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The game's fun, but only for the first ten minutes... PlayStation Reborn_Demon (136)

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PlayStationGame Vortex (Dec 12, 2002)
40 Winks will make the kids happy, but I had hoped for a little more meat. With so many good 3D platformers on the market right now, and with Nintendo and Sega clamoring for shelf-space, it will take more than a pretty face to win the race.
PlayStationMega Fun (Dec, 1999)
Ruff & Tumble überzeugt, jedoch nicht auf ganzer Linie. Der Grund liegt vor allem im etwas zu leicht ausgefallenen Schwierigkeitsgrad. Für Einsteiger sowie die jüngeren Zocker hat man einen allemal respektablen Titel unters Volk geworfen. Leicht negativ fällt die ab und an ziemlich schwammige Steuerung auf, die erst mit einiger Übung gut zu handhaben ist.
PlayStationNowGamer (Dec 12, 1996)
Although it contends with classic platform games too limply for comfort, those wanting a gentler variety of platform game, the majority of which will consist of collecting goodies and KOing pairs of disgruntled Disneyland fuzzies, will find some cold comfort in what it has to offer. Anyone else beware though, this for the kids only and ranks alongside the likes of Rascal and Rosco McQueen rather than the platform greats. 40Winks is accomplished, stunningly sexy but the gameplay is as thin as a steam-rollered pancake.
PlayStationVideo Games (Nov, 1999)
Ruff'n Tumble kommt leider nicht an Hits wie Spyro 2 oder Crash heran. Dennoch schaffen es die witzigen Einfälle und die niedlichen Charaktere, euch in den Bann zuziehen. Gerade die Möglichkeit, durch das Annehmen anderer Persönlichkeiten neue Fähigkeiten zu erhalten, ist genial. Wären nicht die technischen Mängel und die auf Dauer etwas einfallslose Grafik, hätte dieses Game durchaus einen Klassik bekommen können. So bleibt unterm Strich nur ein überdurchschnittliches, wenn auch nicht perfektes Jump‘n-Run. Genre-Fans sollten auf jeden Fall einmal einen Ausflug ins Land der Träume riskieren.
PlayStationThe Review Busters (2010)
For what it’s worth, I rather enjoyed 40 Winks. It was a recommendation, and I wasn’t disappointed. I always loved platformers and regardless of its simplicity, I would recommend it to a fan of this genre. The game’s flaws were not enough to shine me away from its delightful charm. Experienced gamers might not be so forgiving for its childish appearance and difficulty, but I found it hard to discredit. For the $2.50 I spent on this title, I have nothing to complain about.
PlayStationElectric Playground (Apr 16, 2004)
While not the move-over-Mario product the advertising hype would have you believe, 40 Winks is nevertheless a good, atmospheric piece of broadband gaming suitable for all ages, with a truly dreamlike feel.
PlayStationSuper Play (Sweden) (Jan, 2000)
De som gillar Super Mario 64, Banjo Kazooie och Donkey Kong 64 kommer alltså säkert även att uppskatta 40 Winks. Men har man inte spelat något av dessa spel tycker jag att man ska prova dem först. För jag kan faktiskt inte komma på en enda anledning till varför man ska prioritera 40 Winks. Även fast det är både roligt och välgjort.
PlayStationIGN (Dec 22, 1999)
I hate coming down on this game. It pains me to be a bastard and take down the product of somebody's labor of love. And this was Eurocom's big chance to come out, to get away from all those Midway translations and Disney titles (which were fine games, but they allowed very little room for expression), and to make an artistic statement. The designers even put a compassionate goodbye to "Long lost family and friends" in the credits. This was a game that many people cared about, that artists and programmers and marketing agents all came together on as something they wanted to do. And it's such a heartrending story, as the sales on the title have been less than impressive, and GT Interactive is now considering quietly putting to rest the Nintendo 64 version of the game. But GT may be right, and maybe this is just one for everybody to just put behind them and move on. There's no crying in gaming.
PlayStationGameSpot (Jun 13, 2000)
The number of platformers released that have come and gone on the various consoles is nearly countless. If any one genre is synonymous with video games, it'd probably be the platformer. As is the case with a large sampling of games from any genre, platformers have ranged from extremely poor to masterful. Despite being sound in many respects, 40 Winks ends up falling squarely in the former category. It fails to rise above mediocrity due to its utter lack of challenge, its ultracute tone (which severely limits its appeal), and its oversimplified gameplay.