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FarmVille is a farm simulation game. Players take control of a novice farmer who enters the game with nothing but a small plot of land and a paltry amount of money. The gameplay consists primarily of plowing land and planting various types of seeds. Each batch of seeds costs money, but your farmer profits when he harvests (and presumably sells) the resulting crops. Furthermore, each crop requires a specific amount of time -- ranging from two hours to four days -- in order for it to grow into a usable (and therefore sellable) resource. If your fully grown crops are not tended to, they will eventually wither, completely eliminating their monetary value.

Seeds are purchased from a farmer's market, which also offers trees, animals, buildings, decorations, vehicles, and farm expansions and modifications. Larger items, such as barns and tractors, cost significantly more money than more ordinary types of goods.

Plowing, seeding, and harvesting also yield experience points, which will advance your farmer to higher levels as they continue to accumulate. As the levels advance, the players will unlock new skills and new items to buy from the farmer's market, each of which earn the player even more experience points. Aside from experience points are "mastery points", which are awarded from each successful harvest. These points are unique to their own crop, and accumulating enough of them will dub you a "master" of the crop in question.

If players are dedicated enough, they can expand their farms into a miniature village, complete with houses, shops, schoolhouses, post offices, etc. Most of these buildings are not actually usable, but serve strictly as scenery for your farm/village. However, their lofty prices earn players a large amount of experience points.

Apart from farming crops, money can also be acquired from trees and animals. Fruit can be harvested from the trees for a small sum, and the animals provide valuable resources like milk, eggs, or wool. Unlike crops, trees and animals do not wither or die, but they each only yield a considerably small amount of money and no experience points.

Players are encouraged to interact with fellow farmers by becoming neighbors with them. Doing so will allow neighbors to visit other neighbors' farms and provide extra assistance by fertilizing one another's crops and feeding each other's chickens.

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Beta status

FarmVille was originally released on Facebook on 19th June 2009, but it lasted until 23rd March 2011, when the English Countryside went live, that the game lost its beta label.

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