Last Action Hero

Moby ID: 456

DOS version

Laugh-out-loud funny

The Good
Playing it was fun - once.

The Bad
The second time I tried it, it was not funny anymore. The two parts of the game are both ridiculous. The driving only consists of ramming the opponent from the back. The controls make this quite difficult. Most of the time you just cannot drive because there is something in your way you could not see. The player sprite in the fighting part looks like a monkey. Although there are several different moves, you only need one. Both parts are so easy that I managed to "solve" the game in 20 minutes the first time I played it. I only touched it once since then (for 5 minutes).

The Bottom Line
The designer did not seem to be too enthusiastic about the idea of making a game out of a film. Maybe he just thought: "A Schwarzenegger-movie...let's do something like beating some bad guys up.".

by Mr Creosote (366) on December 30th, 1999

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