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Velvet Assassin

aka: Sabotage

[ Macintosh ] [ Windows ] [ Xbox 360 ]

Windows credits (2009)

170 People (99 developers, 71 thanks)

Velvet Assassin

A game by
in cooperation with

Replay Studios GmbH

Managing Director
Creative Director
Technical Director
Executive Producer
Project Manager
Lead Game Designer
Associate Game Designers
Script Writer
Engine Programmers
Gameplay Programmers
AI Programmers
Tools Programmers
Additional Programming
Lead Level Designer
Level Designers
Lead Artist
Character Artists
Concept Artist
Additional Animation
Sound Designer
Localization Manager
PR Manager
QA Leads
QA Testers


  • Virgin Lands Animated Pictures
3D Weapon Models
  • Rabcat Computer Graphics
Motion Capturing
  • metricminds
Additional Sounds

Southpeak Games US

Chief Executive Officer
Chief Finance Officer
VP of Business Development
Director of Corporate Development
Director of Operations
Executive Producer
Associate Producer
Production Coordinator
VP of North American Sales
Regional Sales Manager
Channel Marketing Coordinator
Sales Support Coordinator
Vice President of Marketing
Product Marketing Manager
Assistant Product Manager
Event Coordinator
VP of Creative Services
Art Director
Traffic Manager
Multimedia Producer
PHP Ninja
Graphic Designer
Project Coordinator
Gone, but not forgotten

SouthPeak Games EU

Managing Director
European Sales Director
European PR Manager
UK Sales Manager
Product Marketing Managers
PR & Marketing Executive

Special thanks

Special thanks

Voice Recordings NPC Characters by Toneworx GmbH

Recording Manager
Sound Engineer
Voice Talents

Voice Recordings Violette Summer

Line Editor
  • Barry Leitsch Audio Studios
Recording Studio
  • Marc Graue Voice Over Studios
Voice Talent

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