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ESPN International Winter Sports 2002

aka: ESPN International Winter Sports, Hyper Sports 2002 Winter

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GameZone (7.8 out of 10)

This looks quite nice, but is an arcade game that seemingly skimps on the reality inherit in other platforms while still providing a solid gaming experience. It is mostly reflexive, with nice on-screen prompts for learning how to control contestants in the events, and while the action is smooth, this is a game that will leave some players a little cold. It looks nice, and plays well, but when you see the package (which states “Let the Games Begin”), it seems to be banking upon the Olympic fervor while supplying an arcade experience.

Feb 14th, 2002 · GameCube · read review

64 Power / big.N / N Games (75 out of 100)

Nichts auszusetzen gibt es an der Grafik. Die Athleten sehen anständig aus und die Animationen laufen flüssig ohne jegliches Ruckeln. Die Eis- und Schneeeffekte sorgen für die richtige winterliche Atmosphäre - und das, obwohl wir längst Frühling haben. Leider gibt es keinen Vierspielermodus. So kannst du nur zu zweit antreten und dich mit einem Freund messen, was bei Sportspielen eigentlich am meisten Spaß macht. Von der nervigen Steuerung bei manchen Disziplinen einmal abgesehen. hat Konami also ein durchaus ansprechendes Sportspiel auf die Reihe gekriegt.

Apr 2002 · GameCube

64 Power / big.N / N Games (75 out of 100)

(US version)
Die Steuerung unterscheidet sich von Sportart zu Sportart und du erlebst immer wieder Überraschungen. Nicht so bei der Grafik. Hier gibt es nichts zu meckern, die Polygonmodelle sehen anständig aus und die Animationen sind flüssig. Die Replays sorgen für TV-Stimmung, die Schnee- und Eiseffekte auf der Piste und in der Bobbahn sehen gut aus. Es tauchen kaum grafische Patzer auf. Fest steht, dass man ESPN IWS 2002 höchstens zu zweit zocken kann, was schade ist. Zu viert würde es mit Sicherheit mehr Spaß machen. Nichtsdestotrotz ist dieses Winter-Game ein viel versprechender Titel für Sportfreaks, die auf Spiele mit guter Grafik und einfacher Steuerung stehen. Sport kann also doch Spaß machen - und das ganz ohne Muskelkater und hartes Training.

Feb 2002 · GameCube

NintendoWorldReport (6.5 out of 10)

This is a game whose flaws catch up with its good points, inherently canceling each other out, yielding an average game. It’s definitely not worth buying, considering what’s coming up on the gaming horizon, but you might consider renting it if you find that you’ve got nothing to play (or you just want to see what Curling is all about). There’s fun in this game, if you can ignore all the annoyances.

Apr 4th, 2002 · GameCube · read review

N-Philes (6 out of 10)

Overall, ESPN International Winter Sports 2002 tries hard but just fails in the end. An Olympic license would have given the game many opportunities. If you want a quick weekend rental, this game might do you some good. Other than that, there isn’t too much more to say about it.

2002 · GameCube · read review

Gamezilla (59 out of 100)

With the excitement of the Olympics upon us, games like ESPN International Winter Sports 2002 could really be another way to enjoy it. The only problem is finding a quality title can be a difficult endeavor. This attempt to recreate various Olympic events on one game achieved one goal of fitting ten events in, but the gameplay suffered dramatically. Even the graphics and sound capabilities left a great deal of room for improvements, showing that more time could have been spent there too. There are some fans of the old Track and Field games however, who may enjoy that gameplay structure and this game would fall in that genre. If that doesn’t impress you however, you may want to shop around and see what else is available.

Feb 15th, 2002 · GameCube · read review

IGN (5.5 out of 10)

Winter Sports 2002 features a medley of gameplay modes, but unfortunately not all of them are fun. Everyone will have a favorite, but the bobsledding and downhill skiing events are particularly boring, lacking the thrill and speed associated with them. The most fun I had was usually in figure skating and the halfpipe as they required a good amount of skill and dexterity. Playing single-player gets old fast, though. I had to call IGN Overlord Peer Schneider over for a round of curling to break up the single-player monotony. Eventually we ended up gravitating to a few other multiplayer sports, and this is really the biggest appeal of the game. You can get a group of friends together and enjoy the various sports. Most of this can be accomplished in a night or two. If you really want to hone in on your skills, earn some gold medals, and post your scores on Konami's website then the single-player experience may appeal to you.

Feb 11th, 2002 · GameCube · read review

Officiel Nintendo Magazine (5 out of 10)

Un titre qui nous a laissés de glace.

May 2002 · GameCube · read review

NGC Magazine (37 out of 100)

So, this is one place your hastily-saved Gamecube launch pennies should definitely not be going, unless you actually enjoy the kind of simmering rage that can only end with you smashing your precious new console into tiny pieces. Next!

May 2002 · GameCube · read review

The Video Game Critic (D+)

You might expect Winter Sports 2002 to be a good multiplayer title, but that's not the case due to its learning curve. Even the simpler events typically require several attempts before you really get the hang of them. There is however one event that really stands out above the rest, and that's bobsled. When played solo, you navigate a rollercoaster-like pipe complete with speed boost strips! In two-player mode the game is played on a split-screen with both players racing on the same track! It's not realistic at all, but it's a blast to jockey with a friend at high speeds. Winter Sports 2002 is a quirky title. The menu screens feature disco music and the A button is referred to as the "decide" button. The game could definitely be more playable, but there's something to be said for its short events and inviting scenery.

Feb 11th, 2010 · GameCube · read review

Bordersdown (3 out of 10)

It is hard to recommend ESPN Winter Sports 2002, when an age old Saturn game has it beat in most areas. There are better examples of this type of game, but not on the Gamecube. The Internet ranking system is a good idea, but it's appeal will not extend the single player game for too long. However, as a Gamecube game to bring out when some friends come round, it will deliver the usual blend of competition, frustration and also hilarity when a skier falls off the end of the ski ramp without jumping. The original control ideas could have added to the experience, but instead will just serve to confound the player who is expecting something simpler. With some extra effort and a four player mode, this would have been a better value package, but as it stands, it does not make the grade.

2002 · GameCube · read review

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