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Football Academy

aka: Football Academy: Build and prove your football knowledge, Football Academy: Die Fussballschule

Nintendo DS credits (2009)

96 people (92 professional roles, 4 thanks) with 97 credits.

Developed at EA Canada

Vice President
Executive Producer
Group Development Director
Group Technical Director
Line Producer
Lead Designer
Franchise Development Director
Development Director
Art Director
Technical Director

HB Studios Development Team

Executive Producer
Technical Director
Senior Producer
Associate Producer
Production Coordinator
Technical Lead
Programming Team
Additional Programming
Head of Graphic Design
Graphic Designers
Audio Director

Electronic Arts

Production Support

Data Collection

Data Collection Lead
Production Team
Programming Team


Development Director
Production Team

Manual Editing

Senior Writer

Marketing and PR

Marketing Team
Territory Marketing Team
Special Thanks

Testing Team

QA Managers
Testing Manager


Localisation Production
Localisation Programming
Localisation Team
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