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Touhou Hisouten: Scarlet Weather Rhapsody

aka: SWR


Scarlet Weather Rhapsody is a 2d fighting game that is part of the Touhou series. Scarlet Weather Rhapsody features an intricate flight and projectile system which builds on the similar game, Touhou Suimusou, and features 15 playable characters. Important gameplay in Scarlet Weather Rhapsody involves making use of the weather system, which affects the flow of battle depending on the current condition. It also includes a skill card mechanic, which can be used to power up attacks, perform special moves, or even change the aforementioned weather at a whim.

As the scarlet devil mansion in Gensokyo is plagued by mysterious natural events. Reimu Hakurei and the other girls living in the mansion have no idea what is causing the disaster, and eventually seek out its source one by one. Each girl however is affected differently by the weather events, which serves as a topic for conversation between them, but all share the confusion resulting from it.

Despite having multiple playable characters in its story mode, Scarlet Weather Rhapsody has multiple canonical endings.


  • 東方緋想天 ~ Scarlet Weather Rhapsody - Japanese spelling

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