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You are a space pilot who can travel through time. Now your mission is to land in South America at the time of the European invasion, and find the mysterious treasure of the great Inca civilization.

Inca is a game that combines adventure and action, or to put it more correctly, it's an adventure games with many action elements (such as space combat).


  • インカ帝国 黄金郷の復活 - Japanese spelling

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Music written and orchestrated by
Multimedia technology and programming by M.D.O.
An interactive movie by
Synthetic 3D Pictures
Sound Effects
Song "Inca People"
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Average score: 69% (based on 15 ratings)


Average score: 3.5 out of 5 (based on 27 ratings with 4 reviews)

In one word, original

The Good
Inca has been some of the most interesting experiences i have went through playing a computer game. I was always interested in ancient and lost civilizations, but never got really into the incas, when i finished the game i felt the need of researching into them, so maybe we could consider it an educational game, it also had a mini encyclopedia were you could consult some stuff related to the incan empire. It is too one of the first interactive films i have ever seen. It also mixes action elements with puzzles like Ween (i think they share the same engine) maybe some found it a bit annoying the ship parts, saying they were too hard (true) but well, i think it fits well into the game.

The Bad
As a lot of people say, the action parts may be a bit annoying (although i found very amusing the maze parts where you got to fight some Spanish conquerors) Maybe some sound effects were a bit odd.

The Bottom Line
Inca is one of those games you love or you hate, it is not an adventure game, it is not an action game... it is just Inca.

DOS · by Depth Lord (934) · 2004

Among the weirdest games ever

The Good
The plot is wacked-out to the point of incomprehensibility. Imagine the Inca civilization never died out, but rose to be a starfaring race. You are El Dorado, flying a ship shaped like a statue, racing to beat Cortez (who flies a Spanish Galleon in space) to obtain... something or other. The game starts off trippy and just gets more surreal as it goes on. It, on the whole, mixes a number of different genres (including combat flight sim, inventory puzzles, and maze exploration) with a fairly high degree of efficiency. It's also very strange. The graphics were quite good for the day, and hold up today just in terms of their uniqueness. (outside of the sequel, there simply has not been another game that looks remotely like this) And did I mention it was just plain WEIRD?

The Bad
Some of the arcade sequences get quite difficult, and the overall mix of gaming styles is likely to turn off gamers who aren't proficient with both their wits and their reflexes. The ship's computer voice gets annoying. The "puzzle" sequences are logical, but like most puzzles of the day, can be solved just through persistant clicking.

The Bottom Line
If you can find a copy and a computer capable of playing it, it's worth the experience simply for the sheer oddness of the game. I'm honestly surprised it doesn't have a cult following; it's the sort of game that lovers of the bizarre would flock to.

DOS · by WizardX (116) · 2003

A great game for an otherwise limited system...

The Good
The storyline was quite imaginative. Taking the part of an Inca warrior setting out to save the world is an interesting slant. The panflute music and other "Inca-like" characteristics give this game a flavor all it's own.

The Bad
Some of the scenes move a bit slowly, and game play can become a bit repetitive, especially when shooting the Conquistadors. Otherwise, it plays well.

The Bottom Line
If you still own a CD-i system, I would highly recommend that you have this particular game in your collection. Highly imaginative, and quite good for a CD-i title, this game has a fun storyline and can be fun for all ages. A very good title to add to your CD-i collection. Please keep in mind that this review is being written in keeping with CD-i limitations, and is being written in terms of CD-i specifically, and not comparing to other platforms.

CD-i · by Michael Campellone (1) · 2006

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Version differences

An enhanced CD-ROM version was also made which features more speech, more animated cutscenes, and a much-extended version of the final level.

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