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EF 2000

aka: EF 2000 TFX, Eurofighter 2000

DOS credits (1995)

54 People (50 developers, 4 thanks)

Digital Image Design Ltd.

Project Director
Project Management
Managing Director
Creative Direction
Assistant Producer
Project Planning and Game Integration
Original Concept
Director of Programming
Lead Programmer
Lead Programmer Military Systems
TIALD Simulator Development and Adaptation
3D World Code
3D Engine Design
WarGen Design and Coding
WarGen Components
Aeronautical Engineer and Programmer
GUI Implementation
GUI System Development
Program Module Integration
Head of 3D Design
Management of 3D Modelling and World Building
3D Shape Design
3D Designer
Texture Map Design
3D World Design
Silicon Graphics Art
Cool Explosions
Graphic Design
Input into 3D Systems
3D Techniques and Effects
Design of Texture Maps
Rendered 3D-studio art for the simulation and manual
Mission Development
Mission Building
World Building
Scenario Maps
Simulation Design
GUI System Design
Weapon Flight Models
Flight Models
Neural Networks
Sound and Music Integration
Target Management
Missions and Environment Building
Head of R&D
R&D Programmers
R&D AI Researcher
AA Combat AI
SmartPilots AI Controlled Pilot System
Research and Development
Assistance with Military Research
General Research
Background information on Norway
Network Manager
Network Communications System
In-game language handling for localisation
Manual Proofing
Manual Concept
Manual Copy
Publisher Relations
Press & Media Relations
Publisher Liaison
Press and Advertising
Military Liaisons
Head of Aeronautical Engineering

Special Thanks

Advertising, Packaging, Videos, Documentation Design and Production
  • the Advertising Agency Ltd
Information, Advice and Support
  • BAe Publicity Dpt
Information and Aircraft Line Drawings
  • Key Publishing
  • Lockheed Publicity Dpt
Head of EF2000 Marketing at British Aerospace
EF2000 Test Pilot
  • IBM Computers
Special Thanks to
  • David Chinn (Royal Aeronautical Society and NEFMA)
  • DID Administration - All the support staff in the office

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