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Pioneer in isometric perspective...

The Good
Zaxxon, one of the first games to feature isometric perspective, was released on ColecoVision platform. And it's a nice game! Besides nice graphics (is it needed to explain why?), ColecoVision's version had nice sound effects and gameplay. One of the best coin-op conversions for ColecoVision!

The Bad
ColecoVision's version was harder than other Zaxxon coin-op conversions.

The Bottom Line
A nice game! Recommended. Play Zaxxon, specially in Colecovision or Commodore 64, and enter the pseudo-3D spacial adventure waiting for you!

ColecoVision · by Gustavo Henrique dos Santos (97) · 2014

A damn fine game.

The Good
It's great - the graphics are excellent for a CGA game, the controls are OK and it's really fun. And all that in 20k!

The Bad
Well, it's long and very challenging.

The Bottom Line
A good shoot-'em-up for the XT.

PC Booter · by Tomer Gabel (4539) · 1999

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