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The Sims 3

aka: De Sims 3, Die Sims 3, Les Sims 3, Los Sims 3

[ Macintosh ] [ PlayStation 3 ] [ Windows ] [ Xbox 360 ]

Windows credits (2009)

969 People (740 developers, 229 thanks)

The Sims Studio

Art Director
Technical Art Director
Lead Animator
Lead Technical Animator
Lead Character Modelers
Character Modelers
Lead Object Modeler
Object modelers
Lead Concept Artist
Lead Character Concept Artist
Concept Artists
Specification Writer
Lead Outsource Modeler
Lead Outsource Skin Modeler
Outsource Modeler
Additional Art
External Art Development Team
  • DQ Entertainment
  • EA Shanghai
  • Nikitova LLC
  • Pearl Digital Entertainment
  • TOSE Co. LTD
Technical Artists
Technical Art Intern
UI Art Director
Lead UI Designer
UI Designer
Lead UI Artist
UI Artists
Visual Effects
Additional Visual Effects
World Building Team
Audio Director
Voice Director
Sound Designers
Audio Asset Manager
Assistant Audio Asset Manager
Audio Interns
Talent Manager
Talent Coordinator
Voice Actors
Voice Editor Lead
Voice Editors
Recording Engineer
Video Editing & Post Production
Additional Audio
Design Interns
Director of Product Development
Lead Development Directors
Development Directors
Development Testing Team
Lead Engineer
Technical Leads
Additional Engineering
Engineering Interns
Executive Producer
Senior Producer
Lead Producers
Lead UI Producer
Feature Producers
Online Producers
Past Contributors
Additional Text
Marketing & PR Team
EVP, Studio Head
VP of Marketing
VP & General Manager, The Sims Studio
Administrative Support
Technical Support
Special Thanks
The Sims 3 Team would like to thank our friends and family
Born During Development

Sims Internet Group

Community Team Manager
Community Managers
Development Director
Technical Directors
Systems Engineers
Lead Web Designer
Web Designer
Lead Web Producer
External Web Developers
  • Tavant Technologies Inc.
  • Sofmen Inc.
  • LogiGear Corp.
Compatibility & Technology Lab QA Project Lead
Compatibility & Technology Lab Senior QA Leads
Compatibility & Technology Lab QA Leads

EA Redwood Shores

Senior QA Test Lead
Embedded QA Teast Leads
Embedded QA Testers
Senior Director, Worldwide QA
Senior Director, North American QA
Senior QA Manager
Senior QA Project Manager, The Sims
Senior QA Project Lead, The Sims
QA Test Leads
QA Assistant Test Lead
LQA Assistant Test Lead
Senior QA Testers
Tuning Team Lead
Tuning QA Testers
QA Testers
QA Shared Services Manager
QA Compliance Project Manager
QA Compliance Test Leads
QA Compliance Testers
World Wide QA Online Group Project Lead
World Wide QA Online Group Assistant Test Leads
World Wide QA Online Group Testers
World Wide QA Online Group Support
World Wide QA Online Group Administrator
World Wide QA Online Group Associate Systems Engineer

VMC Game Labs

QA Manager
Senior QA Test Lead
QA Test Lead
Senior QA Testers
QA Testers

Electronic Arts

International Project Managers
Integration Engineering Team
European Localization Testing Project Managers
European Localization Managers
European Localization Supervisors
European Localization Coordinators
European Translations
European Localization Team Leads
European Localization Testing
Asian Localization International Project Manager
Asian Localization Producers
Asian Localization Testing
Asia Mastering
Executive Music Producer
Senior Music Supervisor
Music Supervisor
Music Licensing Managers
Music Composed by
Stereo Object Music
Guitar Object Music
Additional Music
  • Associated Production Music LLC
Additional Voice Editors
Additional Recording Engineer
VP, North American Operations
Manager North American Program Management
North American Project Manager
Customer Support Senior Director
Customer Support Assistant Senior Director
Customer Support Director Business Development
Customer Support Director Operations
Customer Support Director Technology
Customer Support Product Management
Business Development
Customer Support Technology
Customer Support Operations
Customer Support Agents

Music Credits

"True Stories"
  • Performed by Datarock
  • Fredrik Saroea (Writer)
  • Ketil Mosnes (Writer)
  • Published by Artwerk Music LLC
  • Recording courtesy of Nettwerk Productions
"The Other Side"
  • Performed by Dexter Freebish
  • Written by Kyle
  • Chris Lowe (Writer)
  • Scott Romig (Writer)
  • Published by Artwerk Music LLC
  • Recording courtesy of Copper Moon Records
"Blame It On Me"
  • Performed & Written by Ladytron
  • Published by Artwerk Music LLC
  • Recording courtesy of Nettwerk Productions
"Punches, Kicks, Trenches And Swords"
  • Performed & Written by Pint Shot Riot
  • Copyright Control
  • Recording courtesy of Life In The Big City Records
"I Love LA"
  • Performed & Written by Young Dre The Truth
  • Produced by the Specialists
  • Published by Infinite 7 Up [ASCAP]
  • Artwerk Music LLC
  • Recording courtesy of KC3 Monumental
Additional Music Courtesy of
  • Associated Production Music LLC

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