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Caves of the Wumpus


A fully hypertextual rendition of Hunt the Wumpus, this implementation adds a couple of intriguing factors to standard Wumpus gameplay (explore caves, fire arrows at suspected Wumpi from adjacent cave, try not to fall into pits). The first bit of "new" business is of cycling through various cave system shapes from game to game, from the traditional dodecahedron to a Moebius strip and every geometrical curiosity in between, only revealed upon player death -- an extension of ideas originating from Wumpus II. The next element to spice things up is a new play mode, "Hunt the Exit", which a player can jump right into or which is activated upon expending the total complement of arrows fruitlessly. Once the Wumpus realises that its would-be hunter is now disarmed, it becomes enraged and goes on the war path, rampaging through the catacombs until it reaches the player and puts an end to them. The player, in turn, hopes to locate the cavern's exit and put it to good use.

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Ye Castle of Anthony Thyssen

The Wumpus Caves are just one small portion of Ye Castle of Anthony Thyssen, a vast, pseudo-medieval choose-your-own-adventure interface to navigate the author's homepage complex with.

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