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NintendoWorldReport (Aug 22, 2011)
The 3DS Classics version of the game stays true to the original, but adds a superb 3D affect. The game’s 3D does a great job of allowing the player to distinguish between the air and ground enemies, as both the Solvalou and the air enemies are separate from the ground by a layer of clouds that serve as a middle layer. One of the first things that I noticed while playing the game with the 3D turned on is the way that bullets raise from the towers and tanks on the ground. Instead of just appearing on the same plane as your ship, they actually look as though they are coming from the ground. And just like the other 3D Classics, the game has the option to quick save, as well as the ability to map your controls as you please, though I’ve found the default controls to be the perfect match for this game. My only gripe with this game applies to all of the 3D Classics titles, and that’s the lack of an online leaderboard.
Pocket Gamer UK (Jul 25, 2011)
Xevious is a true arcade classic, offering a delicate slice of shooting action that will seriously test your gaming skills. The asking price, however, is far too high to fully recommend.
Nintendo Life (Jul 25, 2011)
There's no denying the fact that the original Xevious arcade game is beginning to show its age with overly simplistic visual designs and repetitive gameplay, but it's impossible not to be impressed with just how much the addition of true 3D depth injects into the overall experience. When you toss in the fact that you can now take the game with you on the go, what you have is a fairly solid dose of vertical shoot ‘em up action for those times when you just want a quick fix, without a lot of bells and whistles.
Destructoid (Jul 31, 2011)
3D Classics: Xevious might have met most gamers' standards ten years ago, but in the age of such incredible classic remakes as Pac-Man Championship Edition DX, Galaga Legions DX, and Space Invaders Infinity Gene, it's hard to be confident that fans wont be disappointed with this minimally enhanced port. Then again, I'm definitely not like "most gamers." I went into this game expecting some untouched, 30-year-old gameplay presented to me in 3D, and that's exactly what I got. If you go in expecting the same thing, or if you're a big fan of the "completely faithful recreations of 30-year-old shmups" genre, you're not likely to be disappointed. If you're looking for something more than that, you'll have to take your money elsewhere.
Wiiloveit (Feb 18, 2012)
If at all possible, anyone interested in this new approach to Xevious should get a glimpse of the 3D effect either through a friend or a family member. In fact, had it not been for Nintendo opening up the option to redeem Club Nintendo Coins for this game, I would have regretted paying for it. In the end, it doesn't provide players with a solid enough reason for viewing future additions to this series with a positive attitude -- the opposite of what Nintendo had in mind. 3D Classics: Xevious is a $6 novelty that effectively shows off one of the 3DS' main feature, but ultimately leaves players feeling dissatisfied on account of dull gameplay.
The 3D effects are really good, but more importantly the game itself is just too basic to recommend for this price. Beyond the dual-plane gimmick, it's extremely limited, with little by way of power-ups or variation in enemy or scenery. Disappointing.
30 (UK) (Jul 29, 2011)
Unless you're some kind of creepy time-rich retro masochist who actually enjoys having to start over from scratch every single time, Xevious is likely to provoke nothing but buyer's remorse. Vote with your wallet and send Namco and Nintendo a clear signal that no-one's interested in this half-arsed shovelware - 3D or not.