgames. It’s chock-full of content, secrets to unlock, and tons upon tons of funny dialogue. I’m still a bit annoyed this was released for the 3DS instead of the Switch (can you just imagine the things they can come up with by using the joycons?), but I can’t complain about the overall product. If you’re still playing your 3DS, give this game a shot. It’s WarioWare, you know it’s dumb as heck but it’s still a fantastic time.
IGN España (Jul 31, 2018)
Wario Ware Gold regresa a nuestras vidas por la puerta grande. El descanso dado a la saga nos ha servido para encontrarnos, precisamente, con el mejor, el más completo y el más loco de todos los Wario Ware que han sido creados hasta la fecha. Un videojuego sencillo en su base que no pretende más que una cosa: divertir al jugador. Y eso lo consigue con creces puesto que nos mantendrá pegados a la doble pantalla de la portátil de Nintendo durante bastante tiempo. Y no sólo es divertido,es desafiante -en su Modo Desafío, la Historia es bastante sencilla en comparación-. Además de venir repleto de contenido con sus 300 microjuegos. Vale que algunos son repetidos de otras entregas pero se lo medio perdonamos por los buenos recuerdos que nos traen. Como decimos, Wario es oro puro y sus colegas son un Potosí de diversión. No dudéis en darle una oportunidad a uno de los que, posiblemente, sea de los últimos grandes juegos de Nintendo 3DS.
God is a Geek (Aug 24, 2018)
Wario Ware is back and like all the bozos who fall for Wario’s schemes we really should fall for this all over again.
Pure Nintendo (Aug 10, 2018)
It’s been fifteen years since the series’ début, but WarioWare remains frantic fun. This fully voiced Gold edition is no exception, offering an addictive and humorous collection of classic microgames that are sure to entertain existing fans, while offering an even better value for those new to the series. Chasing high scores gives the game strong replay value as well. Try the demo if you’re on the fence, but WarioWare Gold would make a great addition to any 3DS library.
WCCFtech (Jul 30, 2018)
WarioWare Gold has so many tiny things in it that make me smile, and smile I certainly did. This game has so much charm and personality it's hard not to love. Highly recommended for anyone that knows what they're getting into.
GamingTrend (Aug 13, 2018)
WarioWare Gold is an off-the-wall title bursting with content and creativity. The 300+ microgames and myriad side modes will keep you coming back to this game time and time again, even with its lacking multiplayer and padded unlockables. WarioWare Gold is easily the best game Nintendo has released in 2018 so far, and a great addition to any 3DS owner’s library.
NintendoWorldReport (Jul 29, 2018)
WarioWare Gold is grand game for veterans and newcomers alike. The title features a top notch selection of microgames, which kept me glued to the screens for hours. Even now, I still feel that I’m not done yet. There is an intention to get the highscores on everything and complete a bunch of objectives when I can. This is why WarioWare Gold works so well. You have the intention to simply play it again and again. Are there a problems? Just a few. I wanted the main campaign to be slightly longer and some of the rewards are unremarkable. Those problems didn’t cause much harm to my overall feelings, but it is room for improvement when the series returns yet again.
Gaming Age (Aug 22, 2018)
If you’re a fan of the series then this is another solid entry. Will it be your favorite? That probably depends on the person, but there’s definitely something here for everyone who has liked any version up to WarioWare Gold. If you missed the tilt controls or wish we had another stylus version, this is where you can enjoy an encore of series past with the largest collection of migrogames yet! Me personally, I’m not complaining about WarioWare being back in our lives.
Video Chums (Aug 15, 2018)
WarioWare Gold is the ultimate collection of microgames. With so many ways to play, oodles of unlockable goodies, and hilarity lurking around every corner; you'd be a goof not enjoy Wario's latest fun-filled cash grab.
Retro Gamer (Sep 06, 2018)
You could arguably have put this on the Switch, however the control schemes would work best on the 3DS, and it serves as a stark reminder of the handheld joy that WarioWare delivers.
Famitsu (Jul 24, 2018)
正統派の『メイドインワリオ』が進化して帰ってきた。シリーズファンにとって、あるいは“おバカな笑い”に貪欲なキッズたちにとって、こんなに喜ばしいニュースは無いだろう。  ぱぱっと遊べてしまうけど、すきま時間を潰すように使うのはもったいない。できればのんびりと、ムダを愛するゆとりを持ってプレイしてほしい。きっと新しい気付きを与えてくれるから。
Hobby Consolas (Jul 30, 2018)
WarioWare Gold es como un "greatest hits" de la serie más loca de Nintendo. 316 mininijuegos de apenas 5 segundos que exigen reflejos y velocidad y sobre todo, sentido del humor. Una divertida locura que, quizá, en esta entrega, peca de "corta" y con algunos fallos inexplicables, como la ausencia modo descarga para el multijugador o efecto 3D.
Darkstation (Aug 10, 2018)
WarioWare Gold may not have many new microgames, but its revamped presentation, satisfying modes, and potluck of playstyles manage to keep the experience fresh. The short, rapid fire challenges are as fun as ever, and the multiple approaches to the same premise make this golden compilation an enticing option for short bursts or hyperactive binge sessions.
GameSpot (Jul 31, 2018)
WarioWare Gold might not be entirely new, but it's the best representation available of what makes this series special. It's a true greatest hits package that showcases Wario's unique weirdo vibe, and this style of play remains inventive and thrilling 15 years after the original Game Boy Advance game. We're still hoping for an entirely new title on Switch in the future, but for now Gold is a compelling, generous victory lap.
Game Informer Magazine (Jul 27, 2018)
WarioWare has always been a fantastic oddity in Nintendo’s library and to gather much of what has made the franchise such a joy into one large collection is great. For anyone new to WarioWare, this is a great place to start. For veterans, it has more than enough new content to make playing it worthwhile, plus you get to have a greatest hits compilation of the best microgames.
Pocket Gamer UK (Aug 15, 2018)
The story mode of Warioware Gold only lasts a couple of hours, but those few hours are bursting with enjoyment and madcap humour.
If anything, there are only two problems that slightly dull the shine of WarioWare Gold. The first issue is that it can be hard to figure out what you're supposed to do in some mini-games, especially when the pace has sped up. When you've got split seconds to read, react, and hopefully pass each game, this raises the difficulty level substantially. The other minor issue is that some games are the same ones previously included in older WarioWare titles, which doesn't feel very creative or clever. But if you're interested in testing yourself against one of Nintendo's more amusing villains, you should go for the gold with WarioWare Gold.
WarioWare Gold is a perfect example of how to take the insanity of microgames from the past and shove them into one packed setting while still having each one stand out. With tons of different ways to play and a multitude of things to unlock, Gold is filled to the brim with wonderful content that’s easy to pick up and play at any time. Anyone who has enjoyed the previous WarioWare titles will have an utter blast in Gold, as it brings back all the good of previous entries while making itself a staple of how the series can continue to grow from here.
N-Europe (Aug 01, 2018)
Fans of WarioWare will have a great time with this title, packing a whopping 300 mini-games this is the biggest in the series to date, with a perfect blend of classic games and innovative new additions. And if you haven’t played a title in the series before, there’s no better place to start than here.
TechRaptor (Aug 22, 2018)
WarioWare Gold brings together the best from three earlier entries in the franchise and combines it with just the right amount of new Wario weirdness.
While unlikely to ever eclipse the popularity of games starring his do-gooder counterpart—lo, art imitates life—Wario’s series of wacky microgames nevertheless exudes such raw charisma and fun factor that it’s hard not to root for him.
75 (Jul 26, 2018)
WarioWare Gold condense 300 micro-jeux, anciens et inédits, pour battre le record de la série. Grâce à un concept toujours aussi efficace et grisant, mais aussi de par sa direction artistique déjantée, il fait exactement ce qu’on lui demande, et il le fait bien ! Si vous accrochez, vous pourrez vous amuser pendant des heures, cependant notez tout de même que les quelques variations censées nourrir le contenu ne sont pas des plus prononcées, et que la lassitude pourrait balayer les moins persévérants d’entre-vous.
74 (Aug 02, 2018)
WarioWare Gold è un compendio della serie che racchiude oltre 300 microgiochi, la maggior parte dei quali sono tratti dai precedenti episodi della serie. Per questo motivo, e per la pubblicazione su 3DS in questo momento della vita della console, appare evidente come sia dedicato più alle "nuove leve" che ai veterani del franchise. Questi ultimi potrebbero infatti trovare fin troppo semplice buona parte dell'avventura, oltre ad avvertire inevitabilmente un forte senso di deja-vù durante le partite. Infine, malgrado la formula sia ancora apprezzabile e piacevole, dopo 15 anni di onorata carriera si inizia a percepire una certa stanchezza di fondo, per di più per nulla mitigata dal mancato sfruttamento delle caratteristiche peculiari della console.
Games TM (Sep 06, 2018)
So it's a conundrum then: to new players, you're going to understand what fans have been banging on about for years, begging for mainstream success and huge-budget home console versions. A good game, then, but one that could have been amazing.
WarioWare Gold brings together a handful of new microgames, and throws in plenty of the series' best ones. It might not reinvent the wheel, but you'll be too busy jumping from game to game to notice.
Trusted Reviews (Aug 02, 2018)
Trying to fit WarioWare Gold into the current gaming landscape is more difficult than any of the microgames it can throw your way. At an official RRP of £34.99, it’s difficult to recommend this one when it feels much like a smartphone game in today’s challenging times. No amount of additional content could sweeten the deal here, though, as it’s simply the purposefully crude WarioWare format that’s to blame for it feeling out of its price depth. WarioWare Gold is the gold standard of WarioWare games, but it commands too high a price for what’s on offer.
IGN (Jul 30, 2018)
Like the gaming equivalent of binge-watching a playlist of the funniest Vine videos, WarioWare Gold provides some enjoyable short attention span shenanigans, particularly for newcomers. But in the absence any substantial new additions and a paucity of worthwhile extras, WarioWare Gold is more like a runner-up silver for long term fans of the series.
Destructoid (Aug 11, 2018)
My main concern with WarioWare Gold, exacerbated by the lack of download play and only one real multiplayer gametype at that, is that it doesn't really have legs. Many of the extra modes are homogenized to the point where if you've played a few of them you've played them all, and it only took me a few days to unlock every game and peruse them individually. It's a step down from the Wii U's Game & Wario; a flawed but creative romp that I still play to this day.
Slant (Aug 15, 2018)
Quantity has never been an acceptable substitute for quality, so the fact that there are over 300 microgames here is only impressive at first glance. In the end, the glut of content only works to showcase how identical so many of the microgames are to one another. If there are differences between the games, it's often just a matter of artistic style, from the painterly to the pixelated, like Instagram filters offering slightly different takes of the same photo—and just ask any indie developer how far aesthetic design gets a game. Ditto one-dimensional comedy.

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