Rocket Knight

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PlayStation 3 credits (2010)

235 people (161 professional roles, 74 thanks) with 253 credits.

General Credits

Executive Producer
Executive Vice President of Production

Developed by Climax Studios Ltd.

Lead Designer
Lead Programmer
Lead Artist
Core Tech Group
Lead Animator
Lead Special Effects Artist
Special Effects Artists
GUI Artwork
Environment Artists
Environment Concept Art
Character Art
Character Concept Art
Audio Designers
Studio Art Director
Studio Design Director
Studio Technical Director
Studio Outsource Manager
Studio Administration
Studio IT
Studio Recruitment
Special Thanks

Konami Digital Entertainment Inc.

Sr. Manager of 1st Party Relations
Sr. Production Coordinator
Associate Director of Licensing
Associate Director of Business Development
Director of Marketing
Sr. Product Manager
Marketing Specialist
Associate Director of Public Relations
Sr. Manager of Public Relations
Creative Services Director
Director of Online & Social Media
Associate Web Manager
Director of Monitoring Group
Monitoring Group Supervisor
MG Project Lead
MG Senior Tester
MG Testers
MG Localization Testers
QA Translator
QA TRG Coordinator
QA TRG Leads
QA TRG Testers
MG Mastering Lab Coordinator
MG Mastering Lab Specialist
Customer Servicer Manager
Customer Service Representative
Vice President of Legal Affairs
Contract Administrators Paralegal
Vice President of Human Resources
KDR-E Product Management

Climax Studios Outsource Partners

Character Models
  • Original Force
Art Director
  • Hupo
Modelling Artists
Technical Artists
Texturing Artists
  • Pit Stop Productions
Managing Director
Production Director
Studio Director
  • Bang Zoom Entertainment
Official Trailers
  • The Hindsight Project

Special Thanks

Climax Studios Personal Thanks
Konami Special Thanks
And Very Special Thanks to
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