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Evil Islands: Curse of the Lost Soul

aka: Evil Islands, Evil Islands: A Maldição da Alma Perdida, Evil Islands: Klątwa Zagubionej Duszy, Proklyatie zemly

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There is trouble in the land of Gipath. Legends tell of a Chosen One that will come and save its inhabitants. However, they didn't think he'd appear as a mere boy with blond hair and grey pantaloons... This boy, whose name is Zak, finds himself dazed and confused in the middle of some ruins. Without any idea who or where he is, he must travel between three islands in search of his identity, with plenty of tasks to accomplish.

Evil Islands: Curse of the Lost Soul is a fantasy role-playing game with real-time combat and stealth elements. The player-controlled party can support up to three people, which are for the most part fixed for scripting reasons. The gameplay focuses on outwitting the enemies by crawling or sneaking to backstab and surprise them, or pickpocketing a valuable item from an unsuspecting victim. Magic is also prominently featured, as many of the enemies are best met with a fire bolt or a lightning strike at long range. The gallery of enemies varies from orcs, wizards and skeletons to mighty dragons, lizards and cyclops.

This game also features blueprints which allow players to create their own armor, weapons and other accessories, provided they possess the required materials. There are several types of materials with various characteristics. The player is responsible for equipping every character in the party with items gained from travels and combat.


  • Проклятые земли - Russian spelling

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Credits (Windows version)

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Game Design (Концепция и дизайн игры)
Executive Producer (Продюсер)
Project Manager (Руководитель проекта)
Lead Programmer (Ведущий программист)
3D Engine Programmer (Программирование ядра 3D графики)
Interface Programming (Программирование интерфейса)
Sound Programming (Программирование звука)
Game System Programming (Программирование игрового ядра)
A.I. Programming (Программирование искусственного интеллекта)
Network Programming (Программирование сетевой игры)
Script Programming (Программирование скриптовых функций)
Special Effects Programming (Программирование специальных эффектов)
Editor and Tools Programming (Программирование редактора уровней и инструментария)
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Rage of Mages

This game could have been called "Rage of Mages 3". In gameplay principles, its a direct continuation of the developers' strategic role-playing series, Rage of Mages, moving to a 3D engine.

German voice acting

In the German version of the game, the protagonist Kiran is voiced by Norman Matt, who is also the German voice of Guybrush Threepwood in "The Curse of Monkey Island", "Escape from Monkey Island" and "Tales of Monkey Island".


  • PC Player (Germany)
    • Issue 01/2001 - The Vodka Award

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