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Elemental Masters

aka: Elemental Master: Command the forces of Nature


Elemental Masters is a trading card-based fantasy game. The land of Elendior is threatened by a great demon that has risen from the dead. The player has to survive numerous adventures, gather an army of mystical creatures and learn dark magic before he or she can face the ultimate enemy and save Elendior.

There are three different character classes available. Each class starts the game with a different magic spell. The hero travels through the land on a map and must fight numerous enemies along the way. Battles are fought by playing a trading card / board game against an AI opponent. Before the battle a deck of cards must be selected. Each card represents a creature and has four numbers corresponding to the four sides of the card. These numbers symbolize the fighting strength of the creature in that direction. The two players take turns placing their cards on a 3x3 board. If a card is put next to a weaker card (i.e. the strength or the new "attacking" card is higher than the strength of the "defending" card on their common border) the weaker card changes to the color of the attacking player. The battle ends when 9 cards have been played; the player who owns most cards on the board wins. In addition to these basic rules there are several advanced rules such as cards and board squares associated with elements (hence the name of the game), different counting modes and magic spells you can use during the battle. The winner of a battle receives one or more of the opponents cards. An important aspect of the game is to win more and stronger cards and learn new magic spells.



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