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Panzer General: Allied Assault is a turn-based card/boardgame mix inspired by the Panzer General series. The map is divided into 5*6 squares with the first row on each side being the home row for the respective party. Each tile has different attributes and is more or less important. While a river gives -3 to the attack bonus, attacking while sitting behind a mountain grants +3 defense. Each tile also grants a specific amount of prestige points at the end of each round for the army who previously conquered it by placing a unit on it.

Prestige points are needed to buy additional cards at the beginning of a round as well as for placing new units like tanks or infantry on the map. Each player can normally only have up to 10 cards in his deck. Cards represent everything in the game from units over actions like ordering a bomb-strike on enemy artillery, to attacks. They can be played out as long as enough prestige points are available. In addition each placed unit can either move one tile each round or attack an enemy. This rule can only be bypassed by playing a Free Attack Action card.

Combat itself is divided into several stages. First the game looks if an enemy is dug in and gives him the first shot if that is the case. Then the defense and attack points are calculated based on factors like terrain cover, dug-in conditions and support from friendly units on nearby tiles or artillery in range. Afterwards combat cards are played until both players choose to pass. Combat cards allow for example to take out the artillery support via an air strike or just add -3 to the defense rating of the enemy in order to overcome his defense rating. Once both player pass, they can sacrifice a battle card from their available deck to add its worth to either their defense or offense rating as the last means to change the final outcome. To add a little bit of luck to the game, a dice roll follows. Whatever is rolled will be added to the attackers' attack points making him either stronger or weaker. For example: the dice lands on a -3. After the dice fell, the game plays out the combat, dealing out damage as determined by the defense and attack points of each party and then the positions change. The attacker becomes defender and the inital defender is now the attacker. If after the second round one unit still isn't either dead or retreating, the outcome is a draw. Otherwise the winning party gains an additional health point and can choose to advance onto the enemy position if the initial attackers won.

The game features a campaign with twelve normal and three bonus missions. Successfully completing them inside a set round limit unlocks more or less new cards which are only available in multiplayer. Getting an achievement also grants a new card that can then be used to make custom decks for both the Germans and Americans with the integrated deck builder.

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Board game adaptions

The game received a board game adaptation (by Petroglyph as well, since they also specialize on board games) in January 2010, officially licensed by Ubisoft. Allied Assault also received a board game only sequel, Panzer General: Russian Assault, in August of that same year.

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