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Batman: Arkham Asylum

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Appletell ( )

The entire game has a wonderful, consistant style that keeps you drawn in throughout. And if your computer is at the upper end of the system specs, it’ll be able to push all of this through with only minor slowdowns in some of the heavier combat sequences. The story,by veteran Batman writer Paul Dini, doesn’t offer much replay value, but there are bonus combat modes that prove quite fun, and you’ll need to return to beaten areas in order to obtain all of the power-ups with utilities you didn’t have the first time through. If backtracking and challenge modes aren’t your thing, you may feel a little cheated by the somewhat short story mode. But while you’re in it, Batman: Arkham Asylum is as good as a superhero game has ever been. I can’t imagine there’s a serious gamer out there who wouldn’t enjoy it…unless, of course, they’re zoning enforcement officers by day.

Dec 4th, 2011 · Macintosh · read review

MacLife ( )

Action packed, beautiful to behold, and a joy to play, Batman: Arkham Asylum is an easily accessible title that will gobble up hours of your time.

Dec 30th, 2011 · Macintosh · read review

Inside Mac Games (IMG) (9.25 out of 10)

Batman Arkham Asylum is a triumph. It succeeds in every aspect of the game and provides a very entertaining story with loads of extra content in the form of challenges and secrets. Combat and stealth are great, the island is fun to explore, the various villains will keep you on your toes and everything holds up visually and aurally. $40 is a very reasonable asking price for the amount of content you will get, and you don't even need to be a Batman fan to enjoy this excellent 3rd person action adventure. Don't miss it.

Nov 6th, 2011 · Macintosh · read review

Macworld ( )

Games like Arkham Asylum are examples of why I love my job. It’s a pleasure to play through, to immerse yourself in the world of detectives, super villains, and gadgetry. It’s over too quickly but there are so many little details you’ll miss the first time that you want to pause and linger. Is that a Harvey Dent poster over there? Is that Calendar Man’s cell you see? What would happen if I took out the guards this way instead? Bottom line: A classic, and even in a year full of great titles for the Mac, a must play.

Jul 22nd, 2010 · Macintosh · read review

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