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GameSpot (8.1 out of 10)

Back when the Dreamcast was just a few nice screenshots and a funny name, pessimists were warning prospective buyers that it would eventually become a dumping ground for lazy PC game developers. So far this hasn't happened, and if 4x4 Evolution is an example of what those pessimists were warning us about, then the world needs more lazy PC game developers. 4x4 Evolution for the Dreamcast straddles the line between simulation and arcade, bringing the best of both worlds along for the ride.

Nov 8th, 2000 · Dreamcast · read review

Electric Playground (8 out of 10)

If you’re tired of racing all manners of sports cars through busy streets and on concrete, 4X4 Evolution is definitely a title to look for. Despite some minor shortcomings it’s a fantastic racing game, and being a little different will be a refreshing change for many gamers.

2000 · Dreamcast · read review

GamePro (US) (4 out of 5)

4x4 Evolution has plenty of cool features?beautiful tracks that let you roam freely, nearly every pickup and SUV on the market, adjustable steering?yet the racing is straightforward and, because of wimpy sound effects and a limited number of opponents, sometimes even dull. The coolest part of this game is that you can drive anywhere, but this is deceptive since you still must hit every checkpoint?and the checkpoints all straddle the road, so 4x4 is really a straightforward racer in off-road clothing. And, while the later tracks are challenging, career mode requires that you race the same handful of tracks again and again, with only the daylight and weather changing?sometimes. You can play online, too, but races are limited to four competitors even in single-player, so you're often the only vehicle in sight.

Jan 9th, 2001 · Dreamcast · read review

IGN (7.5 out of 10)

In the small circle of friends that I have had, I always knew I was a bit different... alright, I was really different. As a youngster, while most of my friends were at little league, or playing soccer, I was at home practicing piano. During my high-school years, my friends' after-school activities usually consisted of sports practice or drama rehearsal, while I was at my local 7-11 perfecting the Guile re-dizzy combo in Street Fighter II. Then, came to our selection of vehicles; many preferred souped-up hotrods with noise-polluting engines or slammed import rockets with noise-polluting exhaust pipes. HA! Neither appealed to yours truly, as I dreamed of 32-inch tires, extra cab sizes, 4-wheel drive, a 12 inch lift kit... and I continue envisioning such thoughts as I cruise to work every day in my econo-box. Thankfully, I can jump into a big-wheeled 4x4 monster anytime courtesy of 4x4 Evolution.

Oct 31st, 2000 · Dreamcast · read review

HappyPuppy (7 out of 10)

4x4 Evolution is one sweet racing and workshop experience that makes up for its lack of blazing speed or a damage model with ultra-deep customization options and a thriving community of people to play against.

Jan 25th, 2001 · Dreamcast · read review

Gamer's Pulse (64 out of 100)

After playing through this game extensively, it's easy to see that the developer's heart was in the right place. On paper, 4X4 seems like an offroading fan's dream: wide-open vistas, a good selection of trucks, and customization galore, all backed up by Internet multiplayer. However, the finished product falls short in practically every way, from graphics to gameplay, making it fit for an evening's rental and not much else. Though there's some fun to be had here, those looking for a truly enjoyable all-terrain driving experience would be better off purchasing ATV Offroad Fury for the PlayStation 2. Even going out and blowing $30,000 on an actual SUV would probably be more rewarding in the long run. Sorry Greenpeace.

Apr 26th, 2001 · Dreamcast · read review

Video Games (63 out of 100)

4x4 Evolution passiert also Kombination als Sega Rally und 18 Wheeler die Ziellinie – doch leider nicht ohne ein paar Macken: Im Spielgeschehen wühlen sich die PS-starken Boliden nur mühselig durch den Schlamm. Eine extrem langsame Geschwindigkeit sorgt für Sprünge wie in Zeitlupe, die Duelle mit euren Kontrahenten verkommen zu zähen Riesenschneckenrennen. Die drei Wetterzustände und eine gelungene Replay-Funktion lockern die Atmosphäre zwar etwas auf, mangelnde Sicht und weite Nebelfelder stören jedoch das Geschehen. Hinzu kommt eine ziemlich träge Steuerung, die euren Monstertruck schliddernd durch den Rundkurs manövriert.

Dec 2000 · Dreamcast

Computer and Video Games (CVG) (6 out of 10)

It's a decent enough game to play in short bursts, but the continuing frustrations of collision detection and the general repetitiveness ruin any chance there was of getting more than a few days' play out of this - other than in the surprisingly smooth online modes, that is. Ultimately, if you want a 4x4 off-road racing title, then 4 Wheel Thunder is still the best one to get.

Aug 8th, 2001 · Dreamcast · read review

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