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F-Zero: Maximum Velocity

aka: F-Zero for Game Boy Advance, JĂ­sĂč F-ZERO WĂšilĂĄi SĂ ichē

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Critic Reviews 81% add missing review

GamePro (US) (5 out of 5)

With 20 all-new tracks and all-new racers, F-Zero: Maximum Velocity picks right up where the awesome SNES version left off (and ignores the sub-par N64 version) to create one of the best launch titles for the Game Boy Advance. Blazing fast speeds with sharp graphics, pulsating sounds and good controls (although the little GBA sometimes seems a bit unwieldy) create a terrific handheld racer that blows the doors off of the rest of the racing competition gathering for the system’s launch.

Jun 12th, 2001 · Game Boy Advance · read review

Gaming Target (9 out of 10)

NDCube successfully captured the spirit and sheer power of the music of the two previous F-Zero games and reinterpreted it in a very welcome manner. While I was looking forward to hearing some of the great guitar riffs that make the Mute City, Big Blue, and Port Town songs from the previous games so exciting, every classic song is missing in action
 presumably because none of the courses or locales from previous games returned either. The music, vehicles, racers, courses, and locales are all new to the F-Zero universe. The sound effects are standard, exactly what you would expect from an F-Zero game, aside from the occasional explosion, which is complemented by a very powerful sound bite.

Mar 28th, 2002 · Game Boy Advance · read review

Eurogamer.net (UK) (9 out of 10)

F-Zero: Maximum Velocity is an awesome achievement from NDCube, and definitely another killer app to add to the large collection of them already available for Game Boy Advance. It's no Gran Turismo 3, but there's nothing else that comes close in terms of sheer racing action.

Jul 21st, 2001 · Game Boy Advance · read review

Gamezilla (90 out of 100)

If you enjoy racing games then you need this game, it’s that simple. In fact, this game is the reason I went out and bought a GBA in the first place. The gameplay is rock solid, challenging, innovative, and a lot of fun despite the potential thumb pain you’re likely to get. It looks great, sounds great, and plays great and for that reason I give this game a score of 90.

Jul 17th, 2001 · Game Boy Advance · read review

GameSpy (86 out of 100)

It seems that every new racer on the Game Boy Advance is using the same engine -- from Mario Cart to Hot Wheels -- but F-Zero still manages to have a unique flavor and feel to it. Any fan of the original game will love this latest iteration, and those who want a fast and extremely challenging arcade racing experience would be hard pressed to find something better, especially for a portable system.

Dec 25th, 2001 · Game Boy Advance · read review

Consoles Plus (85 out of 100)

De nouvelles sensations pour un nouveau F-Zero sur une nouvelle console. Le pied !

May 2001 · Game Boy Advance · read review

4Players.de (84 out of 100)

F-Zero bietet spannende Rennen und hĂŒbsche Grafik fĂŒr unterwegs. Es wird nie langweilig und die sehr gute Steuerung gibt einem immer die perfekte Kontrolle ĂŒber seinen Flitzer. Nur der dĂŒnne und nervige Sound stört das gute Gesamtbild. Trotzdem kann ich F-Zero jedem ans Herz legen, der gerne schnelle Rennen fĂ€hrt.

Jul 11th, 2001 · Game Boy Advance · read review

The Next Level (USA) (B+)

Overall, F-Zero: Maximum Velocity is a solid title, a shining example of arcade style racing done right. Regardless of your familarity (or lack thereof) with the previous editions, be it casual or hardcore, the game is loaded with challenge. Perhaps even a bit too challenging for most, but be assured, the replay value alone makes every cent well worth it. Even if your think you're a racing mecca in the easier circuits, the more advanced levels will test your hand and eye coordination to the fullest. Don't expect to complete this game within a few days. In staying true to the formula which made the original edition an acclaimed charm on the SNES, avid fans will feel right at home, while newbies to the series will discover an intense, entertaining racer which is bound to become a personal handheld favorite.

Jul 24th, 2001 · Game Boy Advance · read review

Advance (Germany) (82 out of 100)

Wer auf der Suche nach einem anspruchsvollen Sciencefiction-Rennspiel mit guter Optik samt abwechslungsreichen Strecken ist und sich dabei von englischen Bildschirmtexten nicht stören lĂ€sst, bekommt mit F-Zero: Maximum Velocity genau das Richtige geboten - fĂŒr sich betrachtet ein gutes Spiel, jedoch definitiv der schlechteste Teil der Serie. Gelegenheitsspieler greifen daher auch besser zu einem der Fun-Racer aus dem Hause Nintendo oder Konami, die bieten nicht zuletzt dank zusĂ€tzlicher Spielmodi insgesamt gesehen mehr Spielspaß.

2001 · Game Boy Advance

GameSpot (8.1 out of 10)

While not revolutionary in any regard, F-Zero: Maximum Velocity is a challenging yet addictive racer with speed to spare. With plenty of tracks to unlock, vehicles to master, and multiplayer modes to explore, it won't be headed for trade-in anytime soon. Anyone who has disliked the mechanics of previous F-Zero games won't be converted by Maximum Velocity, but this pocket-sized nitro boost will more than satisfy players who can appreciate its simple elegance.

Jun 6th, 2001 · Game Boy Advance · read review

Nintendo Power ( )

The original F-ZERO for the Super NES was all about speed, and the GBA version of the white-knuckle racer doesn't quite match the Mach of the original, but it still pulls down some serious g's.

Jun 2001 · Game Boy Advance · read review

Jeuxvideo.com (16 out of 20)

F-Zero n'a rien perdu de son charme et revient dans une version encore plus rapide et fun, avec des courses ultra-dynamiques qui mettront vos nerfs à rude épreuve. L'occasion idéale de découvrir un jeu déjà culte qui convient de plus parfaitement au support GBA. Indispensable !

Jun 22nd, 2001 · Game Boy Advance · read review

64 Power / big.N / N Games ( )

Leider bietet Maximum Velocity nichts wirklich Neues und das Streckendesign ist auch nicht mehr so genial, wie es einmal war. Insgesamt ein gelungener SF-Racer mit ziemlich hohem Schwierigkeitsgrad.

Jun 2001 · Game Boy Advance

Game Over Online (80 out of 100)

Ultimately, I thought F-Zero was a delightful racer in the vein of Wipeout, POD and many others. Of course, F-Zero was probably the title that jumpstarted the genre of futuristic arcade racers. I'm being unfair in comparing it with those and I must admit, I never played the original F-Zero title either. However original its predecessor was, I still think there is a lot of room for improvement in both level design and depth of gameplay. An ability to share ghost cars with your fellow GBA players or even design your own tracks would have been great additions to the game notwithstanding the fact that I'm not sure how manageable it is with the GBA's limited storage system. In spite of this, if you are one who knows what the term 'powerslide' means in racers, you'll undoubtedly want to pick this one up. And for those who are nostalgic F-Zero fans, this will rekindle some Mode 7 gaming goodness.

Feb 6th, 2002 · Game Boy Advance · read review

Play.tm (80 out of 100)

Having said the above, of course, the limited nature of the gameplay on display cannot be ignored, and the fact remains that it's a fast-paced and fun experience while it lasts but one that is over all too quickly. F-Zero then, represents a very purified experience, which is better suited for the occasional quick thrill, than hours of immersive play. It is with gamers that appreciate this in mind, that I can cautiously recommend this game

Jan 13th, 2002 · Game Boy Advance · read review

All Game Guide ( )

In many ways, this game is perfectly suited to Nintendo's popular handheld unit, which is home to a number of nicely realized 16-bit ports and remakes, including Gradius Galaxies and Sonic Advance. Maximum Velocity helps keep retro-gaming alive for a new generation of gamers and furthers the system's notable reputation as a portable, quasi-Super NES system.

2001 · Game Boy Advance · read review

Pocket Magazine / Pockett Videogames ( )

Les bons jeux de course futuristes ont toujours manquĂ© sur portatives, principalement pour des limitations techniques. F-Zero arrive donc Ă  point nommĂ© pour combler ce grand vide. Cette conversion est trĂšs fidĂšle Ă  la version Super Nintendo d’un point de vue graphique, mais il s’agit bel et bien d’un nouvel Ă©pisode. Pour tous ceux qui ne connaĂźtraient pas ce hit made in Nintendo, il s’agit d’un clone du jeu de courses WipeOut, son ancĂȘtre mĂȘme pour ĂȘtre plus prĂ©cis, mettant en scĂšne des bolides futuristes en lĂ©vitation Ă  quelques centimĂštres du sol.

Jul 2001 · Game Boy Advance · read review

Jeux Vidéo Magazine (16 out of 20)

On ne peut dĂ©plorer la prĂ©sence de F-Zero sur Game Boy Advance, au contraire ! Il n'est pas ici question d'innover, mais d'Ă©mouvoir les plus nostalgiques d'entre nous, et par lĂ  mĂȘme, de faire dĂ©couvrir Ă  de plus petites mimines, l'un des jeux de course les plus marquants d'une Ă©poque bĂ©nie.

Jul 2001 · Game Boy Advance · read review

Pocket Gamer UK ( )

Pure racing exhilaration. Nothing more, and certainly nothing less.

Oct 21st, 2005 · Game Boy Advance · read review

UOL Jogos ( )

Mas afinal: F-Zero Ă© um grande jogo? A resposta sincera Ă© nĂŁo. Ele nĂŁo Ă© revolucionĂĄrio nem tecnologicamente impressionante. Mas Ă© um jogo simples, divertido e extremamente bem-acabado, sendo um tĂ­tulo perfeito para um portĂĄtil que pode ser tirado do bolso a qualquer hora para fazer o tempo passar.

Jun 12th, 2001 · Game Boy Advance · read review

Power Unlimited (78 out of 100)

Nu, de kritiek zal nu wel weer los gaan barsten want van F-Zero op de GBA krijgen we 't ook niet echt warm. De graphics zien er weliswaar mooi uit en het spel bevat een aantal circuits die de SNES versie niet had maar na een paar uur hadden we het allemaal wel gezien met deze game.

Jul 2001 · Game Boy Advance

Computer Bild Spiele (2.49 out of 6)

Ob die Rennen auch mit ĂŒppigerer Grafik noch so zackig wĂ€ren? Hohes Tempo ist ja drin, aber grafisch ist F-Zero – Maximum Velocity ein ziemlicher Missgriff. Immerhin wird’s so auf dem kleinen Bildschirm des Gameboy Advance nicht zu unĂŒbersichtlich. Das bunte Rennspektakel gleitet jedenfalls „gut“ durch die Wertung.

Jun 2001 · Game Boy Advance

Edge (7 out of 10)

As a launch title, this will no doubt do for GBA what the original did for SNES. Indeed, very little has changed. Those looking for a real overhaul should perhaps set their sights on GameCube.

Apr 23rd, 2001 · Game Boy Advance · read review

Super Play (Sweden) (7 out of 10)

Vill man spela det allra bÀsta futuristiska racingspelet Àr till exempel F-Zero X och Wipeout 2097 bÀttre alternativ. F-Zero: Maximum har dock en fördel gentemot dessa titlar - man kan ju ta med det precis överallt! Och eftersom det aningen enformiga upplÀgget inte alls blir lika pÄtagligt om man begrÀnsar spelandet till korta doser tycker jag ÀndÄ att F-Zero: Maximum Velocity Àr en trevlig bekantskap som gör sig bra till Game Boy Advance.

Jun 2001 · Game Boy Advance

Gamers Europe (6 out of 10)

I'd like to give F-Zero a higher mark. It is another great example of what the Game Boy Advance capable of. However, there is absolutely nothing new in this remake and gaming has moved on just a smidgen since the original. Still another solid performance to an already impressive GBA catalogue.

Mar 25th, 2002 · Game Boy Advance · read review

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