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Quinn is a wedding planner that finds herself in a lot of trouble after several disasters, and a myriad of small problems prevent her to complete an important appointment to a rich socialite client. She phones her friend Flo, the owner of a successful diner, and asks for help in solving these matters. Flo starts to search around the neighborhood for items and shops that can help Quinn.

Avenue Flo is an adventure game with simple puzzles made for the casual market, and a spin-off of a series of time management titles incorporating Flo, the waitress heroine, and some other recurring characters. As in most classic point-and-click adventure games, the player controls the actions of the main character by clicking directly on interactive portions of the scenery to collect items and explore the neighborhood locations and streets. The game has full voice acting for all the characters, and Flo can talk to other people to receive clues and hints about the tasks that need to be accomplished to save the wedding.

The interface at the bottom shows the inventory with the collected objects, from where all the items can be dragged and dropped on logical places to perform actions and solve puzzles. Three icons at the bottom-right give access to helpful information. The map shows all the places visited, items collected, tasks completed and characters met so far. The napkin has a task list showing all the pending wedding problems to be solved, being automatically filled with new information as the player advances in the game. The plastic bag holds all the butterflies found and collected around the town.

Some locations have special puzzles and mini-games that take place on a separate screen, where the player has to manipulate a mechanism of some sort to solve them. The challenges are related to the locations and the plot. In the clothes shop, a sequence of beads have to be sewed on a dress in a unbroken line, following and filling a pattern contour. In the pet shop, bags of animal food and other store items have to be placed inside the limited space of a cardboard box. In the fitness center, there's a rhythm mini-game where the goal is to hit the correct exercise moves on a wheel at the right time, when the corresponding icon is passing over a button at the top.

Plastic bottles, cans and butterflies can be found and collected on most street scenes. The bottles and cans have to be used on the recycling machines to receive subway tokens, while 33 butterflies have to be collected to gain access to new neighborhoods. Flo can travel between neighborhoods by taking the subway train.

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