7 dní a 7 nocí

aka: 7 Dni i 7 Nocy, 7 Tage, 7 Nächte, Sieben Tage, Sieben Nächte
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7 dni a 7 noci ("7 Days and 7 Nights") is an erotic Czech adventure. You walk around town talking to people, picking up objects, and solving puzzles. The game is inspired and very similar to Sierra classic Leisure Suit Larry.

The story revolves around Venca Záhyb (Wenzel Ziegler in German, and Waszek Fałda in Polish) who one day receives a special job order from well-known millionaire Jonathan Smiht (parody for surname Smith). His orders: to protect his seven daughters from potential suitors. However, after a night spent in a pub with one Fanda Kořen who bets him one "lubr" that he can not claim all seven for himself, Venca's duties take on a whole new meaning.

He has one day with each daughter in which to win her heart. However, each woman will pose a unique challenge for Venca to overcome.


Credits (DOS version)

8 People

Hudba (Music)
  • Soundline Tábor
  • Hero Music Company
  • Neue Sprache
Zvuky (Sound)
  • Soundline Tábor
  • Hero Music Company
  • Neue Sprache
Scénář (Scenario)
Manuál (Manual)



Average score: 45% (based on 4 ratings)


Average score: 2.5 out of 5 (based on 10 ratings with 1 reviews)

Silly erotic-ish point and click adventure game

The Good
I find the art-style to be pretty nice, characters are likable the map has interesting places to visit and the goal is pretty obvious.
There is one fourth wall breaking part where you read a comment written by the scriptwriter, when you pull an item called "nebozez" translates to "auger/gimlet" out of the well the script writer said that the Amiga artist had no idea what nebozez is.
Does not surprise me, I never heard that exact world before.
And that the PC/DOS artist drew a corkscrew, I mean they look similar, right? That was really funny, probably my favorite thing in the whole game.

The Bad
I'm not very good at point and click adventure games so I played the game along with a written walk-through.
Some things you are supposed to do are pretty ridiculous, like for example you have to plug a dead dog into a wall socket in your office to turn the dog into an electromagnet.
And you have to do this multiple times to get metal items out of the well, this requires a lot of back and forward traveling and the game does not even have double click to move the character on the screen faster.
Another bad thing about the game is the erotic minigame, you get a static picture of the main character and the girl in the act and your job is to press the left and right mouse buttons, but the speed at which you have to press them is crazy and I was playing the game on an emulated i486DX@33Mhz, maybe the speed is slower on a weaker CPU.
After this minigame the game asks you to type a word from the manual, and if you type it wrong the game does not tell you that you did but instead you find that some location, for example the hotel, is closed and has a sign that says "area only for players with an original copy with a manual".
The last cutscene of the game is ridiculous and I didn't find it funny, even though it was taken to extremes to be funny.

The Bottom Line
It's a point and click adventure where you are supposed to have sex with 7 women in 7 days. The stuff you have to do to achieve that is ridiculous and silly. the erotic minigame and copy protection on the game are annoying but there is a crack which bypasses both, I finished the original uncracked Czech release.
I would recommend playing the game with a walk-through.
And I played the game on PCem emulator.

DOS · by koleq (31) · 2022

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