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EF 2000

aka: EF 2000 TFX, Eurofighter 2000

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Business Model:
Minimum CPU Class Required:
Minimum OS Class Required:
Minimum RAM Required:
Drivers/APIs Supported:
Media Type:
Minimum CD-ROM Drive Speed Required:
Video Modes Supported:
Sound Devices Supported:
Input Devices Supported:
Controller Types Supported:
Multiplayer Options:
Multiplayer Game Modes:
Number of Offline Players:
Number of Online Players:
Miscellaneous Attributes:
Notes: 486DX2 66 Mhz; 20MB hard disk space Glide 3D hw support for 3Dfx Voodoo & Rendition Verite via a patch: 'Graphics+' Forte VFX-1 3D glasses supported.

Attributes contributed by Zovni, formercontrib, Jeanne, Rwolf.

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Ratings contributed by formercontrib, Xoleras.