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Sonic Adventure 2

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With all of the middling-to-bad 3D Sonic games out there, it can be easy to forget that they’re not all stinkers. If you’ve ever liked 3D Sonic games before Sonic Colors, Sonic Adventure 2 is the one to revisit. It’s a solidly fun experience, occasionally rough around the edges, but mostly enjoyable if you can forgive the awkward flow of switching among playstyles from level to level. It’s ok to be nostalgic for this one.

Oct 9th, 2012 · PlayStation 3 · read review

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There’s no point in pretending otherwise – Sonic Adventure 2 is a mess. Luckily, it’s one of the best messes you’ll ever play, keeping you crawling back time and time again for over 100 hours. If you’re willing to contend with Adventure 2’s many quirks, you’ll find one of the best value buys on digital shelves today.

Oct 22nd, 2012 · PlayStation 3 · read review

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