Three Sisters' Story

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Koichi once lived in a happy and somewhat rich family. He was only a boy when his father decided to stop the running train by himself. Koichi's mother died of cancer, and he got separated from his older brother Eiichi. Ten years have passed since that moment. One day, Eiichi, now wealthy and powerful, returns, telling Koichi that the man responsible for their father's ruin was Shoji Okamura. He plans to destroy Okamura family entirely, and he buys Koichi a house nearby, telling him to gain their trust in order to create a perfect timing for his revenge.

However, Shoji Okamura ran away, abandoning the house along with his daughters. The eldest one had to leave college and get a job in order to support her sisters, and the whole family was beginning to sink deeper and deeper into debts. Eiichi is planning to punish the sisters for their father's sins, but Koichi's feelings begin to change as he gets to know them better, and the moment is nearing when he will have to choose between his brother and the Okamura sisters.

Three Sisters' Story is an adult Japanese-style adventure game. Locations are presented as still screens viewed from first-person perspective. Interaction and navigation are entirely menu-driven and are performed by selecting verb commands and combining them with objects from a list. It is often necessarily to go through commands several times to trigger the next event; some choices, however, may branch the plot, affecting the game's ending.


  • 三姉妹 - Japanese spelling

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8 People (7 developers, 1 thanks)

  • Crazy Jun
Director of Art
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  • Crazy Jun
English Translation
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Average score: 3.2 out of 5 (based on 21 ratings with 1 reviews)

Really addictive adventure game... that is, if you're not married ;))

The Good
Now, let me say this first,... I didn't get this game because I was attracted by good looking 16-color graphic, and all the poses you can find in there, hehe, no way. I hardly believe I'm saying this, but this game solely attracted me by it's story. Well, later on she... did I say 'she'? I meant 'it' attracted me with other things as well, like great music, good dialogues, hehe, yeah right!

Anyway, the story is somewhat promising, and it should definitely fit to some really great thriller movie (which I can only hope they will make based on this game, chances are rather slim, :( huh?), but... yeah but, I wasn't familiar that this game's genre was like last thing to give you a good story, and they rather think probably whackos will get these kinda games anyway, so why bothering with the story make-up. Well, this is probably the sole reason why this game differs form others in same genre (I haven't played others, and frankly, I don't intend to, like I said, it was story that drowe me to try this game ;)), it has a good story that somehow makes you hope it'll be as you expect it, that is, as in some good suspense adventure game. But there could be a lot of discussion wether they achieved something with this story, or was it really just to try different approach with buyers.

Now for the good part (don't get me wrong on this one, hehe)... :) The game's characters (of course, by 'characters' I mean female characters, as there are no male characters beside you and your wicked brother in this game. Anyway, the characters in this game look amazingly good (with their clothes on, of course), and as much as I really really hate things that go too-animé in deformations like "Final Fantasy VII" did, I was lucky they tried to use normality here for a change.

The whole game is in only 16 colors, and the thought it was from 1999 would make it bad, unless... it would be bad, but it looks so goo that you think there are 256 colors all the way (until you try to focus in which example you'll notice for example if some girl had pink hair, later she may have light blue, or purple, ya know, the color palette). I mean, even "Diablo II" came out in year 2000 and it was probably played in 8bit color system by most of players.

Now, you may laugh on this, but I personally found music themes rather good for the ambience. I know they're all bunch of midi files, but they're good, as simply as composed, but good nonetheless. Look, maybe this game isn't some top hentai game (I bear the consideration I never played other hentai ones), but it is the closest match towards the adventure genre... and it could've been good... but now it's just okay.

The Bad
Well, they simply never intended to give you the opportunity to be just one-woman man, I mean, no matter how loyal I tried to be first time I played this game through, I could never be :( And I don't mean because I didn't want to, but simply 'cos it was unsolveable that way. Well, at least the game has couple of different endings, and is not all the same, depending on your ractions.

Also, the dialogues tried to emphasize more or less taunting story, but still, the most common words you could find were those like "awww, you're so great" or "oh, I love you", and they weren't even spoken with the clothes on. And so was I tricked into getting this game, huh? Well, you'd think so, wouldn't you? The bottom line is that I actually like this game, and am more or less able to see past some shots... hey, I don't say it's easy ;))

The Bottom Line
Well, I like detective fictions, and this game gives you somewhat opportunity to play it as some detective. Still, this kinda detective would be considered pretty lucky, I guess, hehe. But the game has normal good lookin' characters, at least a story comparing to others of same genre, nice music, and low graphic level, hehe. Yup, it's probably not the one you should get, but what the heck.

DOS · by MAT (238621) · 2012


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How can I get the CDROM VERSION Zian Gao (8) Mar 20th, 2009
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There are plenty of typos in this game. I guess when translated to English, they had to make such errors, still, there's quite a few in english version of this game. Not only typos, but sometimes even obvious change of character's name who's talking, or repeating twice the same word in the sentence.

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