Sonic Adventure 2

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Dreamcast credits (2001)

171 people (150 professional roles, 21 thanks) with 194 credits.

Art Director
Main Programmer
Sound Director
Game Designers
Field Art Director
Field Artists
Assistant Director
Scenario Writer
Lead Event Artist
Event Scene Artists
Lead Chao Programmer
Chao Programmer
Lead Chao Artist
Chao Artist
Music & Lyrics
Sound Effects
Marketing Product Manager
Associate Product Manager
Director of Marketing
Creative Services
Public Relations
CG Movie Production
  • Super 78; CA USA
SOA Localization Producer
SOA Lead Tester
SOA Assistant Leads
SOA Translators
SOJ Manual Production Text & DTP
SOJ Text Advisor
Sound Designed by
  • Wavemaster Inc.
SOJ Designer
SOJ Supervisor
Special Thanks
Player Character Designers
Player Character Programmer
Field Designers
Enemy Character Designers
Motion Capture Studio
  • Visual Concepts Entertainment Inc.
CG Movie Producer
Developed by
CG Movie Director
Presented by
CG Movie Coordinator
MPEG Sofdec Encode (CRI)
Executive Sound Coordinator
Sound Effects Programmer
Music Produced by
Recording Engineers
Recording Coordination
Mastering Engineer
Lyrics Translation
Motion Capture Supervisor
Japanese Character Voices
Voice Recording Producer
Recording Coordinator
English Character Voices
Voice Recording Director
Postrecording Editors
Product Support
Server Program Support
Executive Management (Sega)
Promotion Management (Sega)
Marketing (Sega)
Marketing Research (Sega)
SOA Executive Management
SOA Executive Coordinator
SOA Product Manager
SOA Public Relations
SOA PC Support
SOE Associate Director of PD
SOE Localization Producer
SOE Test Manager
SOE Lead Tester
SOE Translators
SOE Product Manager
SOE PR Manager
SOE Marketing Executive
SOE Marketing
Executive Producer
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