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Crash Bandicoot

aka: Crash 1

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The Video Game Critic (A)

Your goal is to traverse a series of hazards while smashing crates and defeating animals with well-timed spins and pounces. In most stages you run "into" the screen, but in a few you run "out" of the screen, and there are even some side-scrolling levels. From its shimmering water stages, to Indiana Jones-inspired giant rolling boulder stage, Crash Bandicoot's 3D world is loaded with fun surprises. If this isn't a Playstation classic, what is?

Jul 15th, 1999 · PlayStation · read review

Gaming Target (9.3 out of 10)

Pick it up again if it's in a corner collecting dust somewhere. Or maybe you sold it to help pay for some other game, there's plenty of used copies floating around. Or maybe you're like me and never had a PSone. Whatever your situation, there's a reason Crash Bandicoot has achieved classic status: it's a great game.

Aug 16th, 2002 · PlayStation · read review

NowGamer (9.1 out of 10)

Initially, it feels like a hybrid of all the other platformers out there, and to a degree it is. However, get to some of the later levels and you really start seeing some spectacular effects, with an immense amount of tasks to accomplish, enemies to avoid or kill, and bonuses to reap. The game has a good learning curve, and although some of the sections can be excruciatingly frustrating to get past at first, a little concentration will usually get you through leaving you feeling rewarded for your efforts. It’ll take the average player several weeks to complete Crash Bandicoot fully, with all the bonus sections and hidden areas. The game can be completed partially without the bonuses or hidden areas, but then you’d be missing around a third of it – and believe me, those hidden areas are some of the best bits. Crash Bandicoot is a worthy addition to any collection, but the frustrating save feature (as explained elsewhere in this review) is the only thing that ruins it.

Nov 8th, 1996 · PlayStation · read review

Game Informer Magazine (9 out of 10)

For starters I wouldn't have called a character supporting a CD-ROM unit 'Crash'. Maybe Loading or Laser Boy would have been more appropriate. Nonetheless, this game is right up my alley, pure action/platform mayhem. The further you proceed the tougher it gets. This title will attract old school gamers along with the new generation of astro kids. The graphics are very comparable to the N64. The 3D realism is balanced perfectly with the gameplay. I actually felt like I was jumping along lily pads up a jungle river. This is a game that all action/platform gamers must experience. It's not completely original, but the overall feeling after playing is truly unique.

Sep 1996 · PlayStation · read review

Retro Spirit Games ( )

Nevertheless, Crash Bandicoot is still great game, providing hours of fun and bags of challenge, just be prepared to lose your temper now and then. It's a game that's well worth returning to today for some quirky platforming that sits comfortably between the old school 2D affairs and the later 3D games that would go on on to replace them as everyone embraced third dimension... at least until indie games would make 2D platformers popular all over again! A true retro classic.

Oct 24th, 2013 · PlayStation · read review

Mega Fun (86 out of 100)

Nüchtern betrachtet, bringt der wirbelnde Koyote Crash nichts Neues in die ohnehin karge Landschaft der Hüpfspiele auf der PlayStation: Das Spielprinzip erinnert stark an Tazmania, die Übersichtskarte der Insel wurde von Mario „entliehen“, und die Sache mit der rollenden Steinkugel (Indy laßt grüßen) wurde auch schon mehr als einmal in Videospielen verbraten. Trotzdem: Durch die tolle 3D-Grafik und die technische Perfektion hebt sich Crash Bandicoot deutlich von allen bisherigen PlayStation-Jump'n Runs ab. Wenn der fette Wanst des Level-Bosses Papu Papu realistisch schwabbelt wie Mutters Götterspeise, oder das Wasser des Konsolen- Flußlaufes von dem eines echten kaum zu unterscheiden ist, macht auch ein Hüpfspiel klassischer Machart einen Mordsspaß. Beachtet aber bitte, daß Crash außer Hüpfen und seiner Wirbelwind-Attacke über keinerlei weitere Fähigkeiten verfügt.

Oct 1996 · PlayStation

GameSlice Weekly (86 out of 100)

With the varying perspective, great levels such as a boulder chase, and interesting enemies such as Nitrus Brio -- fully animated with 3D polygons -- Crash Bandicoot has variety on its side. It also is one of the most beautiful works of art on any system, complemented with a catchy soundtrack and good sound effects. Indeed, Crash may not be the game we look back at in ten years as the start of a new revolution in gaming, but in the glut of PlayStation titles, it succeeds where Sony wants it to: it's a must buy for any system owner. As an aside, let's hope that Sony will allow Naughty Dog to be more experimental with the design of Crash Bandicoot 2, probably due for release September 9, 1997.

Sep 27th, 1996 · PlayStation · read review

TigerChainsaw (8.5 out of 10)

Crash Bandicoot kicked down the door for Sony announcing to the world that he was the reason to purchase a PS1. Filled with iconic music, exciting but brutal platforming, and stocked with secrets for replayability, Crash Bandicoot was a must-play for all PS1 owners.

Oct 9th, 2021 · PlayStation · read review

Absolute Playstation (8.5 out of 10)

A really excellent platform game, perhaps one of the best ever made. But very few games ever manage to live up to the hype...This one comes close though. Here, in addition to building up this game as a "competition killer" you have the introduction of a new Playstation mascot title to boot. The former is where it falls a little short of expectations. This title will probably sell by the bucket loads, as it should, but I would not rank it up there with Mario 64...sorry (although the graphics will certainly give it a run for it's money!). It is certainly nice though to see Sony grasp a new mascot for their wonderful system. Naughty Dog is already hinting at a Crash 2 and maybe this time it will be a true unrestrictive 3D environment. But for those of you that like platform games, this one is a MUST BUY. It's fun, fast and it's got attitude!!

Sep 1996 · PlayStation · read review

Electronic Gaming Monthly (EGM) (33.5 out of 40)

So here it is: Sony's hot mascot. The marsupial from down under that uses his hooked toe to clean the lice from his fur...er, is that a special move? I like Crash. It's not the best action game I've played, but it's a lot of fun. It's like the original Mario with some 3-D effect thrown in. Note that it is not a 3-D environment per se, but it does have certain 3-D elements. What's nice is that the game isn't always from the same viewpoint. Sometimes you play in a Side View Mode, other times you're behind Crash then other times CB is running at you. Crash himself is a very cool character and so are many of the enemies.

Oct 1996 · PlayStation

Video Games (82 out of 100)

Insgesamt gesehen macht Crash Bandicoot richtig Laune, motiviert auch anständig. Die gesamte Ausführung des Spiels zeugt von Qualität. Für Freunde von Jump‘n‘Runs ist deises Teil deshalb hochinteressant.

Oct 1996 · PlayStation

GameTrip.net (8 out of 10)

Une véritable révolution lors de sa sortie, Crash Bandicoot est une référence absolue, un must de la plate-forme, on se doit de l’avoir essayé, au moins pour mourir en paix.

Jul 20th, 2006 · PlayStation · read review

Computer and Video Games (CVG) ( )

The typical platform elements have been so precisely placed, giving he game a real skill-testing edge. Excellently graded gameplay, but to be honest, it's perhaps too technical for me. On PlayStation I prefer the lighter fun of Jumping Flash 2 (I think it's more unique too). But that game is too easy and Crash provides a lot more game. In many ways Crash is exactly what Sonic would be if he were on the PlayStation. Graphically superb, technically perfect and surgically challenging, but not so cuddly to play. Flawless, but perhaps a bit charmless too.

Nov 1996 · PlayStation · read review

Push Square (8 out of 10)

Crash Bandicoot delivers a blast of nostalgia, and if you grew up with the zany character, it’ll forever hold a place in your heart. However, through a modern lens, its inconsistent difficulty and length issues are letdowns, which the franchise’s fantastic sequels fortunately addressed. Still, as a cornerstone in the PSone’s library, there are plenty of reasons to overlook these flaws in favour of its vibrant art direction, audio, and overall outlandish creativity. You may only get an evening’s entertainment out of this classic, but it’ll always be a splendid bash when you spin and dash with Crash.

Dec 3rd, 2014 · PlayStation · read review

VicioJuegos.com / uVeJuegos.com (75 out of 100)

Para poner punto y final a este análisis y como resumen del primer juego de la trilogía Crash Bandicoot creada por Naughty Dog, no queda más que felicitar a las personas que lo han hecho posible y recomendar a aquellos jugadores que todavía, y están tardando, no lo han probado. Quizás no es sobresaliente ni el mejor de los tres, pero sí es una muy buena manera de entrar de lleno en los juegos de plataformas complicados a la par que divertidos, además de estar protagonizado por alguien tan carismático como Crash, capaz de mantenerte enganchado al mando de esta veterana consola. Luego llegarían la segunda y tercera parte, logrando que la calidad vaya in crescendo. Pero eso, amigos míos, en otro análisis.

Dec 1st, 2012 · PlayStation · read review

Game Revolution (B)

Basically, I recommend... no, urge you to buy this game. Golf fans, this means you. Despite a lack of originality, it is fun to play, large enough to keep you occupied, and the best platformer out right now. Bottom line, this game is the beginning of a new character who will probably become a classic video game figure. It will also be the first in a series of Crash games and products. What was the first thing you did when Independence Day came out? Saw it. And when you saw the Chia pet commercial? Bought it. (just a joke--hee,hee). I think you get the point--now, go get the game.

Jun 4th, 2004 · PlayStation · read review

Entertainment Weekly (B)

But the game's tasks — jumping over logs and pits, collecting apples, and battling cranky skunks and crabs — are mundane and derivative. Still, the vivid backgrounds (such as the realistic running water) and multi-perspective angles save it from mere mediocrity. Neither crash nor smash, Bandicoot is just a solid game that really is no match for Super Mario 64.

Oct 11th, 1996 · PlayStation · read review

IGN (7.5 out of 10)

Cool perspectives aside, Crash really shines when it comes to the graphics. Gorgeous backgrounds and silky smooth animation make this one of the best-looking titles available for the PlayStation. The control is generally pretty good, though it is a little sluggish in some of the levels. Generally, though, Crash is a great game. Sure it can be a tough sometimes, but isn't that what platform games are all about? A must have.

Nov 21st, 1996 · PlayStation · read review

RetroGame Man (7 out of 10)

In summary, this is a 3D platformer on the PSX that is challenging, fun, and still looks pretty good. There are some parts that have not aged well – including lack of analogue joystick control and some poor controls on the 2D levels – but overall, there is still a lot of fun to be had here! If you can find a reasonably priced copy, I would recommend gamers to give this one a shot.

Aug 3rd, 2017 · PlayStation · read review

Edge (7 out of 10)

Whether or not developers Naughty Dog secretly hoped Sony would take on Crash Bandicoot as their official mascot is open to debate. Sony themselves are officially denying taking on the antipodean rat as the popular face of corporate video gaming (probably until they see if it sells or not). Whether Sony are happy about it or not, Crash Bandicoot’s “interactive cartoon” pretensions and the fact that it’s the strongest character-lead game in the PlayStation’s roster during the Christmas season, mean it has been dragged, kicking and screaming into a three-way war with Sega’s NiGHTS and Nintendo’s much lauded Super Mario 64 this autumn.

Dec 1996 · PlayStation

GameSpot (6.8 out of 10)

For months, Sony insisted that Crash Bandicoot was NOT their new mascot. For months, Naughty Dog Software insisted that Crash Bandicoot isn't Sony's answer to Super Mario 64. For months they went so far as to say that the games are completely different and shouldn't be compared. But the comparison is irresistible. Crash may not offer the graphical smoothness or versatility of Mario's vast new world, but its brilliantly colorful and complex jungle environments boast true diversity of shape and texture - kind of a tiki room Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. Look beyond the pretty pixels, however, and Crash weighs in at only slightly above average.

Dec 1st, 1996 · PlayStation · read review

Retro Game Reviews ( )

If you enjoy trial and error gameplay you might enjoy Crash Bandicoot but for me it was like banging my head against a brick wall. The core mechanics are great but rarely did I find myself enjoying the experience due to its glaring flaws with camera positioning and save points.

Mar 1st, 2015 · PlayStation · read review

Player Reviews

Sony's answer to Mario... until the PS2 was released anyway
by Katakis | カタキス (43228)

The Good
Crash Bandicoot is one of the very first games that I played on PSX, and I think that it is an excellent platform game. Two evil dudes, Dr. Neo Cortex, and his assistant, Dr. Nitrus Brio, create two devices that turn wild animals into evil geniuses capable of taking over the world. When the devices malfunction, however, the animals are turned into crazy monsters. A bandicoot named Crash, chosen to be the leader and having survived the experiment, is banished to another of Cortex's three islands, as he is no longer worthy. Now Crash vows to navigate the islands and stop Cortex's plan from going ahead.

The map that you use to navigate between these islands looks excellent. I like the way that you can rotate this map, giving you a good look at all three islands idea so that you know what to expect later. The levels are represented only as huge red dots, and are scattered throughout each island. Unfortunately, you can't just go anywhere unless you complete the previous levels first. There are a couple of levels which you can't access until you can access two rather dark secret levels in the game.

The gameplay involves Crash making his way through the different levels of each island while destroying various wildlife along the way. There are two methods of destroying them, and of these, I prefer Crash's spin attack because not only do you not risk missing them when you try jumping on their head, but by doing this you can actually make them spin into other enemies that are behind each other. Breaking each box in the level to receive a gem helps open alternate routes and new levels depending on what color it is. Once you complete a section, you can go back and replay it if you happen to miss one or two boxes (the game tells you at the end how many you missed).

If the creatures prove too much for you, you can get an Aku-Aku mask hidden in the occasional crate. I like this bit. While listening to a nice drum beat, you can walk quite a distance and nothing stops you unless you fall down a bottomless pit. Furthermore, you can break every crate without jumping or spinning at it.

Crash uses a variety of viewpoints/perspectives throughout the game. When I first started playing games like these, I had to get used to the new perspective where you are running away from the screen. This is the case with most of the levels in the game. Once I finally got used to this perspective, I liked it. A few of the levels just involve you running across the screen, starting from either direction, like most of platform games from the '80s to the mid-'90s.

The highlight of this game has to be seeing the number of ways that Crash dies. For example, crashing into a box full of TNT cause him to be blown to smithereens and his eyes to go up into the sky. Every level that I am completing I had to die a number of times just to see Crash's death animations.

As I mentioned earlier, there are three islands to navigate, and each island has its own setting. Of these, I like the first island, which has Crash exploring jungles and villages. It is this island that he also gets to ride a hog and run from a rolling boulder Indiana Jones-style. I found these types of sections challenging because you are given a certain amount of time, and have less time to carefully avoid pits and incoming creatures. I enjoyed navigating creeks and broken bridges way up in the mountains, which can be found on the second island.

The Bad
It is so easy to fall down into a pit or get eaten by a creature when you are jumping or using a spin attack. You have a shadow to help you but I already got used to focusing on what is coming up toward Crash and not on the ground.

You also get to meet Crash's girlfriend, a sexy bandicoot named Tawna. There was nothing wrong with introducing a girlfriend into the picture, but if said girlfriend wears a skimpy outfit, along with a T-shirt which is so thin her breasts show through it, then that sends the wrong message to children, that bandicoots are nothing but sex symbols. I am glad that Sony removed her and she doesn't feature in future Crash games.

The Bottom Line
Crash is a 3-D platform game, involving the player selecting a level on one of the three islands (which have their own theme) and making their way in 3rd-person view toward the exit, which look like a spinning SCE logo, while avoiding the many creatures that they encounter along the way.

To get 100% on the game, the player is encouraged to break every box in the levels and not lose a life. Gems are introduced which they will get by doing this. Some gems are required to open alternate routes throughout the level, but the player can't get these until they complete some of the later levels. So in conclusion, there is a huge amount of replayability involved.

The graphics are excellent, with beautiful environments to explore. The creatures that Crash encounters on his journey are animated nicely, and the bosses are a challenge to defeat, as they use a variety of methods to kill him. The individual levels can be selected on the map, and it is nice that the map itself can be rotated, to get a good look at the three islands and see what lies ahead. When it comes to the sound, the music is excellent. The sound effects are cartoon-like and really give Crash some atmosphere.

Crash is definitely Sony's answer to Mario. That until Naughty Dog decided not to release future Crash games for Sony's next console, the PS2. If SCE was established a long time ago (before 1995) and Crash Bandicoot was released around at that time, then we would have seen a platform game along the lines of Super Mario World since the concept of 3-D was not introduced back then. Anyone who wants to play any of the games in the Crash Bandicoot series really should get their hands on this game.

Sep 26th, 2008 · PlayStation

Conventional Platformer in 3D
by Evan Agresti (7)

The Good
The graphics are very lush and beautiful, they use very bright colors. Outside the platforming area there is extra terrain that blocks your view. The terrain outside the area gives the level great ambiance.

The sound is great as well, in fact its composed by the same company that did the Rugrat's music. Normally I hate the music in video games, RPG music can be a real drag but this music is really entertaining.

The game is quite difficult, it gives a good challenge that is enjoyable. It gets annoying if a game is too easy, it just isn't as fun. With this game that's not the case.

The Bad
Sometimes the game became frustrating because at key jumping points the controls don't work so well due to a depth control problem.

Sometimes the levels aren't as epic feeling. The rail gameplay could limit replay value for some people.

I found it annoying that you could fall off the sides of the tiny blocks during the bonus level. That was corrected during the later games.

The Bottom Line
I've seen people compare this game to Mario 64, and I realize that's inevitable. however, The fact of the matter is, Crash Bandicoot is incomparable to Mario 64.

To understand Crash Bandicoot and Mario 64 you need to think about the time these games were made. At that time, there were very few games being made in full 3D. People were wondering how they were going to make a platform game in 3D. Many games failed at this transition. Such as Bubsy 3D.

Instead of making the game a free roaming world, Naughty Dog decided to constrain the game and make it "on rails" so the traditional platform gameplay would be preserved without reinventing the wheel like Mario did.

The game is a lot more like a standard platformer. You jump on boxes, you jump over pits and you jump on enemies. The game is difficult but lives come to you easily.You might get a new life after two replays of the same continue point.

You don't explore to the degree that Mario 64 does. But the game is fast paced and really fun. The game is much quicker paced than mario and is more of a twitch play game than an adventure platformer like mario.

Overall its for people that like standard challenging platformers and don't need to explore a level to have fun.

Oct 16th, 2009 · PlayStation

One of Playstation's finest games
by Fraser Wilson (4)

The Good
Crash Bandicoot has simple yet effective gameplay -- you can make him run, jump and spin through the levels which works well in the game. It is easy to figure out how to control Crash. The game starts of easy then gets increasingly challenging as you progress through the game as any decent platformer should do.

The graphics were great for it's time, the levels were visually superb and so were the characters. There is so much variation of levels ranging from jungles to factories which is a key factor to the games success in my opinion.

The game features an awesome soundtrack, each piece of music really creates an atmosphere in a level and boss fights. The sound effects are impressive as well.

The Bad
I felt that the bosses are to short and some provided little challenge.

The Bottom Line
It's a fun platformer worth checking out.

Mar 19th, 2010 · PlayStation

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