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aka: FIFA 10, FIFA 10: World Class Soccer

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Ea Sports dislikes PC

The Good
There are not many new things that you would like in FIFA 10 for PC. Only the new dribbling system (which is uncomfortable for the player, but something new anyway) based on Xbox FIFA 09 (and 10) is the new remarkable feature. We have the same modes, the same mistakes and everything bad from the previous FIFA games for the PC.

The Bad
It looks like EA Sports don't like PC players. FIFA 10 for the Xbox 360 and other systems are 1000 times better than this "game". We have the same game with the same graphics (since 2005 or so) and just a pair of new features (this time, the new dribbling system for FIFA 09 for Xbox 360 is included) that really doesn't matter on such a bad game.

FIFA now is a console game, and a joke for the PC users. Every aspect of the game is not improved, the same old narration, the same graphics and animations and the same feeling of a non real football experience for a game that was one of the most important series in the world for a long time.We must take a look back many years to remember the great FIFA 98: Road to World Cup.

There's nothing more to say. Many players hoped that the new FIFA for PC was going to be better because FIFA 09 for Xbox worked really fine, but what they've realize is that they're playing the same game with the same things.

We could spend a lot of time talking about the lacks of this game, like the poor AI (specially frustrating the AI of the goalkeepers), the animations of the game or the sound but it would be just a waste of time. The only reason for playing this game, is that you've never played any other football game in the world (including most of the 16-bit and 8-bit system football games).

The Bottom Line
EA Sports is pulling the player leg with this game. In PC there's no doubt, if you want a real football game for PC, Pro Evolution Soccer (no matter which one) is your game. No discussion about that.

Windows · by NeoJ (398) · 2009

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