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DOS version

Not much fun to play.

The Good
Cyclemania's concept is to race in front of real-life motion video backdrop that made up of 5 live-action roadways. That's nice. At the beginning it's really a nice change to see yourself driving your vehicle on a "real" desert or mountain road. Unfortunately your excitement doesn't last much after you find out that the game is not much fun to play.

The Bad
Although frame-rate decompression is quite good, you mostly race in front of blocky graphics. Gameplay doesn't offer you anything special. Instead, it may become frustrating.

Cyclemania has also no replay value after you finish playing all the circuits available. Its championship mode doesn't help you either since it's far from being compelling. There could have been more variety of obstacles or challenges on the races.

The Bottom Line
I'm glad they tried to bring real-life roadways to our computer screens. Maybe not a successful conversion but at least they'd tried.

This game made me miss the countless hours I spent playing Test Drive III: THE PASSION!

by Accatone (5191) on August 4th, 2001

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