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X-Men Origins: Wolverine - Uncaged Edition

aka: X-Men Orígenes: Lobezno (Uncaged Edition)

[ PlayStation 3 ] [ Windows ] [ Xbox 360 ]

Windows credits (2009)

522 People (434 developers, 88 thanks)

Raven Software

Dedicated to the memory of
Wolverine Team
Additional Development
Wolverine Team Also Thanks
Studio Administration
Art Services
Art Services Also Thanks
Script Writer
The Raven Software X-Men Origins: Wolverine team would like to thank
A very special thanks
  • Our spouses
  • family and friends
Introducing all the new Raven babies born during the development of X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Activision Publishing Inc.

Associate Producer
Production Coordinator
Production Tester
Senior Producer
Senior Executive Producer
Studio Head
VP QA / Customer Service
Director, QA - Functional
Director, QA - Requirements Labs
QA Project Lead
QA Floor Leads
QA Database Administrator
QA Testers
QA Senior Project Lead
QA Manager
Technical Requirements Group Submissions Lead
TRG Senior Platform Leads
TRG Platform Leads
TRG Testers
Code Release Group Lead
Code Release Group Floor Lead
Code Release Group Testers
Manager, QA-Labs
QA Compatibility Lab Senior Project Lead
QA-CL Lab Project Lead
QA-CL Lab Testers
QA AV Lab Project Lead
QA AV Lab Senior Tester
Mastering Lab Supervisor
Mastering Lab Senior Technician
Mastering Lab Technicians
Senior Manager, QA Technologies
QA-MIS Manager
QA-MIS Technicians
QA-MIS Technology Technician
QA-MIS Equipment Coordinators
Senior Lead Database Administrator
Lead Database Administrator
Database Technicians
DBA Senior Tester
DBA Testers
Director, QA Operations
Operations & Planning Supervisor
Operations Associate
Customer Support Managers
QA Special Thanks
VP, Global Brand Management
Director, Global Brand Manager
Global Brand Manager
Associate Brand Manager
Senior Director, Corporate Communications
Senior Manager, Corporate Communications
Senior Publicist, Corporate Communications
Junior Publicist, Corporate Communications
VP Marketing Communications
Director Marketing Communications
Marketing Communications Manager
Marketing Communications Coordinator
Senior Manager, Mainline Operations
Senior Director, Supply Chain
Trade Marketing Manager
Associate Trade Marketing Manager
Trade Promotions, Senior Manager
Senior Director, Trade Marketing
Director of Production Services - Europe
Senior Localization Project Manager
Localization Project Manager
Localization Coordinator
Localization QA Manager
Localization QA Assistant Manager
Localization QA Lead
Localization QA Floor Lead
Localization QA Testers
Burn Lab Technician
IT Network Technician
Localization Tools & Support
Senior VP, Worldwide Studios
Senior Director, Production Services
Game Design Analyst
Senior Director of Game Design
Lead Game Designer
Manager, Central User Testing
Senior Art Director
Director of Central Audio
Talent Coordinator
Audio Programmer
Special Thanks


Director of Games
Manager, Licensed Games
VP, Business Development
VP, Online Operations & Marketing
EVP, Global Digital Media Group
Head of Worldwide Animation, Wireless and Gaming
Business & Legal Affairs
Special Thanks

Blur Studios

CG Supervisor
Animation Supervisor
Creative Director
Executive Producer
FX Supervisor
Hair & Cloth Simulation
Lighting & Compositing Leads
Lighting & Compositing
Mocap Prep & Clean-Up
Technical & QC Supervisors
Concept Design
Matte Painter
Production Assistant
Tools & Script
Programming & Systems Administration
Mocap Talent
Sound Design & Mix
  • Shoreline Studios

Haslinger Inc.

Score written by
Score produced by
Mix Engineer
Score Production Coordinator
Additional Programming


Casting & Voice Direction
Assistant Editorial

Epic Games China

Lead Artist
Art Manager

English Voice Talents

Victor Creed/Sabretooth
John Wraith
Raven Darkholme / Mystique, Carol Frost
Kayla, Weapon X Computer
Bolivar Trask
Remy LeBeau / Gambit
Dr. Cornelius
Wade Wilson, Senator Kelly
Fred Dukes / Blob
Nord / Agent Zero
Additional Voices
Temporary Voice Special Thanks

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