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Average score: 85% (based on 29 ratings)

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Fun will last hours

The Good
The game is a 3-d world like fighter. [It isn't a one of those fighter games where you move left,right,jump,duck. The game is to beat your opponent up by using your body, weapons, and the power stones. Collect three and you'll transform to a stronger warrior. The game is truely one of the greatest games for Dreamcast. It's a must-play.

The Bad
A few unlock-ables require a dreamcast memory card [vmu]. For me, I had to buy one plus the batteries! That cost a lot! But you get some things for your troubles.

The Bottom Line
Better then Soul Calibur baby!

Dreamcast · by powerstone05 (343) · 2004

Must Own Dreamcast Game

The Good
The gameplay is awesome for its time. 3-D fighter where you could use just about everything seen on screen to fight. You can scale walls and climb on ceilings (only certain stages) while executing combos.

The Bad
After beating the game with every character there isn't much replay value for single players. VMU games were hard

The Bottom Line
All out 3D fighting game presented in an anime style.

Dreamcast · by John McClane (4) · 2009

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