SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs - Confrontation

aka: SOCOM: Confrontation

PlayStation 3 credits (2008)

501 people (485 professional roles, 16 thanks) with 506 credits.

Slant Six Games

Slant Six Games

Big Sandwich Games

Big Sandwich Games

Combo Motionworks Inc.

Combo Motionworks Inc.

Photonshop Entertainment Inc.

Photonshop Entertainment Inc.

Studios X

Studios X

Younger Art and Cartoon

Younger Art and Cartoon
  • Younger
  • GE

Slant Six Games Special Thanks

Slant Six Games Special Thanks

Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios

President SCE Worldwide Studios

Product Development

Vice President of Product Development
Sr. Director, Product Development Studio
Director of Product Development
Sr. Producer
Associate Producer
Assistant Producer
Community Manager
Sr. Staff Technical Project Manager
Software Planning Manager
Production Coordinator

PD Service Groups

Sr. Director of Tools, Technology and Services
Director of Services Groups

SCEA Music Group

Director of Music
Sr. Music Manager
Music Manager
Music Supervisor
Associate Music Supervision by
Sr. Music Engineer
Music Engineer
Music Editor
Additional Editing by
Associate Music Editor
Music Producer
Manager, Music and Licensing
Senior Music Licensing Coordinator
Music Composed by
SOCOM Confrontation Main Theme composed by
SOCOM Confrontation Main Theme remixed by
SCEA Recording Studios-Foster City, CA
Music Interns

Sound Design

Senior Manager, Sound Group
Sound Design Manager
Lead Sound Designer
Additional Sound Design
Sound Design Intern
Dialog Manager
Sr. Dialog Coordinator
Foley Sounds
Location Recording
SFX Editing

Soundelux Design Music Group

Voice Over Business Manager
Voice Over Coordinator
Voice Over Casting and Directing
Voice Over Recording Engineer
Voice Over Editorial
Asset Coordinator
Production Assistant
Voice Over Talent

SoMultimedia Group

Sr. Manager
Post Production Manager
Post Production Supervisor
Production Supervisors
Production Specialist
Production Coordinator
Motion Graphics Artist
Sr. Editor

Visual Arts Service Group

Sr. Manager, Visual Arts Service Group
Manager, Motion Capture and Scanning
Project Manager
Lead Motion Capture Studio Technician
Motion Capture Studio Technician
Sr. Motion Capture Trackers
Motion Capture Tracker
Lead Motion Editor
Sr. Motion Editor
Motion Editor
Sr. Motion Capture Technical Animator
Motion Capture Specialist
Pipeline Supervisor
Sr. Tools Engineer
Tools Engineer
MEL/Python Animation Tools
Sr. Department Assistant
Business Analyst

PD Services Group Support

Project Manager
Production Accountant
Sr. Administrator

Global Platform

Vice President, Global Platform

Project Management

Sr. Manager, Global Platform PMO
Sr. Technical Project Manager
Sr. Project Manager
Associate Project Manager


Technical Advisor
Sr. Manager, SCE-RT Operations
Manager, Games Integration
Technical Manager
Games Integration Staff Engineer
Games Integration Engineers
Manager, Production
Production Engineers


Sr. Manager, SCE-RT Development
Manager, Development
Development Leads
Sr. Development Engineers
Database Engineers

First Party Quality Assurance (FPQA)

Sr. Director, Global First Party Quality Assurance

Test Operations

Sr. Manager, Test Operations
QA Test Supervisors
Lead Quality Assurance Testers
Sr. Quality Assurance Testers
Quality Assurance Testers
Lab Technician
Contingent Game Test Analysts

QA Support

Manager, Online Support
Online Support Lead
Online Support Analysts

Program Management Group

Sr. Manager, Program Management
Manager, Project Management
Manager, Program Management
Sr. Project Coordinator
Associate DevSuite Web Admin

Product Development Information Technology (PDIT)

Sr. Director, Global Hosting

Online Games

Sr. Manager, Online Games
Manager, Production Operations
Online Lead DBA
Online DBAs
Online Game Admins
Online Production Technologies
Manager, Data Warehouse
Data Warehouse Team

Network Engineering Group

Sr. Manager, Network Engineering
Manager, Network Engineering
Staff Network Engineer
Sr. Network Engineer
Network Engineer
Sr. Unix Administrator
Unix Administrator
Manager, Network Operations Center
Network Operatsions Specialists

Studio Applications

Sr. Manager, Studio Applications & Storage
Staff UNIX Systems Administrator

Core System Infrastructure

Sr. Manager, Core Systems Infrastructure
Staff System Administrator
Sr. System Administrator
System Administrator

SCEA Marketing

Vice President, Product Marketing
Director, Software Product Marketing
Product Marketing Manager
Associate Product Marketing Manager
Product Marketing Specialist
Product Marketing Assistant
Director, Corporate Communications & Social Media
Sr. Public Relations Manager
Public Relations Generalist
Social Media Manager
Sr. Direct, Mktg Alliances & Activation
Sr. Manager, Consumer Events
Consumer Event Specialists
Manager, Marketing Programs
Media Partnerships Specialist
Director, Channel Marketing and Events
Sr. Manager, Channel Marketing
Channel Marketing Managers
Sr. Channel Marketing Specialist
Creative Services
Sr. Director, PLAYSTATION Network
Operations Director, PLAYSTATION Network
Sr. Manager, PLAYSTATION Network
Loyalty Programs Manager
Project Managers
Associate Project Manager (Official Game Site)
Sr. Manager, PLAYSTATION Network Content Deployment
Sr. Specialist PLAYSTATION Store
Sr. Web Content Management Specialists
Content Management Specialist
Associate Content Management Specialist
PLAYSTATION Network Asset Artist
Web Specialist

SCEA Legal and Business Affairs

Sr. Corporate Counsel
Music Legal & Business Affairs

Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios Europe - International Software Development

Sr. Producer
Localisation Project Asset Manager
Director, International Software Development
Localisation Services Manager
Localisation Services Co-ordinators
Localisation Services Assistant

Sony Computer Entertainment Asia

Executive Producer

Sony Computer Entertainment Asia - Korean

Assistant Producer
  • MayFlower Entertainment Inc.

Sony Computer Entertainment Asia - Chinese

Translation & Localization Testers

Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios Japan Studio - International Software Development

Associate Producer
Vice President

Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios Japan Studio - Development Support

Vice President
Design Group

Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios Japan Studio - Technology

Vice President
Technology support

Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios Europe - Side UK

Voice Director
Recording Engineer

Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios Japan Studio - Global Platform

Deputy Vice President
Online Manager
Senior Vice President

SCEA Special Thanks

Sony Computer Entertainment Executive Management team
Special thanks
  • SCEA Merchandising Account Representatives
Additional special thanks
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