The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena

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Assault on Dark Athena

The Good
- Competently written story, characters, much better than any movie in the franchise or the Butcher Bay. Traditionally for Starbreeze, amazing voice cast. - Good mixture of stealth, FPS with some adventure elements. Lots of interesting gameplay situations. Brutal melee combat. Everything is beautifully animated. - Level design is improved. Stellar visual direction. Great soundtrack. Best use of that particular engine. - Butcher Bay's remaster as a nice bonus with welcomed gameplay changes.

The Bad
- Last hour or so is pretty bland, both story- and gameplay-wise, just like in EFBB. - More focus on the gunplay which isn't the best thing in the game. - More linear then the predecessor, zero to none side quests. Also no enemies other than humans. - Some bad audio mixing/missing sounds and voice lines in BB's remaster. Lost the original 2004 atmosphere, due to changed music and art-direction (which aren't always bad). - Unfortunately stuck in the copyright limbo.

The Bottom Line
Very engaging. Product of it's edgy time period.

Xbox 360 · by SanfordMorgan · 2023

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